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Body recontouring surgery

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We have been discussing recontouring surgery of the body. Today we will discuss the face. Many of us look at ourselves and sometimes think that a little change in our features would look great. Also, with age a change appears in our facial features, which is not always pleasant for us. Although we can not slow the passage of time nor the ageing process, we can make changes that will help us look more pleasant.

The face undergoes a lot of changes with time, exposure to sunlight, and other factors. An increase in weight, or loss of it, can also affect facial features. Patients who do not like these changes can opt for different procedures to change these. Some of these are permanent procedures whereas some are temporary and need to be redone every 6 months to 1 year.

Wrinkles make a face look older. Besides ageing a lot of factors contribute to wrinkle formation. Prolonged sun exposure, loss of collagen and subcutaneous fat, and also if we tend to repeat a lot of facial expressions like frowning constantly, it produces wrinkling.

The most common area for wrinkling is the forehead, outer sides of the eyes also known as crow's feet, and the area besides the nasal folds. Sometimes we may see wrinkles on the upper lip and neck area.

Botox injection is the most common treatment for removal of wrinkles and also the most popular procedure done worldwide. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes and can be done as an office procedure. No special preparation is needed. After evaluating the patient the doctor decides on the points to be injected. After the procedure the patient can go back home or to work directly. Botox works on the nerve endings of the muscles causing the wrinkles. These muscles become slightly immobile and so there are no further wrinkle formations. It is a very safe and effective procedure. This is not a permanent method and so has to be repeated every 6-9 months.

Sometimes we see that if a person loses weight the shape of their face changes and there are depressions under the eyes, or on the cheek area. These can be filled up using artificial fillers or fat harvested from the patients themselves. This is usually done as a day case and gives very nice results. This is also not a permanent procedure as the filler or fat gets absorbed and so has to be repeated after 6-9 months. People with thin lips can augment their lips using fillers or fat. Different kinds of fillers are available and are very popular worldwide.

With weight gain, fat accumulates in the subcutaneous level of the face, especially the cheeks and under the chin. The fat from the cheek area can be removed by a small procedure from inside the mouth. The fat on the buccal pad is accessed and removed; it makes the face look slimmer. Liposuction can be done to reduce the fat under the chin, also known as double chin. This is a permanent procedure and can be done as a day case.

Sometimes with aging there is accumulation of fat under the eyelids and also sagging of skin of both lids. This does not look nice as it gives the patient a tired look. This can be remedied by a surgery known as blepharoplasty. Here the skin, which is sagging, is excised and also the fatty bags from under the skin removed. The crease lines under the eyes usually hide the incision line so no scar remains after the surgery. This is also a day surgery and can be done under local or general anaesthesia. It is a very safe surgery and does not affect the eyes in any way.

Sagging of the facial skin or neck area also makes a person look older. A facelift surgery can help them a lot. This is a major surgery and the patient needs to stay admitted for one night. A compression band needs to be worn for two weeks. This surgery turns back the clock and makes a person look 5-7 years younger.


Stress Busters

There is no denying that everyone feels better after a good night's sleep; thoughts are clearer, reactions are faster, and reactions are not as emotional. Sleep lowers blood pressure and the high levels of stress hormones in the bloodstream.

Chronic insufficient sleep may raise blood pressure in patients with hypertension, increasing the risk of cardiovascular mortality. It was found that those who do not get regular sleep are less sensitive to insulin, increasing risk for diabetes and heart pressure (serious threats to brain function).

Sleep deprivation diminishes mental performance, but can help regulate nervousness and serve as an outlet for stress.

Multitasking has become such a way of life, we often forget the beauty of doing nothing. This is not the same as working hard to come home and crash in front of the TV; it is the conscious activity of calming down and reflecting.

Back bent in front of a laptop for hours is a part of many daily routines, but takes a toll on the back. To relax the back strain and take short breaks between work, stand up with feet spread wide, stretch arms up to the ceiling, and breathe deeply.

A facial, massage, or a weekend away, can help melt those stressors away by giving you a much-needed break.

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