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The search for the picture perfect Baishakh ensemble should most definitely commence now; with less than 10 days to go for the most stylish festival of the year, it's time to chalk out the plans. If not actually going on shopping sprees and making the final choice, then at least it's time to jot down all the mental notes as to how you actually want to look and what you want to do this Pahela Baishakh.

There are so many choices and alternatives to consider for this beautiful summer's day of outings and merry-making. Colour blocking is the hot trend this season and what better day to opt for colours than Pahela Baishakh? Tangerine, hot pink, dark purple, cobalt blue and salmon pink or crimson red -- just pick your favourite and pair it with contrasting accessories.

For the brave at heart, go the extra mile (literally) and take a road trip to the sari haats of Tangail and Pabna. No better way to indulge in a spontaneous adventure that is true to our heritage and if you're lucky and willing to look very closely, you might even steal some great buys without causing any severe damage to your wallet. All local fashion houses in the major cities are also worth a look, each with better and brighter collections than the next. But if exclusivity is key to your wardrobe, trips to Aarong and Chondon's will cause no particular regret. With collections that are unique as they are elegant, step outside the box with their Baishakh lines and experiment with the unconventional -- this year is as good as any to give white and red a rest and come up with a new personal favourite.

If creative inclinations have long been your forte, there is no better time of the year to showcase your ideas than Pahela Baishakh. Visiting the Sadarghat clothes market and buying your own yardage can be given a thought. The first and for some the only choice there should be is the soft, snow-white addi yardage. It is perfect for shirts, panjabis or fatuas on a hot day. However this is only if you want to make your own wardrobe for Baishakh.

This year, as in all other years, the fabric of choice should be light, preferably cotton and other materials that let your skin breathe because even though there might be a slim chance of sudden Baishakhi lightning storms, it will in general be a hot and humid day.

Star Lifestyle this season is taking the liberty of exploring a few options and compiling a special Baishakhi album for its readers. We are pretty perked up about New Year's Day and hope our readers catch the fever and have a blast this Pahela Baishakh.

By Raffat Binte Rashid
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Airin and Heera
Wardrobe and Jewellery: Aarong
Make up and Styling: Farzana Shakil
Venue: Ajo, (Near Art Centre) House 60, Road 7/A, Dhanmondi.


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