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F is for Father


There is nothing stereotypical about him. He has coined his own catch-phrases to inculcate into his children's lives. For example, he believes it doesn't matter what people do career-wise as long as they do their best. “Mediocrity Not Allowed” is a phrase so often heard in his home that someone actually carved it out on wood and gave it to him as a present. Not that he needs any reminders, of course. There is nothing mediocre about him.

His hair turned white at a premature age but he refuses to grow old anytime soon. With a wicked sense of humour, his favourite indoor sport is cracking jokes at the expense of his spouse. Few decades ago, he had a dedicated audience of two. That became four. Then nine. The chuckles and giggles have increased in volume. The mischievous twinkle in his eyes shines ever forth.

You can turn to him any time and be sure to get practical, well-balanced advice. The stars and planets aligned at his birth and pre-determined it as his zodiac sign to bear. Not that he himself believes in such things! He gives more importance to…well, the importance of bowel movements.

Pimply skin? “You're not fully cleaning out your system.”

Boyfriend trouble? “Your system is clogged up.”

Career blues? “You need to get rid of accumulated matter before it turns toxic.”

Post-natal jitters? “Your baby isn't pooping enough.”

Bored and listless? “You need to….” (I think you get the drift!)

Growing up, I remember seeing Bengali movies where the Patriarch roamed around the house in a silk dressing gown, pipe in one hand, twirling the ends of his moustache with the other. That scene always surprised me. Real life patriarchs don't look like that.

The one I know loves wearing pastel colours and swears by the powers of petroleum jelly. He can be snoring loudly on his LazyBoy chair in a post-Friday-lunch stupor, yet somehow manage to open an eye for a quick glimpse of exactly who is visiting his teenagers. Despite already having a room lined with books, he enters a bookstore like a gleeful school-boy who can hardly wait to delve into a world of adventure. Meticulously organized, he has a variety of mental lists: how many pairs of socks to pack for a 10-day trip; the 5 best countries one must visit; committees he has agreed to be on; the birth dates of his grandchildren. He uses the latest technology to get answers to age-old issues of life, love, health, happiness…living. He never stops learning.

There are a lot of lessons I have learnt from my father over the decades. How to be courageous in a crowd of cowards. How to dream, how to follow that dream; how to accept that the dream has become a nightmare in reality; how to dream again. How to laugh because crying is just a waste of energy. How to distinguish between a lesson well learnt and a lesson best forgotten.

And a lot more on that list to come, I'm sure. Because, you see, there is the one lesson I have most appreciated learning from my father. You can never get too old to stop learning. It's what keeps you young and fresh.

(This column is dedicated to my father whose zest for life is truly inspirational.)


A complete wedding solution

On 23 September, 2011, Creato, an event management and activations, entertainment, media and communications company, inaugurated its sister concern, Weddi. The event was held at Catalina Island in Gulshan- 1.

Weddings are indeed an exciting time for those involved. However, the battery of ceremonies leave little energy for celebration or a chance to step back and ponder on the new journey the couple is about to embark upon. It would be nice if you could wash away all the stress and just enjoy the whole process without having to worry about the events.

Weddi provides just that. “The wedding is supposed to be a time for celebration and excitement. But with all the pressure it is difficult for the families to actually enjoy. That's where we come in. We provide that comfort zone to the people involved in the wedding so that they can be relaxed and enjoy,” said CEO Rashid Khan.

It is difficult to find time amidst our busy work-life. But if you, or your child, are getting married, you want everything to be perfect since it is perhaps the most important event of one's life. Weddi, your wedding planner, can ensure that.

Wedding ceremonies are big events no doubt. Managing them -- planning, budgeting and implementing successfully -- is no easy business. It is all event management. If you are inexperienced and amateur, you cannot hope to be a successful manager all of a sudden.

It's therefore better to give the responsibility to a third party while you take the back seat and enjoy the ride.

“Previously, we used to see family members and the closest cousins serve food during a wedding,” says Rizve Hasan, the head of planning and strategy, about the evolution of managing wedding ceremonies. “Now, this job is done by a professional catering service team. Similarly, many such parts are now outsourced, thus reducing the work of the family. Therefore, slowly there has emerged a tendency for people to look more and more towards professional services. Weddi is the ultimate answer because we provide a holistic 360 degree service, covering everything that involves a wedding.”

And “everything” actually means everything. Weddi will be there for you at every step of the way, from the pre-wedding ceremonies to arranging a honeymoon for the couple.

Indeed, Weddi promises to be a dedicated wedding planner that will run the extra mile for you. “If you want a special perfume made specifically to suit your needs from a country abroad, we'll get it for you,” the CEO said.

Customisation is at the heart of Weddi. The wedding planner can arrange theme weddings. So, if you want an authentic Bengali wedding, they'll do their research and deliver a perfect Bengali wedding. If you fancy a particular wedding photographer to snap shots, they'll talk to him/her and arrange it for you.

“We're thinking what you are thinking, and more,” said Rahat Hayat, the business development manager, more popularly known as DJ Rahat.

If you are tempted to avail Weddi's service, call their hotline number, 01762519031. To directly speak to planning and strategy chief Rizve Hasan, call 01712753334. Or, you may drop by their office at Banani- House # 30, Road # 9 & 10, Block G.

By M H Haider


Kay Kraft for Durga Puja

Kay Kraft, one of the biggest fashion houses of the country, has brought out a huge collection of dresses which would reflect the speciality of each exclusive day of Durga Puja. Along with placing special importance on saris and panjabis, Kay Kraft is also offering you other dresses and relevant items.

These special items will be available at Kay Kraft in Road #11, Banani, New Bailey Road, Simanta Squire of Plaza AR at Sobhanbag, Malibagh near Mouchak Market, Mirpur-2 opposite of Stadium, Deshi Dosh at Bashundhara City, Uttara Tower at Uttara Sector-3, Aziz Super Market at Shahbag and Deshi Dosh of Afmi Plaza at Chittagong.


Come this Puja, or Eid ul Adha, make a mental note to visit Sholoana, a boutique that offers a wide range of products for the coming festive season. Sholoana is working with exclusive designs on a wide array of silk and muslin fabrics, drawing inspirations from various patterns and motifs, perfect for the season. Their exceptional range of shalwar kameez suits, saris and men's panjabis are a must see.

Contact: 623/3 Boro Maghbazar, Dhaka- 1217. #01738437041.



Aesthetic Skin Care @ Woman's World

There was once a time when women used to come to beauty salons to get their make-up or hair done. Now the scenario has changed; women now come to us expecting more. They have become much more conscious about their skin and its well-being. They hope for solutions to many common skin problems and long-lasting natural beauty,” was the founder of Woman's World Kona Alam's take on the current scenario.

In order to rid women of permanent skin damage Woman's World has introduced its Aesthetic Clinic section, which encompasses all aspects of skin care as a step towards a perfect visage.

Stating exposure to the sun as one of the key factors contributing to the deterioration of the skin, Kona talked about the skin problems that can be addressed using their processes. Solutions for preventing and reversing the effects of environmental and sun damages such as, hyper-pigmentation, skin-dehydration, acne, congestion, melasma, black patches, wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, freckles, aging effects are available here. For those looking for brighter-looking, smooth, healthy and youthful skin a visit to the clinic will turn out to be fruitful.

The treatments for correction of such skin flaws are conducted using various techniques such as fruit peel, mechanical peel, micro-dermabrasion, lifting therapy, IPL, RF, electrotherapy etc.

The procedures are conducted personally by Kona Alam, who is a well known aesthetician and has received specialised training from various places such as the UK, Thailand, India, Singapore etc. on beauty care aspects, and Tahmina Alam, who has a diploma in IPL, Laser and Electrolysis form Canada. Along with these solutions dermatologists are also present at the premises to determine whether the skin troubles are due to health problems or have occurred due to external factors.

The Aesthetic Clinic has been setup at the Gulshan branch currently, but expanding it to the other branches may be a future possibility.

Apart from this Kona Alam has a line of her own cosmetics available at Woman's World at the moment. The line, named Farnaz Alam, has been created by Kona herself with raw materials imported from Singapore, and is very popular among her clients.

For any skincare and beauty related appointments please contact: Woman's World Aesthetic Clinic, Gulshan Branch, #8858600, 8832465 and Dhanmondi Branch # 8155442, 8144529, Hot line #01714077565. Woman's World currently offers three Autumn Bridal Packages where clients can avail up to 20 percent discounts. Make reservations for Gaye Halud, bridal and other party make-ups.

By Karishma Ameen

Taaga Knit and accessories

Taaga by Aarong presents an exciting line called the Taaga Knit collection presenting the fusion of high-end western trends with the traditional sentiments of the 'deshi' culture. The upshots of varied cuts and patterns are mostly embroidered and embellished with the fervour of various motifs that implicate the cultural vibe. And the colour palette for this new line of Taaga comes in themes of tribal and nude, corresponding to a range of bold to subtle colours to harmonise with every style approach, be it casual or formal.

Also, Taaga accessories alongside Aarong's Fashion Jewelleries brings you an assortment of exciting leather clutches, chained bags, gladiator sandals and jute and beaded jewelleries.

-- LS Desk


F Durga Puja is a time when Bengalis strive to don traditional garbs reflecting their culture. For the approaching Durga Puja festivities fashion house Megh brings its customers panjabis, fatuas, shirts and t-shirts for men and three-pieces and tops for women. There is also a children's line. The materials used in making the outfits are silk, khadi, endi and taant.

Megh's outlets: Aziz Supermarket (shop 62, and 114), Shahbagh;

Metro Shopping Mall (Shop 430 431), Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi;

3/2, 10A Main Road, Mirpur.

-- LS Desk



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