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Kumudini celebrating Eid

Kumudini handicrafts have brought out a new line of their stylish, deshi wear to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha. This year, there are outfits for all ages with children's panjabis for boys and three-piece sets for girls; kurtas, fatuas and shirts for men and tops, three-piece sets and saris for women.

The price ranges are as follows: children's panjabis are available from Tk.555-Tk.2,000, three-piece sets from Tk.675-Tk.3,000, men's kurtas from Tk.900-Tk.4,000, fatuas from Tk.900 -Tk.2,000 and shirts from Tk.800- Tk.4,000. Women's three-piece sets from Tk.1,400 -Tk.9750, tops from Tk.675- Tk.3,250 and saris from Tk.1,285 -Tk.48,000.

Address: Kumudini Handicrafts, 74 Gulshan Avenue. Phone: 8824284



Keeping the coming Eid-ul-Adha in mind, fashion house Megh has brought a range of attires for men, women and children. Available in cotton, silk, khaadi and endi fabrics, the designs and embroidery are elegant. Available at all Megh outlets. #8620230. Or log onto meghfashion.com


Bay Emporium at Balaka

A new Bay Emporium Shoe Store was inaugurated at Balaka Building, Dhaka. Shamsur Rahman, Chairman and M A Quader, CEO, Bay Emporium inaugurated the store. Attractive designs in footwear for men, women and children are available in this store and in other retail outlets.


This Eid, Nogordola brings forth designs in attires based on engravings on rare artifacts. This fashion house has, in the past, brought theme-based designs which created much commotion among its clientele. The range of products, too, is quite extensive -- saris, shalwar kameez sets, panjabis, fatuas, kurtis, shirts, long kameez sets etc.

Prices range from Tk.1290-7500 for shalwar kameez, Tk.490-1090 for fatuas, Tk.1290-6590 for saris, Tk.690-1890 for panjabis, Tk.990-1290 for skirts and Tk.590-1890 for children's wear.

G-Mask your mouse

G-Mask has recently introduced signature computer mice. You can create your own design from a selection available or get bold and incorporate your name on your mouse. They also make wonderful gifts for your near and dear ones. Available at all G-Mask stores.

Nitya Upahar

Works of Quayyum Chowdhury, Mahbub Rahman, Anahid Jafry, Shahed Hijal, Sadia Mizan and the Nitya Upahar design studio feature in the Eid Collection of Nitya Upahar. The saris bear the artistic touch of Chowdhury and also Jafry. Apart from that, also available for the clients are the signature T-shirts of the fashion house. Available at all Nitya Upahar outlets.




With the coming festivities of Eid-ul-Adha in mind, Radiance Creations has brought out a new line consisting of panjabis, shirts, shalwar kameez sets and saris. These outfits have been done in festive colours and trendy and stylish designs, and the prices have been kept reasonable.

Available at Radiance Creations showroom located at Ananya Shopping Complex, Shop no. 201-202, 2nd floor, Baridhara D.O.H.S


Boutique Buno brings a wide range of designs for Eid, from shalwar kameez sets to fatuas, shirts, panjabis and T-shirts. Made from local fabrics, the products feature elaborate designs which are appealing and aesthetic. For details, contact 01911691842 and 46, Aziz Supermarket, Shahbagh, Dhaka.


A 'cold' adventure

I enjoyed the first cold breeze of the year as I was making my way home on a rickshaw a few nights ago. The cool air was a blessed relief from the typical, sticky humidity of the summer and monsoon seasons and my heart sang out in joy 'winter is knocking at the doors! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!'

Fast forward two days and I am lying on my bed trying to drag myself away from a deep, luxuriant sleep to realise that my whole body hurts and I seem to have lost all my strength. I have got the winter chills.

Somehow I get to university, sneezing every other second, red at the nose, sore at the throat and droopy at the eyes, and see many of my friends in a similar state. With the change in weather, the army of viruses have successfully run their rampage and infected us all.

As my day progresses I get tired of the constant sneezing and breathing through the mouth and decide that enough is enough; I need a remedy and I need it fast. So I put on my investigator's cap and bring out my investigative weapon, the internet.

Unfortunately the first thing I discovered is that the common cold doesn't really have a cure. It can be caused by so many different types of viruses, each with so many different strains, that your body never really develops a foolproof immunity towards it.

I also learn that you just have to sit back and sneeze away as the virus rides through your body and the cold runs its course. But there was a silver lining to this cloud as well; my investigation revealed that there are tons of home-made remedies to hasten your recovery.

Armed with a printout of the recipes for the home-made concoctions I make my way to my kitchen. I am ready to battle it out. I pour boiling water over some freshly sliced ginger slices, allow it to cool a little and then stir in some honey and lemon as my printed teacher directed. This concoction promised to soothe my itching throat and relieve my congested breathing. The printout also suggested adding vitamin C to this solution to boost your energy, but that was not available to me then. I took this concoction twice a day and was happy to discover that I didn't sound like a man anymore.

Delighted by the initial results I started experimenting with the other suggestions as well. My regular morning coffee was sacrificed since coffee is said to increase dehydration which my body could not afford at that moment. Instead I filled up on different kinds of herbal tea made from neem, ginger or garlic and drank lots of water.

My mother kept up the supply of hot chicken soup to which she added cloves of garlic boiled in stock. I preferred the all-liquid diet because my taste buds had gone on a vacation along with my sense of smell, and because it facilitated easier respiration for me.

On the third day I experimented with the vapour remedies.

Turmeric was said to have anti-inflammatory properties so I added a spoonful to some steaming water to which I added some vinegar to strengthen the steam and inhaled lungful. This remedy promised to not only unblock my nasal passage but also reduce my headache and rejuvenate me.

That night I took the rest of the turmeric powder, mixed it into a glass of warm milk along with some ginger and poured it down my throat. I also tried this other anti-inflammatory remedy -- crush and soak three cloves of garlic in olive oil and whenever your ears hurt from the congestion drop the garlic cloves into them.

You can also rub the garlic oil on your feet and below the jaw. Since smell becomes a luxury when you are running an intense cold, the pungent smell of garlic oil will not bother you.

Another popular external remedy is what is called a neti-pot. This very old practice helps keep breathing clear. You need to boil tap water, allow it to cool to body temperature, then fill the pot and dissolve one quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt in it.

Lean over a sink, ear towards the sky and very gently pour the solution into your nose. The idea is to have the solution move through the nasal passages and out the other nostril in a steady trickle. I wasn't a personal fan of this particular remedy so I kept it for the next weather change and that next inevitable cold.

Finally my investigation stated that rest is of utter importance to speed up recovery since stress and lack of sleep compromise your immune system. So I stayed home for the five days, getting out only when it was necessary and took my sweet time writing this article.

By Raisaa Tashnova


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