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The first fast

"When I was a child and determined to fast, my parents came up with a rather innovative idea to calm me down. I had something called 'botol-roja' (bottle-fast). I used to go without eating, but during lunch, a bottle was given to me and I used to blow the fast into the bottle and store it inside. I had my lunch during this break. Afterwards, I again used to reopen the bottle to breathe in the fast again!” informs Samia, a DU student.

Indeed, we all have stories of our childhood where we had many “pseudo fasts”. The excitement of that was huge. But the thrill doubles when a child actually experiences his/her first real fast. And it's not just the child, the entire family is excited.

A mother opines, “A child's reasons to fast, ironically, is due to the attraction of forbidden things. Since children are typically not allowed to fast, it becomes more attractive for them!”

But it's not just that. Fasting is a thing “grown-ups”, as opposed to children, do. Children, therefore, will obviously want to do it too.

But finally, the day comes. The adventure starts at sehri. The fact that a child is waking up at that time of night is excitement enough for him/her. However, as a parent, make sure that amidst all the excitement, your child is actually eating enough not to feel weak during the day.

The day is a joyous one indeed. “When I used to fast during my childhood, it was always a competitive thing I did with my cousins and friends. We all strived to be the winner who had been fasting the most,” informs another.

Your child will probably be unwilling to lose. So make sure he is in good health. Check for fever, drowsiness, etc. for signs of weakness. If school is open, pack your little snacks -- just in case. Also, it's advisable that your child doesn't take part in sports that day as it takes up a lot of energy.

Then, finally, the real celebration begins: the iftar. All the favourite foods of the child are brought: chocolates, ice-cream, pudding, you name it! After all, it was a big day for him/her.

“When my daughter fasted for the first time, we invited a few close relatives. They bought gifts to congratulate her, which added to all the celebration, also encouraging her in the process,” a mother says.

Yes, a full-on celebration is indeed a good idea. We love to celebrate; we just need an excuse. And what can be a better reason than that your son's or daughter's first experience of fasting?

It is a rite of passage, and should be celebrated accordingly. Thus, make the iftar lavish, invite the first-timer's friends and take many snaps that your child will later cherish.

But an alternative way of celebrating your child's fast is to have iftar at the mosque. Raihan, now 23, takes a walk down memory lane.

“I ended my first fast by having iftar at a mosque. My father took me and my cousin to the mosque, where extensive rows of people of all classes sat together and had iftar. The spirituality as well as the excitement was more than it would have been if we had iftar at home.”

And that's the bottom-line, the spirituality of the matter. It's not just about the excitement of fasting for the first time. Instead, use this excitement and thrill as an opportunity to teach your children about the essence of Ramadan, and the spirit of Islam at large.

By Zane


Studio Omana

This Eid Studio Omana will be opening its doors to Dhaka's fashionistas, bringing to Bangladesh, for the first time, Bollywood designer, Anita Dhongre's ready to wear line -- Global Desi -- and couture lines, Timeless and Interpret.

Anita Dhongre, who has been a part of the Indian fashion industry for nearly two decades, is renowned for her designs which have graced India's elite and celebrated personalities starting from the runways to Miss India pageants, award shows to movies.

Her couture line is a perfect example of understated elegance coupled with luxurious fabrics and innovative designs. The Global Desi collection boasts a rich blend of ethnic and contemporary styling, a blend that dazzles with its splendid repertoire of prints, patterns and colours.

Studio Omana will also be bringing collections from Shyam Naryan Prasad, Swati S Shivali, Deepak D and many more celebrated designers of the Indian fashion scene. Gorgeous Pakistani chiffons and designer lines Five Star, Crescent and Sana Safinaz will also be showcased at Studio Omana.

Contact details -- Road 83, House 9E. Gulshan 2 (adjacent to Saudi Embassy/opposite Gulshan Park). #01611166262.

Transcom Home Makers Carnival

Transcom Electronics Limited of the Transcom Group recently started its month long Home Maker Carnival at its different outlets across the city. Every year Transcom organises this festival as a part of its promotional activities for cooking appliances.

“People purchase appliances but often times they do not know how to cook dishes in the microwave oven, which they usually use only for heating food because they are unaware of how to cook in it. The Home Makers Carnival gives us the opportunity of demonstrating different recipes so as to familiarise our customers with the appliances further along with promoting the products” said the Kawran Bazar showroom manager of Transcom Electronics Limited.

Numerous home makers attended the carnival where Transcom's expert chef, gave cooking lessons to the guests. Among the recipes demonstrated where Microwave Chocolate cake, Microwave Grilled Chicken, Microwave Chicken and Khichuri cooked in rice cooker. The chef also demonstrated the use of the juicer in making pineapple juice.

“This is the first time I am attending the carnival and hope to learn some good techniques of using the appliances. I have purchased products from here earlier and hope to make purchases in the future too” said Irene Sultana, a guest at the event.

A new product was introduced at the carnival, the Air Fryer which can be used to fry food, with the slightest hint of oil brushed onto them, such as French fries, shingara, samosa etc.

By Karishma Ameen

Bexi Fabrics-Annyadin Eid Fashion 2011

The fortnightly magazine Annyadin introduced their exclusive Eid Collection 2011 on July 24, 2019 at the Bangabandhu International Convention Centre. Introduced by Annyadin in 1997, Bexifabrics joined hands in giving out the awards in 2002. A total of fifteen fashion houses participated in this year's event.

All participants presented a fresh and elegant look symbolised by abundant use of red, whites, beige and muted monotones in lush, pure fabrics, inspired by the heavy blending of grace with contemporary thoughts. The show opened with a spectacular show by students of Imperial College. Nabarupa and Nipun introduced some edgy styles that were surprisingly wearable, especially for Eid. Shadakalo and Annyamela each brought their own tastes and palettes to the catwalk, while Rang, Anjan's and Kay Kraft, each created dazzling collections.

Adroit and Kazi Craft both showcased their best graphic tees.

By Farizaa Sabreen



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