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The colours of the ghat









Sadarghat -- where lucid dreams meet stark reality.

Today, hundreds of boats and launches arrive at and depart from Sadarghat facilitating communication mostly with the southern districts. Originally, it was built as a place for the landing of boats, launches and even ships coming to Dhaka. Large vessels can no longer use it because of shoaling up of the river bed entry and an overall downsizing of the navigational capacity of the inland waterways.

Sadarghat has become a large everyday market of fruits, vegetables and sundry articles. There is also a terminal for steamers that carry passengers to distant destinations such as Khulna.

It is a place where thousands arrive with families and without, some bring their dreams with them while others come to this harsh urban existence in search of dreams. It is, in every sense, a port -- in both the physical and spiritual sense. Once they pass through this watery threshold, lives change, often irreversibly.

As thousands step into the wharf, one of many gateways to Dhaka, they venture into a world of unknown and one plagued with uncertainty. It is the dream that keeps them alive and the dream that keeps them coming back to the metropolis, over and over again.

Photo: Suman Paul


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