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The Cut

A good haircut is the summation of the correct answers to many significant questions. As we sit in the salon deciding on a change in hair style we often ask ourselves, will it enhance my facial features? Will it be easy to maintain? Will it go with different dress-up styles?

These nerve-wracking questions might be a bit too much for you to answer all on your own. Keeping that in mind, we have developed a haircut guide for the festive season with the help of two of Dhaka's leading hair stylists Studio Salon's Naureen and Prive Hair Salon's Nahila Hedayet.

“A hair stylist is really an artist who helps to enhance one's look and gives a person a little joy of life every time she looks in the mirror” says Nahila Hedayet, one of the hair artists at Prive Hair Salon. Keeping that assurance in mind from the man with the scissors, lets now jump into the cradle of style.

The classic Bob/Angled Bob
The blunt cut is perfect for you if you like it short and when you have a strong jaw line. The shorter Bob will soften a squarish jaw line and help you live free in the heat! If your face is round get a Long Bob which ends just above your shoulders. This will create less volume around your face and will give a very sleek and sassy look. For wavy or curly hair types this cut will require constant tending such as blow drying or ironing but for those with straight hair, it's super easy maintenance.

The long layers/Classic gradual layers
Long locks are in vogue and work as a perfect face framer. Layers drastically change the entire outlook of long hair, whether the hair is straight, curly or wavy and can be manipulated to create shape, give texture and even volume to all hair types.

If you have a square face keep your layers long from the front. You can give your hair choppy ends or messy waves. The options of creativity are limitless with such a haircut. Long layered hair is easy to maintain but needs a trim every month to avoid split ends.

Short wedged/Blunt layers with fringed bangs
This haircut has been most famous since 2007. Most stylish and versatile haircut of its kind, it can be shaped into different textures and lengths. I must say it is a very bold style and is not for everyone to carry off at ease. Uneven short layers at the back, sharp edgy ends and fringed bangs makes this cut very trendy and stylish.

Many Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham are also the inspiration behind this kind of hair cut. It fantastically enhances the structure of a small or oval face. If you are young, bold and really want to make a statement, this low maintenance, funky yet trendy hair cut is best for you this summer.

Volume layers
This is a great option for women with thin hair or flat scalp structure. Volume layer makes your hair appear healthier by adding texture to it and is most suitable for those with an oval face or a broad forehead. You can style this haircut straight or you can just let it go along with your natural waves. At the front you can choose from varying options -- from short bangs to full bangs. Just get it shaped once a month and you will always be strutting in style.

The edge layer/Razor cut
If your hair is very voluminous and you would to get rid of some of that extra weight/puffiness off your hair, this is the ideal cut for you. The desired length is first cut in a V or U only from the ends to control hair shape and the hair is thinned down to give you a healthy and light look. Just trim your ends every month and say "Hello" to easily manageable hair every morning. This haircut is also suitable for relaxed hair but an absolute "no" for thin hair types.

Twist cut
In this humid weather having curly hair can be a nightmare to most, but not if you can carry the twist cut. This cut layers all your hair leaving your curls in shape and not frizzy. A little bit of hair serum after drying your hair can work wonders with this haircut.

The natural flow
If you don't like surprises every morning or every time you shower, you can opt for the natural flow. Your hair stylist will study your hair quality, texture and type and incorporate the findings with your demands to give you a cut which will allow your hair to have a mind of its own but still look trendy and gorgeous.

Choose the hair cut of your desired length that defines you the best and remember your hair reflects your personality. So choose it right, carry it right and you can never get it wrong in terms of style.

By Raisaa Tashnova
Model: Mehreen (short hair bob), Ana( twist cut), Shaheen( razor cut), Brinto (long hair),
Model: Amir (white shirt with sunglasses), Tysir (blue jacket), Jezaul (yellow T-shirt) Nahid (long hair pony tail)
Hair: Studio Salon
Make up: Tilat Khayer for Studio Salon
Wardrobe: Model's own, Brinto's Wardrobe: Naureen's own
Stylist: Mahmudul Hasan Mukul
Photography: Adnan Rahman
Special thanks to Studio Salon for arranging the photoshoot


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