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Dilmah tea launches new flavours

MZ&T (Bangladesh) Limited, the exclusive importer of Dilmah tea has recently launched 30 new flavours in Bangladesh.

"Dilmah started its journey in Bangladesh with ten flavours of Black and Green tea in 2010. Since then it has got overwhelming response and appreciation from the tea lovers of the country. It has inspired us to introduce different types and flavours of teas in the local market," said Rafiqul Islam, the director of MZ&T Bangladesh.

"Presently we are marketing 25 different types and flavours of black teas, 11 different flavours of green teas, 2 oolong teas, 2 organic teas and 3 herbal teas in double-chambered tea bags. 4 types of black teas are also available in tin caddies," Islam added.

One of the most exclusive teas in the world - Dilmah WATTE series is also available in Bangladesh which has already captured the heart of conoisseurs.

"Our mission is to provide high quality tea, or we should say -- the real tea -- to our valued customers. We believe Dilmah has already proven it. That's why the Dilmah drinkers believe 'Once you taste Dilmah, you will never go back to ordinary tea,'" he added.

MZ&T Bangladesh is going to add more flavours and types in the near future.

Aarong Eid Collection

For the upcoming festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, the country's leading lifestyle and fashion brand -- Aarong -- has brought to you exciting high-end lines of fashion clothing for men, women and children.

From the exotic use of vibrant colours with 'Tribal' inspirations, beautifully embellished 'Cut Work', elegantly traditional and sophisticated motifs in 'Buti Affair' and immaculate 'White Metallic' collection, Aarong's shalwar kameez assortment has it all to keep you stylish this season.

The compositions in the saris of Aarong have gone beyond the ordinary with themes like 'Geometric Kantha' and 'Kantha Art' with vivid colour palettes, woven pieces of katan and jamdani, self-woven bodies with exuberant borders and embroideries like 'Paar-border' and 'Jora Sari' to add to the sheen, that are modernistic yet traditional.

The variety in men's wear too has its unique charm to add to the on going fashion fiesta with its innovative ideas in panjabi compositions of jamdani, batik, checked cotton fabrics and the evergreen 'Classic Whites.'

Aarong's own line of creations, Taaga, too has put its best foot forward with its ever charming western fusion lines of clothing for women and this season of Eid-ul-Fitr, while a part of the creation is in tune with Tribal notions comprising of trendy and folk accessories and fashion wears inspired with energetic use of colours and large prints and motifs, there are also different line of lace integrated wears with feminine floral prints and cuts on delicate fabrics.

Come and pick something from the array of assortments for yourself and for your near and dear ones.



Chronicles of Sam Q

By Sam Q

Dearest Diary,
You know how people talk about being inspired by a certain personality or even by a certain event? I do not think something like that has ever influenced me. But then again, honestly speaking, my above statement is not one hundred percent true.

I have been sometimes amazed and 'wowed' by many people and many things but in bits and pieces. Not like I was ever awed by one single person who is an amalgation of everything I want to be if ever I was in a tough situation. But in the last one year, I have met the person I want to be when I grow up...(little joke here).

The person is a 'she'.
'She' is a friend.
'She' and I have shared the same academic institution together.
'She' and I started our married lives together.
'She' and I had our boys around the same time.
'She' and I share mutual friends.
'She' and I share memories together -- the good, the bad and the ugly; the whole nine yards.
'She' is strong as an ancient oak.
'She' is patient as a rock.
'She' is fiercely optimistic.
'She' is an example of how one should be in the face of adversity.
'She' is awesome.
'She' has cancer.
'She' has a name.
'She' is my friend… Ina.

And today Diary, I want to share with you her gems, her attitude to her illness, her attitude to life. It is worth taking a look at her life from her angle.

First of all, she is so funny. She has even found humour in her illness. Once when a friend was sitting with her during her chemotherapy session, she was more concerned about her than herself. She joked about how Minnat should not get scared if she went into spasms. She went so far to act it out for Minnat. By the time she was done they were both in splits with muffled laughter.

Lately she learnt to dance to a Bollywood number for a party and she is so not Bollywood. But as she said, "everything should be tried at least once during ones life time."

To her everyday, every moment is so precious, as it should be to all of us. Just because she has been given a wake up call, we should not take life for granted.

She is so full of life and energy. It's like nothing has changed for her. She is still doing all the things she was doing before her illness. She does not complain, she does not cry, she does not mope. At least not to the world. I am sure she has her 'why me?' days, but her faith, her meditation, her love for her family sees her through.

Diary, I am so amazed at her zest for life. I am so amazed when she tells me that she is off for her PET scan and will come back and join us for the rehearsals for Sadia's son's wedding.

I am so amazed when she told me, "How can I leave you all and go away?"

I am so amazed when she says, "I want to die healthy."

Diary, I can go on and on about her, but how ever much I write, it will not be enough to describe Ina's true essence, with my pitiful basket of words.

Now, the only thing I can do for her is to pray fervently, that God grants all her wishes, because this angel deserves to be with us mere mortals down here; t is not her time to be his angel up there. Ameen.

Mango delight
2 large sweet mangoes
225ml mango juice
300ml whipped cream
6 tbsp of sweet curd (optional)
2 ounce caster sugar

Cut mangoes into small cubes and divide them into 4 dessert glasses. Pour mango juice to cover. Lightly whip the cream till it holds shape. Fold in the sweet curd and gently spoon on top of the mango flesh. Place caster sugar in a thick bottomed pan and heat gently till sugar has melted and turned into golden caramel colour. Drizzle over cream and serve.

Exotic mango fool
2 ripe sweet mangoes, one peeled and one chopped
200ml mango juice
2 tbsp honey
Grated zest and juice of one lime
300ml whipped cream
3 tbsp caster sugar

Put the chopped mango in the blender with mango juice, honey and lime juice.

Whisk the cream till it takes shape and fold in 3 tablespoon of the blended mango, the lime zest and the sugar. Spoon the remaining blended mango into the bottom of two dessert glasses. Now put the mango cubes on top. Spoon the mango cream on top and chill until ready to serve.

Mango and white chocolate rocky road
2 large sweet mangoes, chopped
1 cup plain yoghurt
125ml cream
2 tsp caster sugar
250g white chocolate, chopped

Blend half the mango till smooth. Transfer to bowl and fold in yoghurt. Beat cream and sugar until it takes shape. Fold in mango mixture. Divide the chopped mangoes in four dessert glasses. Top with cream mixture and finally add white chocolate. Chill until ready to serve.


The art of moisturising

The skin is the largest organ of the body and as it's the most exposed one to the environment, you need to nourish it. A regular cleaning, toning and moisturising routine will help your skin look fresh and supple even as you age.

Tips for the face:
Use a gentle cleanser -- a coin-sized drop -- at least three to four times per day, especially when you step in from outdoors. Next, use a toner to remove traces of oil and dirt. A toner is a mild astringent but if your skin is oily, switch to an astringent during hot, sweaty months. Make sure that you moisturise not only your face, but your entire body, especially dry areas such as the hands and elbows.

Do not use bleach or scrub more then once in three weeks as using these frequently can damage skin.

Tips for the lips:
Among the driest parts of the body are your lips, which chap easily as they have no moisturising glands. Apart from dry weather, overexposure to the sun, frequent biting or licking, and vitamin deficiencies can cause chapping. Applying of lip balm can only offer temporary relief.

Use a balm with sun block before stepping out. Matte lipsticks are moisturising compared to frosted products, always apply balm before using a lipstick.

Tips for the nails:
Nails that are brittle, peel or break easily. The most common causes of brittle nails are nutritional imbalance, anaemia and thyroid disturbance. The main culprit, however, is overexposure to water. Nails absorb up to 25 percent of their weight in water. Add to this -- harsh detergents, nail polish removers and minor traumas such as nail-biting or finger-drumming, and you have nails on the brink of a breakdown. Improving your nutrition is the easiest way to keep your nails healthy. Increase the protein content of your diet.

Soaking your nails in oil works well, after bathing or using detergents, to replenish the moisture lost. Just brush on the oil and massage it into the nails. If your nails still remain brittle, get your haemoglobin and thyroid levels checked.

Remember that your skin and nails indicate your overall health status.

By Dr Matiur Rahman,
Kaya Skin Clinic



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