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When the borrowed heaven that is a Dhaka winter is fast approaching its finish, there really is no better time to wisen up -- by eating what you can't eat, going where you can't go and wearing what you can't wear during the rest of the year.

This week, while we still can, we take a close look at a 'winter sari' that is perfect for that sweet spot between a dying winter and an on setting spring -- the ever-elegant tussar. This inter-seasonal sari eases the transition between the katans and the kanchivarams of the wedding season that was and the cooling cottons of the long summer that will be.

Although the tail end of January and the month of February usually herald the close of a frenetic wedding season, an element of the holiday spirit is retained through family barbeques and office dinners. Whichever features on your social calendar, you could do a lot worse than wear a tussar sari that finds the perfect balance between being neither too dressy nor too mundane.


In terms of colour and design, liberties are there for the liking. Although generally based on parchment ivories or shimmering bronze, soft, feminine pastels, sombre blues and flirty magentas are all doing the rounds now.

Opt for multi-coloured prints to break free from the tried and tested or stick to classics for fail-safe evening options. Blouses can be as experimental as you dare; especially while pleasant temperatures still last. High and banded collars are chic to boot while low-backed, sleeveless options add a playful, sensual spin to the ensemble.

Because tussar is a deshi weave that has always enjoyed a steady clientele, sari connoisseurs should not be hard pressed to find their picks this season. Local boutiques across the city from Aranya to Dressy Dale to raw silk and muslin retailers all stock tussar collections and imported tussar saris from India are also available at the Hawker's Market, Pink City Gulshan and others.

The weather is still cool enough to wear saris of heavier, more impermeable textures. Make use of it. It won't be too long before a change in season and unfortunate levels of humidity dictate that we prescribe only the light and airy.

Ls Desk
Wardrobe: DressyDale
Make up: Woman's World
Photo courtesy: DressyDale


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