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I am crazy because I fast

We all know that Ramadan is supposed to bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, on most occasions, Ramadan actually contributes in bringing out the worst in people. Before you jump up armed with your explosives at this blasphemy; pause and consider. It isn't Ramadan itself, but people are surely using it as an excuse to throw temper tantrums every now and then.

Fasting makes people hungry and thirsty. The heat makes the situation worse. The factors combine to make angry versions of every last Bengali on the streets. They will tear you apart if you pester them. They will snarl at the slightest hint of dissent and if you overtake them in the streets you better be ready for a serious earful of the vilest words ever created. Hell hath no fury like that of a fasting Bengali.

It's sad because Ramadan is supposed to be a holy month of self-control. It doesn't necessarily have to only be control in terms of eating but rather in all spheres of life. Except, people tend to forget that and blow up every chance they get and after everything is said and done they say, 'Sorry, but I am fasting.'

Sadly, the fact that you spewed venom taints your fast and fasting is no excuse to act crazy. “Sorry for running you over officer, I was fasting.” Don't expect a thumbs-up. Fasting just doesn't cut it like that.

Smokers are probably the worst people when they are fasting, closely followed by housewives who are sick and tired of making different iftar items for everyone in the household. These two categories of people are always angry when they are fasting. It is a common scenario to see a lot of shouting and screaming during Ramadan. Chaos is never far away when smokers and housewives hit the scene.

Rickshaw-pullers usually find themselves facing the brunt of the anger. Exorbitant fares, going the wrong way and being a nuisance in general proves to be costly for them. Any other day, many would shrug and forgive, but not when they are fasting. The general consensus is that it is okay to make life hell for most rickshaw-pullers because they don't fast. This is not necessarily true though.

Temper-flares have so far become synonymous with fasting. Now is the right time to change that trend. This Ramadan, let's keep our tempers in check. Unless of course someone deserves an earful and trust us, you will find such people because fasting also makes some people stupid. That's a fact.

But, if at all possible let's keep the peace, succumb to the mental mechanism of control in all aspects and finally strive to help rather than hinder. And if you think you just cannot help but stay angry, then stay at home. Seriously.

By Osama Rahman



Gaan has brought special collections from designers Ritu Kumar, Hena Kochar, Kavita Vaneeta, Rachna Kumar and Preeti S Kapoor. This time the emphasis is more on the cut of the kameez and at the same time one will find kaftans and kurtis in a variety of colours and designs. Ogaan also has beautifully embellished footwear. Be sure to check their extensive collection this festive season. Contact: Ogaan at House-20, Road-117, Gulshan 1 (Open seven days a week). #9895881.

Farzana Shakil fo holistic skin solutions

Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon, one of the most renowned names in the beauty industry has moved a step forward in providing its customers with the ultimate skin care and skin solutions for the first time in Bangladesh. By going on a joint-venture with Vejthani Hospital, Thailand, it has opened the gates for one-stop skin care solutions that will take care of all sorts of skin issues faced by women.

“I have always wanted to cater to my customers by trying to come up with solutions to skin problems that usually cannot be solved in beauty parlours. But for that, I needed medical help from professionals. By collaborating with Vejthani Hospital, we are bringing about a new dimension in our services, through which we will be able to solve adamant skin problems,” said Managing Director, Farzana Shakil.

Farzana Shakil and Vejthani Hospital signed the agreement on July 30, 2011 at Baton Rouge along with a seminar on aesthetic skin care. A lot of Farzana's valued customers were present in the event. The occasion was graced by Dr. Pavadee, skin laser and cosmetic centre specialist, who provided the participants of the seminar with free consultations on aesthetic skin care. There was also a presentation on the usual methods of skin augmentation like botox, filler, thermage, laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) and how they can be used as solution to skin problems like wrinkles, dark marks, serious acne infections, unwanted hair. They also spoke about the services like liposuction, lipectomy, tummy tuck, augmentation and mammoplasty, provided by Vejthani Hosplital that can permanently change one's unwanted physical features.

Apart from medical solutions to skin problems, Vejthani hospital also provides solutions to reproductive problems. Doctor Wanaka Singhasena gave a presentation on assisted reproductive technology and the various ways in which it can be applied to cure reproductive issues.

Specialists from Vejthani Hospital will be present in the premises of Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon to offer their services. The frequency of their visit will depend upon the projected demand of the customers.

By Karishma Ameen and Afrida Mahbub

Sari exhibition

A three-day exhibition showcasing saris, organised by Kay Kraft ended on 31 July at Drik Gallery. The exhibition was all about patterns, colour, motifs, presentation and use of diverse media.

An exquisite range of muslin, silk, cotton, half silk, endi cotton, endi silk saris with block prints, karchupi, screen print, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, appliqué, sequin, stone work and a whole lot more was on display.

“The exhibition comes at a perfect time, right before Ramadan. Every year Kay Kraft organises this event, where we only present exclusive saris. About 200 designs are available in this exhibition,” said Salimullah, a coordinator.

The price range of the saris exhibited there began from Tk2500 and went up to Tk14000.

Customers feel comfortable with this type of exhibition as here they can do hassle-free shopping. The diverse range of traditional yet contemporary designs from day-to-day wears to saris for special occasions enthralled the customers.

By Farizaa Sabreen



Thirty3, at New Bailey Road, launches its Ramadan deal -- an eat till you drop offer -- beginning on the first of Ramadan, for the entire month. The buffet will commence half an hour before Adhan and close off 90 minutes after sunset. The dishes on offer include -- highly elucidated beef stew, orange lassie, fresh fruit, Thai beef salad, vegetable cutlet, hot buffalo wings, pakora, Arabic khobuj, kofta kebab.

The offer is available at Tk533 (Including VAT). Conditions apply. For reservations contact: Thirty 3, 3 New Bailey Road (3rd floor). 8331933.


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