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Creating drama with wall

Walls bring out our most primitive insecurities. Too close together, and we feel constricted; too far apart, and we feel lost. But it is not only the placement of walls that trigger such emotions. Surfaces also convey meaning and can induce a feeling of comfort or edginess.

This week we are discussing a furnished apartment in Dhanmondi. The apartment has approximately 2200 square footage of area, with a spacious entrance lobby. The landlady desired a classy look for her house. Deep brown wooden work, bold colours for the children's room with contemporary wall panel works to lend an air of sophisticated comfort.

Changing the colour in one's home is the easiest and most effective way to set the desired mood in a particular room. But before you randomly pick a shade to paint your home with, it is important to realise that each hue has a subtle way of influencing the mood of the room and its occupiers.

Our core colour concept for the apartment was beige, brown, and light off white with walnut wooden furniture for common areas. However, we opted for different colour palettes for the bathroom tiles.

In the boy's room, we chose light blue and white tiles for the bathroom. Boys generally like the colour blue. It is a naturally relaxing colour that promotes intellectual thought. A soothing shade of blue usually works well in both bedrooms and bathrooms. We used a light blue colour palette in the bedroom and also chose curtains of a similar hue for the windows. Blue walls are associated with the ability to promote restful sleep, while creating a calming atmosphere in the bathroom.

Unlike her brother, the teenage girl of the house preferred red for the colour scheme of her bedroom and bathroom. Although often used to signal danger, the colour red helps to stimulate passion, energy and warmth. It is best used in dining rooms and kitchens. For this project, we added a hint of white for basic coverings when we used red tiles for the bathroom. In the bedroom we used a textured red palette for one wall, but to create an element of balance white was used on the other walls.

The master bedroom is the one of the most important areas of the house. For a large number of families, this area also functions as an informal second living room -- a place for family members to amalgamate, watch TV, read, and relax. In terms of fabric options for furniture in the master bedroom, the choices are aplenty, ranging from the gentle weight of well-washed cotton, crisp linen, to elegant silk. We used beige curtains, and a light off-white silk bedcover. Pillows, throws, blankets and duvets were added in abundance to promise warmth and comfort. We also designed a cosy reading corner to cater to the literary interests of the room's inhabitants. The beige and brown upholstery used for the sofas also emulates the general feel of elegance at par with the rest of the room. The wall, curtains and furnishing in this room are all done in beige and brown, similar to the common area.

The family living room is a busy area, where all the members of the household gather and spend and spend a significant portion of their time. As a designer I always suggest a clutter-free space for this room. The TV wall in this room is the most attractive; we opted for a greenish stone slate for this wall. I also designed an open shelf for this area.

The formal living area is a place to entertain guests. Thus, a wall in this room was adorned with a stencil leaf motif. Silk fabric was also attached horizontally in a wooden frame. The light and deep shades of the colour palette lent the wall and element of drama.

In the foyer of the apartment, an important area in terms of showcasing the household's tastes, I designed a wooden panel very carefully to conceal an electrical distribution box. Wooden panels were horizontally attached on the wall as well as a shoe cabinet below the panel. A long mirror was placed on a wall near the entrance thus making the entry wall a stunning attraction of the house with wooden panel and sleek mirror.

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Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks: Mrs.Sumona Yeasmin



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