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Zainab's Haute Collection

It all started when Sabera Hussain realised her inborn talent to create magic with beads and stones. She always carried an interest towards jewellery which she displayed by making her own beaded necklaces all by herself and wearing them at various occasions. It did not take long for her eye-catching jewellery to attract attention and soon people were craving a piece of what she wore. Thus, began the journey of Zainab's Haute Collection.

Mainly operating through a facebook group, Zainab's Haute collection does not have a physical store to display its products. Sabera manages her clients from the online group through bookings, which customers later pick up from her home address. But the news of her intricate work has spread far and wide, for which she faces a large demand. Hence, Zainab's Haute Collection has big plans in the future to open up a shop and make its jewellery more accessible to all, turning this homegrown hobby to a full-fledged business.

Taking a look at her collection, I was indeed mesmerised by the elegance of each of the pieces. She mainly focuses on hand beaded jewellery based on semi-precious stones with gold platings. The gems are flown from all over the word, from countries like Turkey, China, Nepal and Pakistan and are intricately woven into strings by hand to create masterpieces. Pearls, turquoise, jade, topaz, amethysts, emeralds are some of the names out of the many semi-precious stones used in her work.

At times they are accompanied by dazzling Swarovsky crystals and are beaded together in gold-plated strings or silk threads to create a combination that is not only sophisticated, but classy at the same time. Some of the combinations that stood out in her collection were garnets and pearls, sandstone with Chinese clozone, blue Turkish turquoise with Swarovsky crystals, Chinese jade and pearls, natural pearls woven into a long Chinese silver silk thread.

The price range in Zainab's Haute Collection starts from Tk1500 and rises as high as Tk12000. So visit Zainab's Haute Collection on facebook this Eid season to clad yourself in some stunning and chic beaded jewellery.

By Afrida Mahbub

In search of the enticing fragrance

Perfumes have to be one of the most sought after items when it comes to gifts and is thought to be of the premium range. Yet, they are still to gain widespread acceptance in Bangladesh and the market is still very niche. Thought of as something that is only to be bought from abroad and presented on special occasions, the market for perfumes in Bangladesh is very small, the reason why we are mostly unable to get original brands here in the country.

But the trend is changing, and one of the pioneers in taking this initiative is Rainbow Perfumes and Cosmetics. The owner, S R Chowdhury has worked relentlessly for the last seven years in order to develop a loyal clientele and a perfume buying culture here in Bangladesh.

Entering the small shop at Pink City, you might initially think that it has nothing very special to offer. But once you set your eyes on the numerous perfumes displayed in the shelves, you will realise that the shop probably contains the widest range of perfumes available in Bangladesh. Rainbow perfume shop covers almost all the price ranges and carries items like normal Playboy deodorants to renowned brands like Bvlgari, Kenzo, Versace, D&G, Gucci, Burberry, Lacoste etc. They also carry Disney perfume products for kids.

S R Chowdhury said that they have developed their customer loyalty through providing them with products of the utmost quality. He claims that all his products are absolutely original. He also believes that customer service is very important when it comes to selling and thus he personally stays in the shop to interact with his customers. They even have a website to give their customers the opportunity to buy their products online.

Apart from perfumes, Rainbow also has a subsidiary shop where they sell cosmetics. Just like perfumes, they promise to sell good quality, original cosmetics and try to cover almost all necessary products in the mid price range. So do visit Rainbow Perfumes & Cosmetics this festive season at Gulshan-2, Pink City, Ground floor. You can also visit them at rainbowperfumesncosmetics.com

By Afrida Mahbub

Rang's new colour

Over the past 16 years, Rang has made its mark in producing some of the finest, colourful, youthful and trendy attires for men and women. Instead of being content with the status quo, Rang boldly took things one step further.

Welcome to Shraddha, a new outlet that has opened in U.A.E Moitree Complex, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani. The store caters to the segment that very few outlets look out for: the elderly people.

Rang is known for making vibrant and colourful clothes. But most of the older folks shun such attires. One of the employees of Rang informed, “We saw that the needs of the elderly people, when it comes to clothes and accessories, are overlooked. A senior person will probably not want to wear something flashy and vibrant; surely a comfortable and good-looking dress is preferable. Thus, keeping that in mind, we have designed this concept where you'll find clothes and other things for our older generations.”

And, true to its word, the shop offers a variety of items that you will want to buy for your parents and grandparents.

Like all other clothes made by Rang, Shraddha also features the work of indigenous people. Thus, most of the clothes here are handcrafted. They have a nice, simple and yet innovative collection of bed sheets, with many of them having a price tag of Tk 900 to Tk 1200.

If you want a smile on your grandmother or mother's face, consider giving her one of the saris they have at the store. The saris (jamdani, shuti, half-silk, etc) catering to the older generation, are comfortable, simple and yet look good.

There are a good number of shirts, kurtas and panjabis to choose from. The comfortable shirts - some of them for formal occasions cost between Tk 450 to Tk 800. The kurtas, which reflect a touch of Bengali tradition and culture, are made of cotton, khadi, endi cotton and endi silk. The price range is about Tk 750 to Tk 1500.

There are many other clothes and accessories as well, such as lungi, gamcha, bags and blouse pieces.

Other than clothes, the shop also offers some elegant walking sticks. Prices are as low as Tk 430 and can go over Tk 1000.

Other than that, there are many gifts you can choose from to show your love and respect for your parents and grandparents. These include some innovative coffee mugs, photo frames, music albums and movie collections. Most of the coffee mugs have a price tag of Tk 250.

The DVDs include movie collections of Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Kumar Ghatak, flicks that will make your respected ones nostalgic.

By M H Haider


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