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Perfumes spread farther

If you think of it, Banani #11 is a road of brands. The moment you step onto this road, all you see are enticing brands. Cafes, lounges, ice cream parlours, boutiques -- Banani 11 has got them all.

And now, yet another brand has set its foot on this road.

On Tuesday, 1 May of 2012, Bangla Perfumes Dist. Ltd. inaugurated its sixth Perfume World outlet. It is located in House 32 (Chandiwala Mansion), Block G, Road 11, Banani. There is an outlet of Bata on the ground floor, if you have trouble finding the exact location.

The outlet was officially inaugurated by Francois de Grancey, representative of Creed and Lalique Company from France, beautician Kaniz Almas Khan, media personality Asaduzzaman Nur MP, Everest hero Musa Ibrahim, TV celebrity Sharmin Lucky and musician Shahed.

Among them, of course, were many other distinguished guests, media personalities and the Chairperson, CEO, Executive Director, General Manager and brand managers of Bangla Perfumes.

The 1150 square feet Perfume World has been designed very stylishly, complete with intelligent lighting, beautiful posters and of course, your favourite perfumes from all around the globe.

Therefore, visiting this new outlet is definitely worth it. And you better hurry, because anyone who purchases any perfumes of any brands from this newest outlet would get another bottle fully free. This offer can be availed till 15 May. Perfume lovers are advised to call Bangla Perfumes' hotline number, 01768014249 for details.

The opening ceremony was also marked by a fashion show that featured several perfume brands by capturing the essence of each, lending the show a diverse feel. It was also featured on ETV, the media partner.

Featuring some of the best perfumes of the world is nothing new to Bangla Perfumes. It has previously promoted world class brands like Gucci, Burberry, Cartier, Versace, Thierry Mugler, Escada, Valentino, Dunhill, Hugo Boss and many more.

All the perfumes are available in six outlets. The other five shops are in Basundhara City Shopping Mall, Navana Tower, Plaza A R, Pall Well Carnation and AFMI Plaza (in Chittagong).

By M H Haider


Happy Bites

By Karim Waheed

With media outlets so widespread now, we're able to access information and entertainment at every turn it seems. With that comes the opportunity to advertise and market products to consumers. The general population has now been trained to think that a model's body is the ultimate goal of fitness, so every little gadget that has to do with improving your fitness is being offered to you everywhere you look.

Exercise machines, as well as weight-loss products, can be purchased without much hassle. But what we really need to get under control, in order to achieve positive results, is the way we eat.

I've read in a number of fitness and nutrition outlets that diet can contribute to as much as 90 percent of our overall fitness results.

That's right, training contributes roughly 10 percent of our fitness results. Now, this may seem a little hard to believe and I'm telling you what I've read in order to make a point. In my own experiences I would say that 70 percent of my results were due to the food that I put in my mouth.

Now, I would not consider myself an expert on diet but I know enough to be confident in its overall importance to fitness goals. Think about how long it takes you to get through a workout. Generally, you're looking at about an hour out of your day to get some sort of physical activity in.

An hour of exercise, especially intense exercise, can take a lot out of us. More specifically, we expend a lot of energy to perform exercises, and our bodies need nutrients in order to recover and grow stronger.

So what we put into our mouths on a daily basis should never be taken for granted.

There's been the massive “low carb” craze that started taking off around a decade ago as well as the “low fat” fad that came before it. There's also been diets that focus on consuming high amounts of carbs and diets that recommend high amounts of fats. But which is better? High carb diets are utilised for glycogen stored in the liver and muscles. Glycogen is a glucose complex that provides large amounts of energy for use in anaerobic exercises.

On the other hand, fats are well known to be the richest source of calories among the nutrients we consume. Fats contain 2.5 times more calories than carbohydrates and proteins alike. Studies also show that it takes the body 24 calories to metabolise carbohydrates while it only takes 3 calories to burn fat.

So anyone can follow a high carb and low fat diet or the other way around. But it is not recommended to follow both at the same time because you're more than likely to pack on the fat.

An effective diet suits the individual's food preferences, medical profile and lifestyle.

So no matter what type of diet you try, you must make sure that you're getting the nutrients that your body needs and one that you can stick to. And just because you find a way of eating that works for you doesn't mean that you have to stick to it for life either.

An eating plan should be something that we can follow with constant tweaks. I come across different foods all the time that I want to try. Just because I'm eating a certain way doesn't turn me away from trying something new. And yes, every now and then, a burger [minus mayo and cheese] and a scoop of ice-cream or a moderate serving of kachchi is halal.

Bon appétit!


How to spot bad drivers

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

An easy way to tell one apart from other drivers is when one runs you down with a car while you are somewhere a car shouldn't be like on a footpath or in your living room. So how do you steer clear of them?

Women can apparently tell a good man from the looks of his shoes. In this case, look at the car regardless of the driver's gender. If the driver can't drive, the car will look like the face of an acne ridden teenager's.

The numerous bumps, holes, bubbles, scratches should tell you this person may care about the car, but can't tell his/her inch from a mile. If parts are missing, even more of a telltale sign. Considering eight out of ten cars on the road are severely damaged, that's 80 percent people that can't drive. If there are blood spatters and limbs sticking out from beneath the car, run away.

This is helpful when you are driving or walking along like a lowly pedestrian and you need to be safe. Other signs of a bad driver are turn signals that are shown after taking the turn. Some people think the turn signals are meant to show the world you have turned, but no. Then there is the incessant honking when there is enough space for a beached whale to thrash about. An overweight beached whale at that.

But how do you recognise a bad driver in a social setting when they are away from their cars? Watch their lingo. First, if they talk about cars and they say they love to race, bad driver right there. In Bangladesh, potholes the size of Shatkhira and traffic jams thicker than a confused-chicken society gathering make any kind of spirited driving impossible. Then there are those that say they love to drift. Normal people don't drift. Drifting isn't driving. It's showing off when you know how to but not on public roads. And the worst offence of all, bad drivers will always tell you how good they are. This is one of those three things you don't say if you know you are: being cool, being funny and being a good driver.


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