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Memories in “Muhurto”

The lights, the gathering, the décor, the music, the cameras, the presents, the banquet are all for you. This is that one day of your life when you are the centre of attraction and attention; the very first chapter in the storybook of the new beginning of your life. You want every moment to be picture perfect and captured beautifully such that you can relive the memories. This is exactly what Muhurto does for you.

When Naquib and Mishuk, two freelance photographers, decided to bring their talent together, the journey of Muhurto began. The dala packing sessions when your family members cheer along while some of your cousins rehearse the holud dance numbers; the precious moments the two of you share before the wedding, when you look into each other's eyes and hold hands, Muhurto will capture these moments for you in their pre-wedding package. The wedding itself and post-wedding family or party photography sessions, Muhurto does it all. You might wonder how that is anything different from the services which are already available.

Muhurto does not believe in arriving at the venues on the day of the event, taking pictures and sending you copies. Muhurto involves itself in your programmes like a part of your family, understands your likes and dislikes and delivers to you your memories like a story.

Muhrto makes sure to have a few meetings with the bride and groom prior to the photo-shoots and the events. They get to know you, build a relation with you, take your opinions, discuss options and finally customise their work according to every individual couple by incorporating themes into each work. At least two photographers are always present at the programmes.

The photographs are then printed according to your specifications. Muhurto also compiles wedding story books, photo albums and gets photographs framed if asked. Photgraph slideshows in the form of videos are also something you can get from Muhurto.

Often times couples choose to have videos of their days together shown on the wedding day; Muhurto also puts that together for you.

Muhurto also assists you by sharing ideas on themes, decoration and by making suggestions as to where you can avail other wedding services from.

Contact details: Naqib-01678138218, Mishuk-01670103010, Ranju-01736346408 Visit on www.muhurto.net

LS Desk


Bridal glow at Kaya Skin Clinic

Every bride wants to look her best before taking the wedding vows. This day is the most important in the life of a bride. So, it's only natural that she wants to look her best.

On the other hand, the stress of a wedding can take the glow out of the girl's skin. Every bride-to-be is very familiar with this phenomenon. Pimples, dull and patchy skin can be a bride-to-be's worst nightmare. Blemishes and pimples have the knack of showing up at the wrong times.

Kaya Skin Clinic has designed step-by-step beauty packages to meet the requirements of the bride, as well as the groom, their family and friends, to ensure that the wedding day is remembered forever.

For The Bride

60 days to D-day Advanced Bridal Glow Package
Starting your skin care regimen 60 days prior to your wedding date will allow expert beauticians to cater to your unique skin care needs and give you best results. Kaya's 60-day Advanced Bridal Glow Package utilises a combination of various services including Everyday Radiance, Bridal Meso Glow, Peels, Microdermabrasion, special massages and masks, spread over 5 sittings.

30 days to D-Day Bridal Glow Package
The invitations have gone out, and you are noticing the stress has taken a toll on your skin while you plan a wedding. It's never too late to start quality skin care for yourself. Kaya's 30-day Bridal Glow Package utilises a combination of various services including Everyday Radiance, Bridal Meso Glow, Peels, Microdermabrasion, special massages and masks spread over four sittings. This package is designed to give your skin an even tone with radiance, while making it softer and smoother.

15 days to D-Day - Express Bridal Meso Glow Package
As the days come closer, the tension is building up and it all starts to show on your skin. Our 15-day Express Bridal Meso Glow Package is designed to give your skin that special glow, so you look stunning on your Big Day! It utilises a combination of Bridal Meso Glow, Everyday Radiance, Microdermabrasion, Massage and Masks spread over 3 sittings.

Bridal Glow Acne Prone Skin
The Bridal Glow package is designed to maximise the reduction of blemishes and give you a clearer and even skin tone. This package comprising of sessions of Skin Renewal Pimple Free, Comedone Extraction, Everyday Radiance and

For beautiful arms and back
Your bridal ensemble will never be complete without fabulous looking arms and a beautiful flawless back. A combination of Skin Renewal Pigment Reducer, Skin Polishing, Kaya Mask and Kaya Back Shine, will leave your skin looking radiant, soft and smooth.

Hair free packages for the bride
Along with customised care for your skin, brides-to-be can also get smooth, silky skin forever with Kaya Hairfree- a permanent laser hair reduction service. You can now opt for a range of packages which are safe, effective and US FDA approved.

For the groom
Is the Bride the only one to catch all the attention? After all it is only fair that the grooms too want to look at their best on the D-day.

30 days to D-Day - Gorgeous Groom Package
As the groom, you deserve to look your best and feel like a King! A 30-Day package recommended for grooms-to-be looking for enhancement of skin. It includes a unique combination of services like Acne Free, Kaya Glow, Cosmo/Pigment Reducer Peel and Kaya Refine giving you an evenness of skin tone and reduced oiliness resulting in a clear and radiant skin, as desirable for the day.

Gorgeous Groom - Acne Prone Skin
When your big day comes knocking worry only about cold feet and not about your acne, rough and uneven skin tone. This service consists of a combination of Pimple Free and anti-acne mask, Everyday Radiance and Kaya Glow for men. Together this combination targets to reduce the acne problem in a short span of time and with a clearer and even skin tone.

By Dr Sharmina Huq and Dr Motiur Rahman


Rang's fresh, new offerings

Rang has come up with three offerings recently: wedding collection, winter collection and a separate set of winter collection for the elderly.

Wedding collection
A special exhibition on Wedding Collection by Rang has been going on at different places of the country: Rifle's Square at Dhanmondi, Baily Fiesta at Baily Road, House No 26, Road No 11 of Banani, Santana Market at Narayanganj, Afmi Plaza of Panchlaish in Chittagong and Azgar Square of Purba Jindabazar at Sylhet.

This exhibition will continue throughout December. Exclusive saris for the bride and panjabis and sherwanis for the groom are showcased at the exhibitions. Also available are shalwar kameez sets, ornas, dhutis, uttoriyos, and specially designed ornaments.

Rang is also taking orders of saris and punjabis for family members of the bride and bridegroom to wear at the 'gaye holud' and also the wedding. Orders must be placed at least a month ahead of the scheduled occasion.

Available at all Rang outlets.

Winter collection
Rang has also come up with various shawls and other attires for men and women- both for formal and casual wear. You can also buy gift vouchers for your loved ones.

On the other hand, Rang has come up with winter clothes particularly for the elderly in its special brand, Shroddha. The showroom is located in the second floor of U. A. E. Moitree Shopping Complex, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani.

- LS Desk


Angeleena's winter collection

Angeleena is featuring extravagant collection of khadi, silk, andi cotton and katan silk.

Angeleena boasts its unique designs - a rare blend of traditional and modern ensembles. Therefore, to feel warm and elegant, Angeleena is a place you should definitely stop by. The outlet is located in Gulshan Pink City (Shop # 27B, 3rd floor).

- LS Desk



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