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Silent Waters, Broken Shores
Venue: Dhaka Art Centre
Date: 18 February, 2012
Architect Nasima Khan's solo art exhibition titled "Silent Waters, Broken Shores" will be inaugurated on 10 February, 2012 by Jahanara Abedin. This exhibition illustrates the simple beauty of the Bangladeshi landscape in water colours, acrylic, charcoal and pencil.


Thai cuisine @ Sawasdee
Date: 14 February, 2012
Venue: Sawasdee @ The 8, House 24, Road 2, Gulshan 1
The 8 launched its first Pan Asian Menu on 14 February, 2010. They are now glad to announce the launch of their new Thai restaurant 'Sawasdee'.

The menu has been crafted by Thai Chef Luam. In order to accommodate this cuisine, they have reverted to family style serving portions. The individually plated dishes of their original menu can still be found under the Chef's Specials. Chef Luam will also be updating these items from time to time, in keeping with our tradition of changing the menu seasonally. On the occasion of Valentine's and its launch, Sawasdee will be offering 15 percent discount only to Lifestyle readers from 14 - 20 February. Just bring along a copy of Star Lifestyle to avail this special discount.


For reservations please call: 9892458 or 01927558888.

Say...I do
Venue: Saffron Garden Restaurant, Gulshan 2
Date: Tuesday, 14 February, 2012
Time: 7 -- 10:30 pm
It's Valentine's Day, the day that celebrates love. If you have not yet planned for anything special there is still a chance to surprise your better half.

goBDgo cordially invites you to join them for a perfect celebration of love. Enjoy a magical evening complete with saxophone, banjo, piano and kahoon, creating the most wonderful music; the event also offers a delightful four course dinner for your palate. Couple passes: BDT 3,200.

Boi Mela
Tipu Alam is an artist by profession. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University and completed his Masters from City University, New York (Lehmann).

His book "Facebook" is a work of literature but a collection of cartoons, a genre he prefers to call 'Poddo Cartoon'. Tipu Alam's "Facebook", is now available at the Ekushey Boi Mela (Stall no 47). Also available at "Shada Kalo", New York. Grab your copy.

The Appointment
Venue: Goethe Institute
Date: 12 February, 2012
Time: 6 pm
The Reading Circle of Dhaka will introduce this book by Nobel Laureate Herta Mueller at the Institute Library. Mueller was born in 1953 in German speaking village in Romania. She now lives in Berlin and writes in German.

The Appointment is a book without a hero, a novel without a plot. The narrative of the book consists of jumbled, fragmented, and elliptical narratives. This however is a smooth read and the many jumps into the past and returns to the present not difficult to follow.


Spend an evening with the Reading Circle of Dhaka, and rediscover your passion for literature.

Red Shift
Date: 14 February, 2012
Time: 6-9 pm.

Enjoy the evening of the Valentine's Day with an event organised by Kuhu and Nupur at the Red Shift. There will be open mike readings of: short plays, poems, sayings, limericks (the naughtier the better), jokes, brief passages…whatever you like…in any language of your choice! These may be something you have written yourself or excerpts from you favourite write.

To spike the evening, the organisers have also also arranged for music.

By Tanjiral Dilshad Ditan


Farzana Shakil's special package

Farzana Shakil's Make Over Salon Ltd is offering special packages on the occasion of two of the most vibrant events in our calendar -- Pohela Falgun and Valentine's day.

Farzana Shakil's offers a discounted package rate of only Tk 999: Package 1 includes eye makeup, hair bun or hair braid and assistance in putting on the sari while Package 2 offers eye liner, kohl, mascara, blow dry, nail polish and assistance in putting on the sari.

Farzana Shakil's is also offering gift vouchers, which people can give to their loved ones.

A gift voucher worth only Tk 999 will provide for a quick facial with face fair polish and a normal manicure and pedicure. The packages are designed to completely prepare our gorgeous ladies for the special day. For additional information please contact # 9116057 (Dhanmondi) and 8812172 (Gulshan) or visit the salon.



Tucked away behind the Gulshan 2 Café Mango lies a treasure trove of ethnic eccentricities and Bengali sophistication. You will find its colours peeking out from its tiny cove and calling out to the creative enthusiast in you to explore its offerings.

Its products range from household accessories to dresses to jewelleries, catering to women and their need for diversity. Ethnica is a store in three parts -- the first consisting of household products, the second consisting of garments and the third displaying jewelleries.

The household store will give you the first taste of what Ethnica promises, a different touch to everyday products. There are bed sheets with an eccentric spread of colours or the simple black and white variety with a painting of a woman's face or a village scenario. However, this is where a distinction should be made between these designs and the ones we find in our traditional nakshi kantha.

Whereas the nakshi kantha designs are direct illustrations of village life, the designs you will find at Ehtnica are more abstract depictions of the same with a mystical element to it. Ethnica is also a boutique house ready to cater to your customised orders for bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains.

Apart from the bedspreads and the curtains the household store also carries interesting items such as colourful mortar and pestle, once again with ethnical designs engraved into them and a generous splash of colours to make your crushing experience brighter.

There are diaries and lampshades and a host of other nitty-gritty gift items to browse through before you dash off to a party. Even the wrapping paper in the shop is ethnic in spirit.

A special mention should be made of their sea-grass products. Ranging from baskets to lampshades, these items are longer-lasting than the traditional woven baskets but provide the same décor feel to your house, and will make a good central piece for a Bengali-styled house.

Moving on to their jewellery section, this is where you will find your Bengali metal or clay ornaments. The designs are nothing extraordinary but the prices are definitely attractive and it never hurts to own a Cleopatra styled necklace and earrings. The garments section too stays true to the store's name and offers you some pretty creative fashion ware. However, this is not where you find the everyday style but where you experiment to find one of your own.

By Raisaa Tashnova
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Shamuk's spring collection

Spring, the time to love and the time to celebrate with colours, has arrived after a bone-chilling winter. A living metaphor for regeneration, it inspires one to embrace the great variety that nature is endowed with, in the form of diverse colours. Why don't we too put on clothes this year that are steeped in nature's motifs? Keeping this in mind, fashion house 'Shamuk' offered a whole new range of spring collection in a four-day exhibition that concluded on February 12 at the Café Droom adjacent to the Drik Gallery in Dhanmondi.

The collection featuring saris, shalwar kameez sets, draperies, etc. was unique. All of the exhibited items are completely hand-painted. There are many fashion houses which have started to combine hand painting with artificial print or other forms of decorative designs. Shamuk, however, buys raw cloth i.e. cotton, silk and muslin in bulk and clip and stretch it on an extended wooden structure.

'Spring attire should be vibrant and soothing in line with the season. In order to capture this vibrancy, what could be more perfect than hand paint in water colour?' said Mounjurul Alam Minar, the director of Shamuk. Abdul Halim Mithu, one of the painters of the house, commented that when he took a sari to paint, it became a real canvas for him. Rafiqul Alam Mintu, the other painter, mentioned that they bring in focus such flowers, birds and trees that have disappeared from the city long ago and now are only found in villages. “Side by side with art, we tried to showcase the alluring beauty of local flora and fauna so that we are not oblivious of them.”

Prices of cotton Saris range between Tk.3,000-5,000, silk between Tk 8,000-20,000. Shalwar kameez sets range between Tk.2000-5000 and draperies Tk 2000. Although Shamuk showcases its productions, it also takes orders from customers, mentioned Minar, the director.

Apart from their showroom in Mirpur, all their products will be found at Raddur in Dhanmondi's Orchard Point from April.

Showroom Address: 34/18, Pallabi, Mirpur. Top floor, beside Majedul Haq Model School. # 01716426768

Raddur: shop no- 219,220, second floor, Orchard Point, Dhanmondi

By Farhana Susmita


Where glass is the canvas

Welcome to Décor SiO2.

For those who skipped chemistry lessons, SiO2 stands for silicon dioxide, which is basically glass. The Institute of Innovative Design (IID) is holding this exhibition on Glass Décor. First scheduled to run only two days, the time has been extended till 14 February by popular demand.

The exhibition showcases the works of the students of IID. “Each work is different, as each is the product of a student's individual thinking and creativity,” says Nur Jahan Begum, an Advisor of the Institute of Innovative Design.

Glass décor is done over glass by gluing several materials over it. And the range of materials can vary widely -- anything from broken glass, bangles, beads, a piece of cloth etc. These materials are the “paints” that form the artwork -- whether it's a flower vase or a scenery. The selection of materials is interesting. Sometimes, it comprises simple things recycled that you would not think twice before throwing away and sometimes it involves using rare or exotic stones.

The artworks come in a few different sizes. They are also for sale.

At the institute, a great number of the students are women. “This is a good source of income for women since they can work from their home and therefore deal with work-life conflict more easily,” Nur Jahan Begum further said.

The exhibition is taking place at Tridhara Institute of Photography, located at House #11, Road #46, Gulshan Circle 2.

By M H Haider


Detoxifying therapy launched

Founder and mentor of VLCC, Vandana Luthra, recently launched 'Weight Loss Detoxifying Therapy' in Bangladesh at the VLCC centre in Gulshan Avenue. The therapy is a 2-hour procedure that is delivered with the help of specialised techniques and products.

The therapy enhances blood circulation to the peripheries and facilitates lymphatic drainage. It helps in toning and firming the body and achieving quick weight loss.

Trendz -- Valentine's Collection

Trendz has been a true trend setter and on special occasions like Valentine's their attires are a must-have. This year they have introduced panjabis, fatuas, T-shirts, polo shirts and shirts for men. The ladies' line features tops, T-shirts and shalwar kameez sets, along with accessories.

Megh's BPL

For cricket lovers, Megh fashion house has brought BPL T-Shirts for the ardent fans of the game. They also have the latest designs for the Falgun and Valentine's Day collection. Also available is an exclusive range of designs for children.


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