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Rice bran oil

On 1 January 2012, Spondon rice bran oil, a product of Emerald Oil Industry Limited, was launched at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel. For those of you who don't know, rice bran oil is the oil that is made from the outer grain hull of rice. It contains many components that benefit your health.

This New Year's, you might therefore take on a resolution to protect yourself from these diseases by bringing a change or two in your lifestyle. It might be something as simple as deciding to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Another change you might bring is the cooking oil you buy. Spondon rice bran oil can help you keep your health well.

This oil increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol and triglyceride. Hence, Spondon helps keep your blood pressure normal and works against creating “blocks” in your heart.

Spondon rice bran oil has many other health benefits too. It contains Vitamin E. It also has Omega 3 and Omega 6. It also helps in anti-aging since it contains antioxidants.

Spondon rice bran oil is now available at the nearest store, from the big retail outlets to the small grocery shops. It comes in three bottles, priced reasonably: Tk.165 (1litre bottle), Tk.330 (2litre bottle) and Tk.815 (5litre bottle).

By M H Haider

Bridal Package @ Woman's World

To make your wedding day special, Women's World is offering Exclusive Bridal Packages, available at all its branches. They are also offering a 25 percent discount on bridal makeup along with free tips on bridal issues.

Jamdani Exhibition at Anjan's

Jamdani placed its firm mark on our fashion scene after the disappearance of Muslin from Bengal. With the passage of time, this timeless weave became the fabric of choice for the region's elite. The hallmark of Jamdani has always been the weave; the intricate geometric and floral patterns soon made Jamdani a popular choice. Although it bears some resemblance to particular weaves of Turkey and Nepal, Jamdani flourished on its own, through its signature features.

Today, Jamdani has become a commodity for the masses, its use being as varied as wearable fabric (saris, shalwar kameez sets, panjabis) and also as upholstery and pieces for home furnishing. Yet, for the weavers this varied use has made little impact as the originality of the designs is slowly fading.

To pay homage to the glorious history of Jamdanis, boutique Anjan's has arranged an 11 day exhibition. Beginning January 6, 2012 the Banani outlet of this renowned house will showcase Jamdanis in all its variations. Exclusively designed by artisans of Rupganj, the Jamdanis are priced between Tk.4000 - 60000.

Renowned artist Quiyyum Chowdhury, expert on natural dye Ruby Gaznavi, designer Chandrashekhar Shaha and Anjan's CEO Shaheen Ahmed spoke on the inaugural ceremony. The exhibition will remain open between 10 am to 8 pm till 17 January, 2012 at Anjan's Banani outlet.

Tears on Highway

Tears on Highway" was an exhibition by photographer Noor Alam held at Chhobirhaat, Shahbag (across the street from Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka) between 24-28 December, 2011 addressing the issues of road safety.

Noor Alam had been working on this project for over a year and had worked with victims of road accidents, their families, and also with organisations who work towards improving the conditions of our roads. The purpose of this exhibition was to create awareness and make roads safe.

Columnist Abul Moksed, cultural activist Rokeya Prachi, photojournalist Pavel Rahman, and some family members of road accident victims, were present at the opening ceremony.

Noor Alam is a freelance photographer. His previous works include “Ballads of the Agonised Souls”, a touring exhibition and photobook to create awareness on Thalassaemia. He has worked with national daily newspapers and international photo and news agencies.

Picasso Club Friday Photography

Kite Academy introduces “Picasso Club Friday Photography”, a course for children and adolescent photography enthusiasts. Pablo Picasso had once said, “Every Child is an artist.” The Club aims to bring out the artist in a child.

The class of the first batch will commence on Friday, 20 January, 2012 and it will be held on Fridays only.

The course will be directed by renowned photographer, Abir Abdullah and conducted by some well-known photographers of national and international fame -- Munira Morshed Munni, Munem Wasif, AKM Shehab Uddin and Tanzim Wahab.

For detailed information, please contact: Kite Academy, Level 2, Kohinoor Tower 2, House #SW (E) 7, Road # 7, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212. #8810373, 01755603475. academy@kitebd.com; www.kite.academybd.com/main/photography


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