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Igloo opens Ciao Bella

Amidst a crowd of loyal customers and celebrities, Igloo launched three new ice-cream parlors in the city at Banani, Gulshan and Dhanmondi #27. Distinguished officials of the company were also present on the occasion.

'Ciao Bella' will offer the widest choice of ice cream to its discerning consumers, who can enjoy quality products at these three parlors.

Apart from the normal scoops and flavours that Igloo is famous for, there is also the addition of numerous toppings which allows customers to customise their sundaes to their own moods and tastes. Apart from that, customers can also indulge themselves in the more common and far more popular Igloo flavours.

'Ciao Bella' meaning 'Hello Beautiful' in Italian was conceptualised to provide affordable ice cream in a pleasant ambience. Instead of opting to go for the old-school Igloo Ice-Cream flavours, Ciao Bella hints more towards the exclusivity factor. A classy and posh ambience is a recurring feature among all the outlets of Ciao Bella, adding an allure of extravagance to an otherwise normal day at the ice cream parlour.

The parlour also had a Valentine's Day offer for couples titled 'Love at first scoop' whilst promoting the just concluded Bangladesh Premier League across all outlets. The parlour has been used not only as a point of increased sales for Igloo but has also increased the prestige and reputation related to the product.

The premium ice cream addition from Igloo has already become quite popular among the city dwellers. Furthermore, the price range, considering the affordability and premium factor, ranging from 100 taka onwards has only helped to spur the interest further. The outlet at Dhanmondi # 27 may not be expansive but it is quite cosy and thus is seen as a strong drawing point for the customers. Without further ado, head to your nearest outlet of Ciao Bella and indulge in Igloo's finest premium collection of ice-cream and treat your taste buds to something special.

By Osama Rahman


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