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For all things baby

Shops dedicated to babies are a common concept in many countries. These shops are not only located in convenient locations, which act as one stop solutions for your baby's needs, but significantly enhance your shopping experience as well by creating an appropriate shopping environment. Such a concept was almost non-existent in Bangladesh until recently, when The Babyshop started its operations in Banani. Their success story soon followed, making them realise the need for opening a flagship store that will boost their brand image.

The flagship store, Babyshop+, is one of its kind in Bangladesh, brandishing quality baby and children's products ranging from cots to baby accessories, toys, books, clothes and shoes. The store has a true flagship feel, offering an enjoyable shopping experience for the customers. The fun, lively and colourful interior, with a bright and vivid wave ceiling and a play area for children with mural walls, all add to the comprehensive shopping experience that is not only fun for the children, but for the parents alike.

The Babyshop+ carries a selection of children's books that is one of the best in the country. It also has a reading corner for young minds.

The store currently carries children's clothes from newborns to 8 years old. There are two sections of clothing, one for foreign brands like Oshkosh, Carters and Polo and the other, a local section carrying export quality clothing. Clothing items include beautiful cotton dresses, party dresses, t-shirts for boys and girls, shorts, trousers, shirts, polo shirts and swimming costumes.

Similarly, there are two sections of toys, one for branded toys like Fisher Price, Playskool, Vtech and the other carries less pricey toys, mostly imported from China.

There is also a section for knick knacks that carry water pots, school bags, hair bands, clips, sunglasses, birthday party accessories, fashion bags and storage baskets from the world famous Swedish brand Ikea. They also have furniture like study tables and chairs, accessories like key chains, watches and fashion accessories for little divas like necklaces, bracelets and even nail polish.

They have also brought in a new addition of imported food items from UK to their collection, which carries all major brands of chocolates and baby food in unusual flavours like golden vegetables and chicken, cheesy vegetables and pasta, Sunday beef dinner, spaghetti hoops, tomato bake and many more. Along with that they have cereal bars form Kellogg's and baby biscuits and cookies from Fox's, Crawford's and Borders.

All in all, they have done a great job in ensuring that they provide a holistic solution to their customers. So the next time you need to get something for your child, do pay a visit to this amazing flagship store, located at Rd #113, House #6/A, (Cofi 11 building), Gulshan 2.

By Afrida Mahbub


The Independence Day Ride 2012
Date: Monday, March 26.
Time: 8:00am 11:00am

For those who love cycling, the Independence Day Ride is a perfect opportunity to indulge their healthy passion while also expressing their patriotism. Taking place on March 26, all interested cyclists can participate. Bikers must be dressed in red and green, whether they are wearing T-shirts, shirts, panjabis or fatuas.

The ride -- a formation ride with no overtaking allowed -- is a fifteen kilometre long one, with the route yet to be decided.

Any level of rider can join this ride. Essentials you should bring along are water, one extra tire tube, and a helmet. A Bangladesh flag on the handle bars will certainly not go amiss.

Contact -- Mozammel: 01713409321, Fuad: 01714454838, Rahat: 01911913012, Ripa: 01711081071

Venue: Flambé
Date: Thursday, March 22 Saturday, March 24
Time: 3pm 6pm

Kapor-Chopor is collaborating with one of the most happening brands of Pakistan, "IH" (Ibrahim Hanif). The brand hasn't been launched in Bangladesh yet. Kapor-Chopor will be the only authorised agent and distributor of the brand in Bangladesh.

The launching exhibition will be held from 22 to 24 March 2012 at Flambe Restaurant in Gulshan. Friends and fans are cordially invited to the grand opening of this event.

Bangladesh in Frames 4 - Annual Photography Exhibition of TTL
Venue: Drik Gallery
Date: Friday, March 23 Tuesday, March 27
Time: 3pm 8pm.

The Time has come to celebrate the biggest photo festival of the country. You are all welcome to join and enjoy the 4th annual TTL Photo Exhibition BIF4 with your friends and family.

"Rainbow Rising Day" arranged by Candle Carmine
Venue: Cuppa Coffee Lounge
Date: Saturday, March 24
Time: 1:30pm 7:30pm

This spring, Candle Carmine arranges “Rainbow Rising Day” for all pop music lovers. It will be a delight for fans of rock music. The line-up at includes: Poraho, Owned, Heal, Divine Sanity, From The Ashes, The Manager, SoulFIre, Candle Carmine, Artemis, Overtone, Alleviation, Purple Dime, Persaken, Toxic Ketchup.

The event starts at 1:30 pm sharp, and tickets are priced at Tk.200.

For more information: Write on the Events Page Wall or call 01915810767.

By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan


Musicon -- Keeping the beats alive

Ever wanted to experience that awesome feeling which guitar gods like Satriani or Vai get when they make those guitars cry? Or wish you had the "Moves like Jagger"? Ever wanted to rock the stage with antics like theirs and show off the magic that you can create with a microphone in your hands?

If you are one of those crazy music fans whose idea of a great hangout must involve music, and happen to be an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 buff, “MUSICon: Keeping the Beats Alive!” by 7TEENEVENTS at “The Bench” at Gulshan-1, on 23 March, is the place to be for you!

Burn the floor with “Dance Central” and “Dance Dance Revolution”. Play crazy solos with “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band.” Prove that your vocal chords are musically in tune with Karaoke. Plus in-house DJs will keep you in the groove all day long.

MUSICon is scheduled to start at 3 pm, while all games will be held simultaneously in different rooms at the venue; each different segment will get its time under the spotlight on the main stage as the day progresses.

The Afternoon Session (3:00 pm to 5:30 pm) “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”
The afternoon session will feature “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band,” on the centre stage, where gamers can try and emulate classic songs by the legends of rock and roll. The session will feature guest performances by celebrities as well.

The Evening Session (5:30 pm to 8:30 pm) “The Groove Stage”
This segment will focus on the games “Dance Central” and “Dance Dance Revolution”, where participants can face each other off in a battle of their moves and grooves.

The Night Session (8:30 pm to 12:00 pm) “Karaoke Bar”
The Night Session will feature participants singing out loud their favourite song and showing off their vocal prowess.

It will also feature musical performances, in the “Coming Back to Life” session by varied artists well known in the local music scene, namely Defy, The Manager and Silverlight.

At “MUSICon: Keeping the Beats Alive!” each ticket will come with coupons (one for each game). You can then use those coupons to play one round of each game.

Ticket pricing:
Normal Ticket (for 1 person, 1 session) - 3 coupons: Tk. 200

1 Platinum Ticket (for 1 person, 3 sessions)- 8 coupons: Tk. 500

1 Team Ticket (for 5 people, 1 session) - 20 coupons: Tk. 1000

Additional coupons pricing:
1 coupon: Tk. 50
3 coupons: Tk. 100

A raffle draw with exciting and special prizes for the highest scorers will top off the night. Plus, there will be gifts for everyone.

Tickets are now available. For more information, check the event page: facebook.com/7teenEvents

By Karishma Ameen


Modern ovens

Modern ovens have become hightech appliances not only in design and engineering, but also in terms of the varied cooking styles they are capable of facilitating. Gone are the days when a conventional oven was used only for roasting and heating. Modern ovens boast a variety of cooking approaches and the latest versions even come with multiple functions.

Having a universal appeal, cooking food in an oven has been popular with many, if not most cultures around the globe. As technology advanced and engineering breakthroughs came to the fore, so too the oven enjoyed a renaissance of its own.

In ancient times, our forefathers cooked in earthen ovens- ovens made from digging into the ground and heated by rocks or smoldering debris. Although cooking times were usually long and tedious, the overall process of cooking food by these slow roasting and baking methods yielded incomparable results. Meats, vegetables and pastries release an appetisingly tempting aroma whilst cooking in an oven and the cooked food ends up being tender and flavourful.

Oven placement
Microwave ovens essential features in most households these days and their placement is also very important. As a designer, I always recommend smart kitchens for most of my clients. A well-equipped and organised kitchen can make life easier and economise on time spent in the kitchen. When we are planning a kitchen counter, we should be careful about where to place the oven. A gas burner oven is placed in middle of the main counter. The triangular layout is ideal for kitchen arrangements. Nowadays we also have built-in cabinets for microwave ovens or high speed baking ovens. In Bangladesh, microwave ovens are also commonly placed in dining areas. That is why I opt for double part dinner wagons with conveniently placed just beside the dining table. Here, we could easily place microwave ovens so that family members have quick and easy access.

The steam Inverter Microwave Oven is the solution for cleaner, healthier, better tasting yet faster cooking. These ovens are four different cooking techniques including micro power, steam and grill functions while using the inverter technology that prevents the common problems of shrinkage, overcooking and loss of nutrients through multi-level power settings, which improve cooking performance without wasting energy. For instance, defrosting time is cut by half with inverter technology.

Oven Cleaning
Oven cleaning is no longer an arduous task as it was years ago. Whether your oven is a self-cleaning one or a conventional one, always maintain the cleanliness of the oven interior.

Wipe up all spills as they happen before they start to harden. Be careful not to burn yourself if the oven is still hot,

Save on cleanup time when you know you are cooking something that could overflow or has a lot of gravy by covering the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil. Be sure however that the foil does not touch the electric element.

Line a cookie sheet pr glass try with foil and put underneath the rack you are cooking on so spill are easily collected and disposed of.

Do not cover an entire rack or oven bottom with aluminum foil, this reduces air flow and may cause poor results.

Self-cleaning ovens assist you by making spills easier to clean. Depending on the make of the oven, you take out the wire oven racks; set the timer to clean mode and your oven is done by its self-cleaning. Some ovens, during the clean mode, will produce smoke and or fumes, so be sure to open windows and ventilate well.

Always wipe down the oven interior after it has cooled from the self-cleaning process. Wipe up all residues with a damp sponge.

Always clean the inside of the door. Scrub the seal around the door with a gentle cleanser and rinse the gasket with a damp sponge.

Be sure the oven is completely rinsed clean of oven cleaner residue. You would not want any of the cleaner to be in the oven when you cook.

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Journeyman archive


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