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Winter get-aways

A long with getting ready for bringing out the best of our wardrobe, winter makes us anticipate a trip on a bus with our family and friends for a day of leisure and fun away from the city streets and away from work. With the winter chill slowly but steadily coursing its way in, coaxing us to take out our shawls and jumpers, that time of the year is not far away when the warm winter sun will be blazing full-on and a trip to pleasing surroundings will be the heart's desire.

Spotting the perfect picnic spots and resorts among the numerous ones mushrooming around the country is a tedious job and can leave you drained of precious vigour that you might have saved up otherwise for the big day. Moreover, disappointment about the picnic spot not living up to expectations may further render your attempts at a great family hangout futile. Read on to make your search a little easier this time around.


Winter get-aways

Elenga Resort at Elenga town in Tangail is a pleasant 90-minute ride from the Dhaka airport. Sprawling over 8.5 acres of lush green land, it is an environment pollution-free and serene enough to soothe your soul. Dining here can be a delectable experience with skilled chefs taking you through a range of both local and international flavours.

Take a break from being lazy by trying the badminton, lawn tennis and table tennis here. A Health Club and Swimming Pool are also at your service.

Take a trip among the gorgeous stretch of trees and flowers at Pond Garden Park in Narayanganj on the eastern side of Shitalakkha river.

Boat trips for the family, playing park for the children and a sight of deer and a variety of rare fishes in the aquarium are what make it a splendid picnic spot.

You can avail 360 degree service from this place for arranging corporate picnics, study tours and other get-togethers.

Situated at Bagher Bazar, Gazipur on the way to Mymensigh is Pushpadam Resort. At the moment it is one of the most popular resorts and picnic spots around that area. It is situated on 8 acres of land and can accommodate up to 500 guests for a day-long picnic and around 30 guests over night. Although not very high on the scenic beauty factor Pushpadam is an ideal place to go to if beautiful green scenery is not of utmost priority and relaxing in a neat place is all that you need. They need for making personal food arrangements is unnecessary as there is a restaurant at the premises serving various dishes.

At the Rangamati Water Front you can choose from a number of picnic areas named Kamini,Jamini,Oparazita and Madhubilata, catering to different needs. Shamiana can be set up on request and various menus are available. Rangamati Picnic Spots surrounded by deep forests are excellent in the context of Bangladesh's picnic culture. A Gazebo can be found in each of the spots. For those who love water Rangamati Water Front has speed boats and fishing facilities. They also organise music events and concerts in the amphitheatre surrounded by the forest.

One can also enjoy pool-side barbeque. Couples can enjoy a getaway on the top of a hill and get mesmerised by the view. Early morning jogs can set your day to a great start.

After crossing the Rajabari Bridge and Bazaar, continue straight and cross over a smaller bailey bridge over a culvert to reach Angana estate. Buses have to be parked outside the estate while smaller vehicles can be parked inside. The word Angana means a beautiful lady; and the place has been named as such to convey the beauty of Mother Nature at the place.Angana opens up an escape from the rigours and stress of city life for you to unwind in the tranquillity of the Bangladeshi greenery. At Angana, they have attempted to preserve nature's pristine beauty, in all its glory, serenity, grandeur and majesty. Angana attempts to blend the bounties of nature without encroaching upon the wonders of nature. Located in the tranquil settings of the Surjonarayanur village in Kapashia, Gazipur, it is just an hour away from ZIA International Airport.It is spread out over an area of eight acres. The premises is highly secured with high perimeter walls for privacy and security. The entire area is under constant surveillance by closed circuit TV's and security guards of G4S.If you decide to stay back at the resort for the night that is possible as well as there is residential facilities at its cottages. A swimming pool, a badminton court and a deer park can also be found at Angana.

Situated in the Rangamati Hill District, Kaptai National Park falls between the Karnaphuly and Kaptai Mountain Ranges. The area is managed by the Chittagong Hill Tracts Southern Forestry Division. It has an absolutely amazing natural feel that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated and is the closest that you can get to nature. The green hills meet the dramatic blue sapphire of the Kaptai Lake in a vibrant combination of shade. Numerous natural springs can be found each adding their own special appeal to the park. Some of the animals that inhabit the park include elephant, deer, jungle cat and monkey and it is fascinating to get a glimpse of them during a trip to the prak. The tropical rain forest that is found on the banks of the Karnaphuly River is another amazing feature of this lovely park. Apart from picnicking options for going boating or speed boat cruising, water skiing or hiking are also available. Great food can be found at a number of nearby restaurants for those looking for something a bit more substantial after a day spent in the great outdoors. The Kaptai National Park is quite easy to reach as visitors can travel to Chittagong and from there can make the short trip to the park via road.

Teknaf Game Reserve on the banks of the Naf River in the Teknaf Upazila of Teknaf Game Reserve is one of five protected areas in Bangladesh where the Forest Department has put into place a co-management approach to eco-tourism under the banner of “Nishorgo Bangladesh's Protected Area Management Program”. The Mochoni Nature Park is along the boundaries of the Teknaf Game Reserve, giving visitors a magnificent view of the Bay of Bengal from the hilltop as well as a portion of Myanmmar. As a part of recreational activities you may choose to go hiking with a tour- guide where there is the option to choose from different trails and lengths. This gives you the chance to get in touch with nature and truly enjoy the bio-diversity.

Jamuna Resort near the Jamuna bridge is a truly delightful place with cottages all over the place, a gym, a tennis court, a basketball court, a swimming pool and an amusement park adjacent to it. The foo served at the in-house restaurant is delicious with quite a few international dishes being offered along with the local ones. The cottages make you feel like you are at home and the serene surroundings would just make you want to stay longer.

Perhaps one of the best resorts at Sylhet Nazimgarh Resorts in every way lives up to the expectations that you would have from a high quality resort. It is set on six acres of hillside on the outskirts of Sylhet City, surrounded by greenery. It has every sort of living arrangement including villa and bungalow along with suites. Most of the rooms are equipped with jacuzzis and emphasizes on privacy. A hill top swimming pool, three different restaurants, entertainment room and a spa is what you will get there; all the comforts of the city but, away from it.

Apart from these places Heritage Park beside Fantasy Kingdom and Nandan Park are places you can try if you have kids along and the amusement park would surely be an exciting place for them. This winter take that long awaited trip and have a safe journey!

By Karishma Ameen and Afrida Mahbub
Photo: Lifestyle Archive, Nazimgarh Resorts, Foy's Lake Concord Amusement World
Photo courtesy: Jamuna Resorts


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