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Makeup ideas this Eid

Whether you're hitting the town to visit your friends, or relaxing with the family in your own home, Eid this summer is the perfect season to freshen up your look with a few bold hues.

Eid is a time to revel in your brand new outfits, the joy of giving and of course the culinary delights that await you after a month of abstinence. This year, the festive season coincides with the summer, therefore presenting some make-up challenges along the lines of melting makeup, dripping eyeliners, and super-shiny T-zones.

The make-up trend this Eid should not only be in line with fashion but also with what the season demands. The question then is how can we be in vogue without letting the climate spoil things for us.

Just as we switch to cotton saris and kameezes in the hot and sticky summer days, we need to dress our face with lighter makeup so that we can keep it looking fresh and pretty, even when the weather is working against us. With the heat and humidity being our main rivals in summer, we will have to make a few little changes to our Eid make-up routine to keep us looking gorgeous throughout the day.

Now is the time to shift towards lighter make-up while playing up your eyes and lips with bold, bright colours.

Display your fun and flirty side this Eid by following these summer make-up trends:

Lighten your face make-up
The natural make-up look is very much 'in' this summer. It is a good idea to swap the heavy foundation for a tinted moisturiser as the temperature shoots up the barometer. Lighter than foundation, tinted moisturisers still cover flaws but feel less "cakey" on the skin during these humid days. If the skin feels a little too exposed then brushing powder foundation over the tinted moisturiser is highly recommended as it helps cover spots where a little extra coverage is needed.

Try out multi-shade and vibrant eye colours
Whether you're experimenting with a bright and limey green eye shadow or heating things up with zesty orange on your lids, you can play up your eyes with layers of coloured eye shadow finished with an ultra-thin line of eyeliner for subtle definition. Use bright blues, greens, or even purple to contrast the usual black, silver, grey, and pewter and create a coloured smoky eye for a refreshing change this summer.

If you're not tickled about using bright colours on the lids, have a go with a brightly coloured eyeliner pencil instead. Applying a line of blue, orange or green eyeliner just along the edges of your eyes can add an edgy twist to your look.

"Smudging" the colour around the base of the eye and outward to the edges of your eyes will give you an even bolder, sultrier look. Use neutral shades on the lips and make sure your eyebrows are well groomed and super-sculpted to complete this look.

Wear bright orange or berry red lips
Summer 2011 trend is all about luscious, juicy-looking lips painted in orange, berry red, and hot pink shades. Look for moisture-rich lipsticks in these bright colours to pull off the look but remember to keep the rest of your make-up fairly neutral. Choose natural nude shades for your eye make-up and only use a light dusting of punchy blush or bronzer on the apple of the cheeks to finish off the look.

Eliminate shine, add glow
A shiny T-zone instantly gives out the message that "you are hot" and by hot we definitely do not mean attractive. To get rid of the unappealing shine in seconds one can use blotting paper, as they are effective, cheap and easy to use.

To maintain that healthy glow on your face follow up with a light dusting of luminescent powder after blotting out the excess shine.

Don't forget to drop a pack of blotting tissues in your handbag when heading out to do your run of visiting relatives this Eid.

Switch to waterproof
Waterproof mascara is a must have item for your summer make-up kit. When choosing a mascara focus not only on its ability to volumise, lengthen, and separate lashes but make sure that it is also smudge and sweat-proof. Applying a coat of waterproof mascara over your regular brand can boost its staying power.

Rainbow Nails
It can be pastel shades in soft pinks, light lavender, baby blues, or more vibrant shades of tangy orange, sunny yellow and bold reds but getting a colourful manicure will put you bang on trend this summer. Choosing a complementary shade to match your accessories, like your handbag or shoes, will add the final finishing touches to your beauty routine. Remember, matte nails, is the trendy way to wear nail polish this season. But don't spend a fortune buying a whole new range of polishes, as a mattifying topcoat will add a matte finish to any shiny shade that you are wearing on your nails.

By Tilat Khayer
Make-up Artist: Tilat Khayer
Model: Peya and Nandini
Hair: Naureen Hassan @ Studio Salon
Photographer: Adnan Rahman
Stylist: Mahmudul Hasan Mukul


Get the style

Lorena mariscal pagola
Lecturer, Fashion Design
Raffles Design Institute,

When I was offered the opportunity to write this column as fashion designer, to share about men's fashion, well I thought it was not difficult; I'd be pleased to do it. I may have overlooked one thing -- my field of expertise is not precisely Bangladeshi men's traditional clothes. Anyway, I found it very rewarding and enriching to learn about it and through it got to know the culture through the thing I love above all, my way of life: Fashion.

Since I came to Bangladesh, I've been paying much attention to the differences in the way of dressing with western countries. The use of colour, prints, sumptuousness of trimmings and embroideries really captivated me. After a stroll through Kemal Ataturk Avenue, I was surprised to observe the wide use of western style clothes. I realised that men here wear occidental (western) clothes much more than women do. These western clothes are the kind of garments you can generally find in a street market somewhere in the outskirts of a major city in Europe, in other words: Not attractive. Not stylish.

Paradoxically, Bangladesh is well known for the skills of its numerous local tailors, therefore, I wondered why this lack of fashion? Perhaps it is the lack of trend awareness or lack of interest for having an appropriate look for each occasion.

Women hold the image and the concept of tradition, adorning themselves with the gorgeous textures, colours, and shapes of saris and shalwar kameez sets, enjoying the glittering exuberance of their baroque costumes, while men are closer to the concept of practicality, comfort and casual look of the occidental style.

Probably many of you have had a good time laughing when you find a foreigner wearing the local traditional style in a wrong way, or using a garment meant for a different occasion. When I see a local fashion magazine showing young men wearing western style with a total-gangsta-look, I am similarly amused.

I have set myself the task to use this platform to help as much as I can in the coming months, to give advice and reveal a few ideas for men to dress stylishly in a simple and affordable way.

Eid-ul-Fitr is very close on hand and one of the traditions that is put into practice these days, is to wear new and special clothes for the occasion, so it will be a priceless occasion for me to observe the latest trends in Bangladesh.

Stylish people always made their way, wherever they're from and with the means at their disposal, whatever they may be.


Jatra 2011 Eid Collection: Elements

Last year the team of Jatra, along with founder Anusheh Anadil, set up the goal to create a one-of-a-kind Eid collection that would be both unique and environment-friendly. After a year of work Jatra has become Bangladesh's first major fashion house to develop a whole line of fashion apparels and household items that uses recycled products, therefore creating an elegant and earth-friendly motif for Jatra's new Eid collection called the “Elements.”

Most of the cotton and silk fabrics produced specifically for the “Elements” possess all of Jatra's usual trademarks: beautiful, soft, comfortable, durable, and 100 percent hand loom. Only for this Eid, the artisans took their time and weaved small pieces of old recycled saris with the new yarn, thus giving birth to a new fabric that is recycling the old.

The fashion apparels for women embody glamour and attitude of the festive Eid; layers upon layers of patch works and art works consisting of light to heavy hand embroidery; creative block and screen print; and colourful dye work resulting in sophisticated mat finish in shalwar kameez sets, saris, tops, ornas, and skirts.

The men's and children's line from age one to twelve, for both boys and girls, also uses the new recycled fabrics in many designs. As a matter of fact, Jatra designers used recycled fabrics and papers in a range of products for the “Elements”: shoes, jewelleries, lamps, bags, window curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets, table covers, place mats, and many more.

Jatra designers picked colours and themes to coincide with the mystical and spiritual interpretations of elements, and its effects on the human body. So for this year's Eid, Jatra followers will have a whole line of colourful, edgy, hip, and artistic designs that will not only contribute to a greener planet but also will positively balance the natural elements within our body resulting in euphoria and good fortune.

By Taufiq Iqbal



Oxy-bright, Oxy-collagen and Oxy-lifting are the three newly introduced services at Persona Beauty Salon. Through using the right combination of oxygen, moisturisers, vitamins and antioxidants, these facial treatments offer excellent therapy for your skin. Oxy-bright, offered at Tk1700, helps enhance the brightness of the complexion; Oxy-collagen, offered at Tk1850, reduces wrinkles as well as brightens the skin and Oxy-lifting, at Tk2000, reduces fine lines.

These services can be availed at all Persona outlets. Contact: 8110179, 8118940.

Jenny's now at Jatrabari

Jenny's recently launched its brand new showroom at Jatrabari in Dhaka.

Jenny's has a collection of shoes and sandals with attractive new designs for men, women and children. It had a 10 percent discount offer on all products for up to 7 days from 4 August, 2011.


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