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By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Date: Friday, 18 May
Time: 7 a.m. till 9 a.m.
Venue: Manik Mia Avenue

BDCyclists is arranging a Formation Ride to celebrate its first anniversary. Interested cyclists are requested to report at the venue by 6.45 a.m. The distance covered will be 15 km from Manik Mia. Dress code: Red Ts. A new BDC Red T-shirt is coming soon. So wait for it. Please ensure that you carry water, one extra tube, and a helmet. One balloon and flute/ whistle is optional.

Contact: 01713409321 (Mozammel), 01714454838 (Fuad), 01911913012 (Rahat), 01711081071(Ripa), 01711506311 (Arefin), 01711081253 (Arif), 01938884555 (Topu)

Date: 11-19 May
Time: 11 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Venue: Interior Depot, Haque Plaza, House #7, Road #14, Gulshan #1, Dhaka (opposite Otobi and below Zaara).

Patience and Admiration is a collection of photographs over time. Najmul Huq is not trained in photography and it can be said that this is more a hobby than art for him. But it's a passion that has stemmed from an intense admiration, the quietest and most patient form of love.

Looking at his photographs one can be witness to a self-renewing process -- to the life of flowers, the routine of insects, the construction of buildings and the shifting of the clouds.

A must see!

Date: Friday 18, May
Time: 5 p.m.
Venue: Dhaka Art Centre, House# 60, Road# 7/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Celebrating mothers all around the world, the solo art exhibition 'Wings of Desire' of Mrinal Kanty Das is being inaugurated on the occasion of Mothers Day 2012.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Pramila Das, the artist's mother. Dr Dipu Moni, Honourable Minister, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh will grace the event as Chief Guest. Eminent cultural personality and theatre activist Aly Zaker, along with internationally acclaimed artist Monirul Islam, will also be present as Honourable Guests.

The exhibition will remain open till 26 May between 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Date: Friday 18 May
Time: 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Venue: Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka

The Company Theatre is an ensemble founded 15 years ago by actor, director and clown Atul Kumar. A group of clowns decide to put on a production of Hamlet, and so they did, in a mixture of Italian, French, Swahili, English (often but not always Shakespearean) and...well, gibberish. Because they're clowns, they do it as clowns would. They choose to use some phrases from the play and mix it with gibberish. They even edit the text, throw out some important scenes, and make a mess of the order of things as if the pages got mixed up. But through this all they are simply looking for the essence of Hamlet and trying to find a context for it in this day and age.

The play swept through London's theatre district with critical reviews by the press, this led The Company Theatre to take this play all over the world, the play just finished in China and has completed 126 shows till date.

Platinum tickets (Rows A, B, C, D, E, F, G) Tk. 4,000
Gold Tickets (Rows H-Y) = Tk. 3,000
Produced by Rajat Kapoor
Organised by: Excalibur Entertainment Jatrik - Culturepot

Date: Thursday, 17 May
Time: 8.30 p.m. 12.30 a.m.
Venue: Nest @ The 8, House 24, Road 2, Gulshan 1

Shout your hearts out. Join the Karaoke Night @ The Nest for some fun, delicious food and an open mic. And if you're not in the mood to sing but brave hearing the off-key serenading by others, moved by the music and spirits, then this is the place to be on a weekend.

Bring out the singing superstars in your group and challenge singers in other groups! If you plan on going in a group, please collect all tickets together so that you're seated on the same table. Limited seats, so hurry and get yours!

For tickets please call 01927558888. Tickets (Inclusive of Dinner Buffet): Tk. 700 (Advance purchase); Tk. 1000 (At Door)

Win a refund if you score above 95!


To Chittagong but not beyond

Planning a trip is never easy. Planning a trip with 3000 taka only is easily considered impossible. But collect 5 friends with 3000 taka and the pile becomes a lot more. Even then, frugality should be exercised. With the abundance of options the country has to offer, stretching 3000 taka for an awesome trip really doesn't seem far-fetched.

Firstly, plan how the expenditure will be divided. The available options are; each pays for his own expenses, everyone goes halfsies or all the money is piled together and spent equally for everyone. For the last one, there arises a need for uniformity in tastes and that is hard to achieve. Once the expenditure plan is chalked out, its time to put the money to actual use. It's easy to spend a million in a dream than in real life, so budgeting is extremely necessary.

Consider a trip to Chittagong. Local buses are unsafe and the classy ones are expensive. The best option is to opt for a train, taking an AC Seat for Tk.495. Of course there are cheaper seats, but try not to opt for one below Tk.290. As for getting a compartment, remember that you need to book much in advance. Even for normally good seats, you must at least book a week in advance.

Online ticketing via cell phones has made the process easier but preparing before-hand is the best way to go about it. For a return trip, plus food, consider the first of your three thousands to be gone.

Reaching the Port City, avoid the fancy hotels and drive right into the centre of the commercial zone. Dampara has numerous mid range hotels to pick from. But these are priced in the range of Tk.2500-3600 for AC/Non AC rooms accommodating two. Travel a little more and you reach Nur Ahmed Road, where lies Hotel Al Faisal. Not the most elegant looking place, but very affordable with rooms starting from Tk. 750. Plus, the food in the hotel is great too. For more affordable food, check out Hotel Zaman and New Medina. Zaman is rather popular and there are numerous branches. But make sure to eat once at Handi. A little indulgence never hurt anybody.

Skip Patenga and head directly towards Parki Beach for a better sea-side experience. Two CNGs will cost Tk.1200 for the trip while a micro can be hired at cheaper rates, if you decide to go on a Friday morning. In the city, avoid CNG rides and opt for Rickshaw because Chittagong is beautiful.

After a full 3-day trip, the money well will have dried and you will be ready to return to the hustle and bustle of Dhaka. But those 3 days will be memorable, not solely because it made you realise that you don't need a lot of money to have a lot of fun. For everything else, there's credit card.

By Osama Rahman


Ajodhya Moth

Location: Ajodhya Moth (also known as Kodla Moth), Ajodhya Village, Bagerhat, Khulna.

Notes: If going to remote interesting places is a hobby, you will love visiting this spot. Built around 1610, during Raja Pratapaditya's reign, the Ajodhya Moth was supposedly built on top of a chita or a funeral pyre, giving the place more of a haunted feeling. Almost resembling a giant bee-hive, the structure is covered by beautiful terracotta plaques making this spot a must-see, especially if you are interested in ancient history.

Getting There:
Dhaka -- Bagerhat:
From Dhaka take a bus straight to Bagerhat bus stand. We went there using Sakura Non-AC bus and took off from Kollanpur. Ticket prices were Tk.450/person. If you are looking for an AC Bus, you should think twice before making this journey (of course unless you hire one).

Bagerhat -- Ajodhya Moth: There is no direct transportation to Ajodhya Moth and one has to hire an auto to get there. The best transportation is a Korimon, a motorised van. Total distance is only 11 km but given the bumpy road it takes around 40 minutes to get to the site from Bagerhat. Also it is a very difficult to get a ride back from the site, so be sure to keep your mode of transportation with you. We booked one for 6 hours which cost us around Tk.500.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit is winter. The scorching heat in summer and the knee-deep mud in monsoon are not welcoming.

What to expect: Expect a lot of birds, a decent amount of mud and lack of access to food shops. So best to carry some food if you are planning on being there for a long time.

In your backpack: Other than the usual clothing, be sure to take the following: water bottle, dry food, umbrella, glucose/saline (just in case), torchlight, binocular (for enthusiastic birdwatchers; many different sorts of birds live in the top floors of the structure).

Nearby places to stay: The nearest place to stay is in Bagerhat. We stayed in Hotel Al-Amin right beside the Bus Station. VIP room costs Tk.800/night and accommodates up to four people. Cheaper rooms are also available.

Money matters: Approximate costing for the trip per person for one day should be around Tk.2,000 to Tk.2,500, depending on your choice of hotel room. Of course, if a one-day trip is intended without any stay-over, the cost reduces significantly.

For photographers: Be sure to take your telephoto lens for bird photography. Also if you want to capture the entire structure together take a wide angle. You won't regret it.

Adventure rating: Baby steps. 2.5/ 5.0
Visit us at www.facebook.com /findingbangladesh

By Adnan M. S. Fakir
Photos courtesy of Finding Bangladesh


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