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Fashion and Beauty Summit 2012

Arrival Go Brand organised “Fashion and Beauty Summit 2012” (FABS 2012) themed “Fashion Innovation for Generation” on 17 March, 2012 at the BRAC Centre Inn. This summit was the first of its kind organised in the country. The Summit was based on fashion and beauty related topics, issues, case studies, and trends.

A unique rendezvous' of leading minds and thought leaders from various arena focusing on fashion and beauty, FABS 2012 was an innovative and cut-through forum that brought in top names in the fashion and beauty scene together.

Different experts presented on various issues, strategies and development processes regarding national and international fashion trends. The Fashion and Beauty Summit 2012 was aimed at fashion industry professionals, entrepreneurs, business personnel, Next Gen designers, beauticians, students and media agencies looking to understand the strategic impact of new ideas, trends, professionalism, fashion marketing and the current state of the Bangladeshi Fashion Industry.

The show, hosted by Aftab Mahmud Khurshid, CMO of ARRIVAL, kicked off with a presentation by Lorena Mariscal Pagola from Spain who is a faculty at the Raffles Institute of Higher Education. Her presentation was titled “Social & Cultural Dimension of Fashion- A Forecast of Local Trends in the Globalized World” where she discussed the impact of social and cultural factors on fashion and how fashion is a globalised social phenomenon.

The next presentation was by Najib Tareque, Artist and Design Consultant, Bangal. Najib's presentation was on the evolution of T-shirts in Bangladesh, from the time when plain white round collared thirsts were worn by local peasants to the present forms of the garment boasting national themes, and was titled “T-shirt in Bangladesh, politics and me”.

This was followed by Shaibal Shaha's presentation, who is a design consultant. He discussed aspects that need to be considered in marketing export products and developing them. The presentation was titled “Export Marketing”.

Farah Anjum Bari, Managing Director, Fashion Institute of Designing Ltd., talked on “Green Chic Fashion and Fashion Recycling”. She discussed the growing trend seen internationally of designing clothes that used recycled fabric or pieces of garment and organic materials. One of her examples included an evening gown made of numerous jeans.

Dr. Jahanara Khan, Consultant, Laser Medical Center, next discussed the different factors that catalysed and aided aging and the right ways that can be adopted for preventing this from happening in her presentation on “Anti-aging: Steps towards the fountain of youth”.

Terence Tan, College, Director, Raffles Institute of Higher Education, Emdad Hoque, Fashion writer Sk Safur Rahman, Syeda Samara Mortada and Manuel Vertiz Mou, Peru, Raffles Institute of Higher Education were also present at the summit.

In between the speaking session snap shot fashion queues were presented by Mumu Maria, Ittadi and Anica Osman, Entraprenurer, Enalamode. Mumu Maria presented her collection 'Unity' which was inspired by Monica Stewarts's painting of the same name. Make-up was done by Tilok Khair. Ittadi presented its Baishakhi and Eid collection while Ena la Mode gave a glimpse of its summer collection.

Crests of honour were presented to Mumu Maria, Shaibal Shaha, Najib Tareque and Farah Anjum Bari by Terence Tan, Dr Jhumu Khan and Anika Osman respectively.

The event was concluded with a panel discussion, in the presence of the audience, where Kaniz Almas Khan, Beauty Expert & Fashion Editor, Terence Tan, Nayar Amin, Model, Entrepreneur Azzarra, Abdul Momen, Director, Pride Group, Chandrashekhar Shaha, Design Advisor, Aarong, Maheen Khan, Fashion Designer, Mayasir, Sohana Rouf Chowdhury, MD, Sash Ltd and Gitanjali and Aftab Mahmud Khurshid, Brand Marketing Strategist discussed various strategic issues, impact of new ideas, trends, professionalism, fashion marketing and explained the current phenomenon of Bangladeshi fashion industry and how Bangladeshi fashion can be developed in order to obtain exposure internationally.

By Karishma Ameen and Afrida Mahbub


Grow life

It may sound mundane but the best and most feasible hobby for the 20+ out there is growing plants. Plants are the least time consuming and will allow you to ease into heavier duty hobbies in the future.

You might think that growing plants in pots are boring because you do not get to grow a garden in this city unless you own a mansion, but the accessories out there for home gardening are very attractive.

There are great variations of pots and plants in the nurseries of Dhaka and the societies and associations for plant growers are rich of information and knowledge and will allow you to meet more people.


ECA for your children

The western concept of engaging your child in out-of-school activities is here for good. A decade back the options were limited to arts and dancing but today there is a list of options for you to choose from.

The most 'in' kids activity is gymnastics. Bangladesh has recently obtained great acclaim in this field with our female gymnasts winning international medals and hence many sports institutes around the city have improved their programs.

Gymnastics will provide your child with the physical fitness and the discipline advantageous for a holistic upbringing. Apart from this activity it is wise to keep your child engaged with cultural activity such as learning a musical instrument of their choice and a public speaking/leadership building activity such as students associations or debating.



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