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SADIA MOYEEN Beautician, La Belle
13/A /2 Kemal Ataturk Avenue ,
( 3rd/ 4th fl ) Gulshan -2

The planning that goes into these occasions by the young ladies can put the country's planning commission to shame. More effort goes into it than building a nuclear weapon by leading scientists, believe you me. If the pyramid building Egyptians were alive they would be impressed with the intricacies as well.

All the hullabaloo begins with the quest to find the perfect dress, this usually happens a few months prior to the event; the unsuspecting parents share their enthusiasm initially and are all excited about the expedition. The trek down Oxford Street in London will give them a few blisters but every store has to be visited and every dress tried, but Princess will be indulged. Daddy is shocked at the length of the dress or the lack of it and Mummy is wondering what is going to hold the dress up as even the spaghetti straps are missing. Oh no this won't do! Amid much sulking, with Daddy trying to steer Princess towards Primark and daughter heading towards Jane Norman...the tug of war is on. After much ado the dress is purchased, Princess thinks it's a tad too conservative, Mom wants to add a few inches of lace to give it length, Daddy wants a jacket thrown on top.

By the end of the trip, princess changes her mind and has at least two other outfits spare, just in case.

Once back at school, major conferences take place, huge discussions about world peace...er...hair and make-up take place. Avril Lavinge haircut, so and so's whatnot will look awesome. Many trials and many makeovers later, each look is finalised. Shoes are matched, accessories bought or borrowed.

The subsequent weekend, it is all repeated.

Finally when D- day arrives, each conceived look is brought to life at La belle! No easy task that, because everything has to be just so, through trial and error we get there.

The photo session is a big deal too; not at the prom, Daddy's got his 100 mega pixel camera all organised and mummy is wishing proms existed in her time! Princess indulges daddy with a few quick poses and a few fake smiles, excited about heading to the prom!

Sigh! No proms in our times!

Despite the aches and pains of the teens, these are beautiful, carefree years, the value of which children do not understand until they are over. So to all the youngsters, enjoy yourself, be healthy and happy, value your friends, respect and learn from your teachers and love your parents.


Models: Zoya, Tasiana, Maisa and Anika
Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Makeup and styling: Sadia Moyeen


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