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After a good decade of taking the backseat to powder blue and bubblegum pink and everything in between, winter 2010 announced the revival of red and this year it's bigger than ever. From maroon to tomato red, we can't wait for more crimson to seep into wedding trousseaus; because if ever there was anything quintessentially traditional about sub-continental brides, it was the colour red. From ruby red saris to shidoor laal bindis to blood-hued alta, any incorporation of the colour will do so long as it still symbolises matrimony.

And while we're on powerful comebacks, we can't be happy enough about the return to our very own Benaroshi Palli. The recent shift from fine nets and crushed georgettes has gained swift popularity and we hope benarasi's second coming still has a few seasons in it.

The beauty within


No discussion about simple weddings would ever hold sway without utmost emphasis being given to light, refreshing make-up. That's right, we would highlight, underline, and italicise several words in that sentence if we could but we hope you get the hint, really. Yes, this is your big(gest) day and yes, you will have all eyes staring holes into you, and yes your skin does need to look flawless in the photos. But if all that can be achieved in less layers of pasty foundation, who's to complain?

This in no way goes to discourage a need to put your best face forward, literally, so do continue to create drama with dark eyes and striking lips. A fun option to retry might be the white bridal dots of yesteryears balanced and accentuated by a solid red tip at the centre to recreate the plain yet pure bridal charm of the 70s and 80s.

Tress terrain
Long hair has been back on the tables for a few years now; but just as equally, so are short, cropped styles. And for a change, we have no objections to either. But for the purpose of our take-home message of simplicity in this column, we will restrict our focus to the former. The slight edge that length has over shorter styles is that it can be done up or down depending on the look you want to opt for, or even, your mood. While an elegant updo will usually keep in tone with the general sophistication of a wedding, long, flirty locks cascading past a dupatta can be quite fetching given the right flow in the waves or the right softness in the curls. In the end, the rule with beautiful long hair is quite easy to follow -- if you have it, flaunt it.

Winter wonderland
Those once-a-year winter picnic getaways in Ashulia and Gazipur have suddenly glam-ed up their perimeters to host vibrant outdoor holuds and in the odd event, wedding receptions too. Whether it's a day-long outing or an al-fresco dinner, we are all open to the idea of peri-Dhaka weddings because not only are they easier on the wallets, they are fun and free in a true carnival-esque fashion. With ample space and the relaxed ambiance that can only be felt out of Dhaka, the at times claustrophobic community centres are happily forgotten.

The season has seen a lot of glitz and glitter, and there is undoubtedly a place for that. But a wedding is also about cherishing memories, and age-old, simpler styles that afford the bride a measure of comfort as well as class up the whole ensemble, are surely worth revisiting.

By Subhi Shama
Make up, styling and
Photo courtesy:
Farzana Shakil


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