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Chondon hits Gulshan Avenue

Chondon has opened yet another outlet this Eid season on 98 Gulshan Avenue. Like their catch phrase, the place reflects taste, style and timelessness. The décor, which has become a speciality of Chondon's outlets, is creative with tasteful use of a varied color palette.

The few steps is definitely worth climbing as the large reception area welcomes you into a place that is a world apart from any of the area's stores and thoughtfully equipped with comfy sofas where it's a definite treat to sit and sip tea as you take in the abundance of beautiful objects artistically placed around.

This new store has new offerings with two brand new sections added; western wear suitable as stylish casuals and office wear, and wedding accessories. One section houses cotton saris, shalwar kameez sets and kurtas, while another has formal and dressier saris. There are also plenty of fashion accessories available that include ladies' party purses and jewellery. The jewellery is festive with the designs being traditional, ethnic and funky fusion. Nepalese, Indian, Afghani and Turkish fusion jewellery have been created along with our very own, ethnic deshi style. Silver, brass, copper, iron have been used with semi-precious stones like lapis, coral, turquoise, jasper, onyx, and pearls, making each one a collectors' item. One of the exciting additions is gift items, cards, and wedding paraphernalia as mentioned before.

A customer commented that the total atmosphere is full of creative energy. Another patron was openly elated about the helpful and friendly staff at Chondon. She felt that the environment was so conducive it actually makes you want to pick up something, whether you had plans to buy or not. The shop is very child friendly as well; a small kid-corner is soon to come for the convenience of mothers. There are also many cute little children's products to choose from.

The traditional-style armoires in each room with ceramic knobs, doors with artistic handles and large framed mirrors add to the uniqueness of the place. The décor is an excellent blend of trendy and traditional. All sections are neatly housed in separate nooks, which make shopping that much easier!

Finally this piece would not be complete without mention Chondona Dewan's creativity and contagious enthusiasm, which one is bound to feel when consulting designs of a special outfit, or wedding accessories, or just requesting a simple alteration. Once you sit down with this soft-spoken designer you will feel the energy she exudes. It can be said that Chondon is a landmark in the designer world that this town can proudly depend on!

Menz Klub turns 10

26 September marked the 10th anniversary of Menz Klub. From its inception in 24 September, 2001, tucked away in a little corner at Mansur Bhaban, Elephant Road, Menz Klub has indeed come a long way. Boasting eleven outlets in Dhaka, five in Chittagong and one in Sylhet, Menz Klub's success story and rise from humble beginnings is well documented. Hence, the evening gala at Samarai Convention Centre was wholly deserved and justifiably extravagant.

Soothing music kicked off the programme, which started an hour later than scheduled. The Menz Klub family, including the staff and factory workers, along with the all the Menz Klub friends, well-wishers and members of the press, were invited to the occasion. The respective staff members and branch managers were all handed out crests in recognition of their hard work and effort, which as Mahmudul Helal, the proprietor, pointed out, were integral to the success of the clothing line. Sumon and Probha, the hosts, provided a brief insight into the history of the clothing line, sharing anecdotes with the crowd, and then shared how difficult it was for some people to grasp the name of the line, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Asaduzzaman Noor was a notable name on the guest list, adding the dash of glamour the function needed. Before the much awaited fashion show, members of Menz Klub displayed their musical talent, singing numerous songs to appease the crowd who impatiently waited for the fashion show to begin. The stage was set and the talented team from Menz Klub all got a chance to display their vocal prowess one by one. Finally, after much more conversation, prizes and songs, the fashion show finally began.

The show kicked off with the Klub's in-house models displaying the latest array of Polo T-shirts. Sporting the polos with jeans and converse, the models strutted out to display their wares. Full-sleeved polo shirts met with much approval, although the trend will likely not be picked up before winter's onset. The models, along with the Klub, also attempted to perhaps revive a flagging interest in the once-trendy Converse, but perhaps that would take more than Menz Klub polos at the moment. The Polo T-shirts displayed a tendency towards the striped design, which of course is going to be a winner in the next few months. As an added bonus, there was also a hoodie, transforming a more feminine full-sleeved design for the more assured men.

Next on display were the Designer T-shirts. The designs themselves could be best classified as ambitious, blending in a class act of sophistication with a more edgy and vibrant touch. Almost vest-styled, with the shoulder line, collar and cuffs complementing each other in unison, the designs seemed to leap out at the crowd, although they may have fallen flat on one occasion. Interestingly, a white on brown designer shirt was very much remniscent of the short panjabi design, all the rage two years back. The shirt served as an excellent reminded of how Menz Klub manages to infuse a western fashion statement with a South-Asian craze almost seamlessly. As the men walked off the stage with Micheal Jackson blaring in the background, it seemed their purpose to garner praise had been achieved.

Finally, after another song came the much awaited panjabi collection. With Qurbani Eid coming, most of the audience couldn't wait to make a selection for future occasions. In this respect however, Menz Klub stuck to a traditional and sophisticated vein, straying far away from the loud and colourful designs that seem to be so popular. However, judging by the decent taste in the designs, it was clear that Menz Klub understood and planned for the coming shift towards more muted design, which hint class and wisdom rather than a wild funkadelic feel. It was also obvious that Menz Klub's latest designs were more attuned for men than the youngsters.

All in all it was a successful 10-year celebration and the fashion show did make some take serious notice on certain occasions.

By Osama Rahman


Online based fashion brand DOGGTAG

Doggtag, a youth-focussed fashion brand has recently launched its exclusive men's clothing line 'Collection 1108'. Made of 100% cotton 'Collection 1108' is marked by high quality fabrics, neat stitching, and exclusive designs. Starting right from the cotton sourcing to the final packaging, quality and consistency have been ensured at every level of the production process.

This collection features a range of polo shirts and t-shirts. The polo shirts are available in 14 distinct designs in different colours and sizes; perfect for both students and office-goers. T-shirts are designed based on different cool diagrams & theories of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, and Mathematics etc. This innovative concept is sure to stand out and attract not only students but also thinking minds of all ages.

The brand is available at a number of shops in different malls across the city. All the details are available on www.facebook.com/doggtagbd. One can also place orders online and get area-specific drop-off services.

Nitya Upahar

Young designers have got priority in Nitya Upahar's Puja Collection this year. 'Anjali' and 'Sarate' are two titles of designs by Sabyasachi Hajra and Sadia Mizan. You will get T-shirts from Nitya Upahar, a combination of four previous and eight new designs for this year's Puja. These T-shirts will be available in white, yellow, orange, light purple, and on black fabrics.

Prices of saris range from Tk 1250 to Tk 3000 and T-shirts are available at Tk 250 to Tk 350.


Chenge, a new fashion house opened its doors to its customers on 29 September at the third floor of Aziz Supermarket. The target clientele for this new venture are fashion-conscious youth of Dhaka. Fashion designer extraordinaire Bibi Russell inaugurated the outlet.

Address: Shop #34, Aziz Supermarket, Shahbagh.



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