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You can't win an argument with her

A couple of months into a relationship, the male counterpart is deluded to believe that he actually has a say. Any attempt to assert himself and his point of view only means that an argument will ensue. This deluded man then actually believes he can win the argument.

Well, he can't. So, it's best to opt for damage control. When an argument with your significant other does break out remember these rules and avoid the need of having to apologise for the rest of your life.

Do not speak when you are spoken to
This is the very first rule that one needs to maintain when dealing with an angry female. Under no circumstances and no amount of egging (there will be plenty) should a man ever try to open his mouth to either defend himself or state a point. If you keep quiet the argument will fizzle out in a day. Say one word and you are doomed for a week at least, depending on your choice of word. Remember, when in argument, women lose each and every, and all ability to hear. Therefore, shut up.

Anything you say can and will be used against you
Everything you say will be ignored and only choice sentences will be selected, quoted out of context and then used to completely discredit and destroy you. You may say a sentence such as, “But I am not at fault”, and this will be decoded as “You are completely at fault”, and then she will raise hell because you played the blame game. We both know you didn't, but try explaining that. Also watch your tone. Sarcasm and high pitched voice will only add fuel to the flame. She will obviously use both but you should never. There are five words that you can use, repeatedly, to some positive result. They are, “Sorry. It won't happen again.” Anything which does not mean the same thing will result in a dry spell and we all know how bad that is.

There is no such thing as sense
Women will not care for things such as making sense. Making sense to them is just the most alien concept ever purported. They will only spew venom and verbal vomit and you will have to sit there and accept it. Things such as reasoning and rationalising will be ridiculed and will also be used against you as they are clever attempts at making her look stupid. You may think and probably feel otherwise, but in a relationship there is only one side that's right and it's never yours.

There is no such thing as a mutual apology
Never ask a lady to apologise. Seriously, do not even go there. That is like breaking one of the commandments. Also, do not accept forgiveness. But we will get to that later. The point here is that a woman cannot apologise to you without making you feel like the most evil creature in this planet. Remember, Damsel in Distress? That's always you.

Forgive and forget happens in the movies only
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This is the most important lesson of life. Now you may be all nonchalant and moving on because she said she forgave you, but she never really did. Women will always remember everything. They will also know when you did something wrong except they may choose not to confront you immediately. They will store it for future reference. See, women aren't like men. We confront immediately and then forget all about it. All women have a book called 'Book of His Faults', where they list everything you have said and done. They also note down the times. You have no such book. You also have very bad memory. In the court of her law you will be hanged till limp. All evidences and instances of your errors can be used anytime, numerous times and forever.

Remember these few simple things and you will fare well in your relationship. Well, you won't really but it's worth a try.

By Osama Rahman


By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Dylan: Celebration of the music of Bob Dylan & friends
Date: Friday, 1 June; Saturday, 2 June
Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Door opens at 6.45 p.m.; open seating)
Venue: Red Shift Auditorium, 57 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan #1

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you

And they did. From Jimi Hendrix to U2, all humbly acknowledge Dylan's influence on literature, song writing, music, and culture. Last year, as rumours had it, Dylan was short-listed for the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature, only to be edged by Tomas Tranströmer, the Swedish poet.

Even in Bangladesh, Dylan enjoys an unrivalled fan following. To bring the local audience to the music of Dylan, the Dylettantes featuring Chotu Khan, Kaiser Kabir, Lubna Hussain, Ihsanul Haq, Fahimul Huq, and Imran Rabbani are all set to perform, on two consecutive evenings, at the Red Shift.

Come listen to this remarkable ensemble of musicians perform their take on Dylan.

Tickets: TK. 600 available at Red Shift Cafe

The Jam Session: Circle of Jazz & Blues
Date: Friday, 1 June
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: Cuppa Coffee Club

Jazz is an essential component of the American culture. The evolution of Jazz, from its African-American roots from the beginning of the 20th Century up to its modern day renditions, bears a reflection of society and also the transformation of music through the ages.

The Jam Session: Circle of Jazz & Blues is an initiative from the band Aronno in association with Cuppa Coffee Club, a coalition that promises to celebrate the history of Jazz and Blues music.

Aronno and other surprise guests will be performing tunes from some of the biggest names in Jazz history.

Ticket: Tk 1000 {including Dinner}

Passes available @Cuppa Coffee Club. Or you can call 0161 262 4329 for advance reservations.

The Glam Collection: Dhaka's first online jewellery exhibition and sale
Date: 1 to 15 June
Venue: facebook.com/MyOutfit

On Friday, 1 June 2012, Outfit will launch “The Glam Collection” -- Dhaka's first online jewellery exhibition and sale, showcasing precious and semi-precious ornaments.

Mostly contemporary, the “Glam Collection”, draws its inspiration from art, wealth, and power of the Mughal Dynasty. Semi-precious stones surrounded by the detailed pattern-work that characterises the jewellery of that era.

“The Glam Collection” is a favourite amongst celebrities and red-carpet walkers throughout the world and is a compilation of designs by Rahul Popli one of India's top jewellery designers.

Outfit by Kashfi Saber aims to provide its customers with a great online shopping experience via the world's most popular social networking site, Facebook

The Exhibition and Sale will continue till 15 June 2012, hence this will also be the last date to order. 50 percent cash payment will be required on order. The balance must be paid on delivery, which will be made by 15 July 2012.

Price and mode of payment will be in the Facebook page.



With the aim of taking shopaholics a step closer to Nirvana, Satori was inaugurated recently. A Japanese word which means 'taking the first step towards heaven,' Satori is a lifestyle shop that has something for everyone.

Entering Satori, spread over a 2000 square foot floor, you will be met with an assortment of products starting from home décor including decorative flowers, flower vases, unconventional showpieces, beautifully designed cutlery, lamps, paintings, cushions to wallets, card holders, belts, ladies' bags and shoes.

The store also carries skin-care products including sunscreen, sun lotion by Dr. Spiller, which is a German brand. With prices starting from Tk.200, Satori ensures that everyone will find something to take home. Apart from the wide range of lucrative foreign products carried by Satori, you will also find available a collection of Bangladeshi handicrafts promoting this sector as well.

“Satori was an initiative of mine and a number of my family members. We are all part of this,” says CEO Shaon Tanvir. Satori makes available to you various sorts of products resourced from China, Thailand, USA, Germany and other European countries.

“A lot of the times people go abroad and see products that they would want to buy, for instance home décor products, but they do not end up buying. We wanted to make such appealing, quality products available to the people and till now the response has been very encouraging” says Shaon.

The outlet was officially inaugurated by Dr Anisuzzaman, fashion icon Bibi Russell and celebrated personalities like Begum Nasreen Jahan Ratna, MP, beautician Kaniz Almas Khan, media personality Joya Ahsan, TV celebrity Sharmin Lucky, and musician Shahed, accompanied by the entire team of Satori -- Chairperson Runu Mosharraf, CEO Shaon Tanvir, Directors Md Mostafa Tanveer, Md Mustaque Ahmed Tanvir, Rozana Wahab and Munni Tanvir.

In his speech Dr Anisuzzaman said “It's a very good initiative to promote Bangladeshi handicrafts beside all these world-renowned brands and products. It is good that all these products are both very decorative and useful for urban life in Bangladesh”.

To celebrate the opening month, Satori is offering discounts of up to 10 percent, plus free giveaways -- gift certificates, bags, mugs, wallets, coupons, and much more. This offer will last till June 15, 2012.

By Karishma Ameen


Paris when it sizzles

It breaks your heart when you find yourself alone in the city of love, Paris. It could be a series of museum stops or that funny moment when your heels get stuck in the cobblestone street. No girl worth her salt ever forgets her first time in Paris. True, it is the land of romance, Chanel and the Eifel Tower but there are other delightful marvels from everyday life that no travel guide tells you about -- roadside crepes, old wrought iron balconies and potted geraniums.

There is nothing like gazing upon the Opera House while listening to Michael Buble on Cherie F.M. But as luck would have it, the inevitable strikes: rain begins to fall just as we reach the Eifel Tower so that my sister and I have to make a sharp about turn and make a run for our car, following which the driver of our car insists on a “Princess Diana Tour” which consists of the Ritz where she had been staying, the Gallery Lafayette where she and Dodi bought her engagement ring and the tunnel where their car crashed. However, for us it is the Seine in the rain which steals the show.

We arrive home with dampened coats and lifted spirits where our hostess surprises us with dessert -- Charlotte. It looks like custard and tastes like we died and went to whipped cream heaven. We dig into heaps of it as I artfully extract the recipe: ladyfingers dipped in fruit cocktail, layers upon layers of crème fraiche and fromage blanc, ending in a soury sweet note of macerated strawberries.

Travelling is brutal -- the long queues testing your leg muscles (not to mention your patience), straining your neck to stare at frescoes all day, fighting backpackers at the Louvre for a glimpse of the Mona Lisa (we gave up after the first few attempts). The good thing is once you've checked these off of your list, you are free to do what Paris is truly meant for, a leisurely stroll.

By Sheema Hossain


Sesame Seeds: Sprinkle them on salads, in oatmeal or on top of soups and stir-fries. Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, which may help to stabilize estrogen levels and prevent migraines during your period.

Yogurt: Make sure you are consuming calcium-rich foods, like fat-free plain Greek yogurt, which is a great source of calcium, with no added sugars and beneficial probiotics for your gut.

Spinach Salad
Try using spinach leaves instead of lettuce for a headache-preventing power salad.



I often get puzzled looks from people when I say, “I am glad summer is here.” Summer is indeed here and I love every moment of it. This season is about not feeling lethargic to get up from bed in the morning. It means long afternoons to read the fat novels and not minding the sweat that trickles down my spine. It is sun-baked verandas full of jars of mango pickle just made. It's my dad dozing off on his recliner while reading the newspaper. It's wearing my favourite cotton saris. It is pouring buckets of water on myself and getting refreshed thrice a day.

Summer is having almost a whole watermelon to quench the thirst. It's children sucking on sweet mangoes with the pulp smudged about their mouth and juice dripping from the fruit way down to their elbows. It's not wanting to have jackfruit but surprisingly loving the taste when mum forces me to have it. It's my bharta lunches full of crispy gossips. It's stuffing my tummy till I no longer can with plates of warm rice along with mum's special aam piajy (a preparation of green mangoes and onions).

Summer is the bright colours outdoors. It's the blazing red of Krishnachura, the golden yellow of Shonalu, the intense purple of Jarul and the striking magenta of bougainvillea. It's the intoxicating fragrance of baelly and gandharaj. It's the sprouting of my house plants and their rain-drenched lush green complexion.

Summer is the joy I feel in the flashes of lightning. It's when I get pleasantly startled by the roaring thunder. And it's summer of course when I feel as tempestuous as the storm outside. It's a moment when I am at a loss and feel my five senses are not enough to relish it. I desire for one more to take it in.

In the end I would say summer is bountiful light, never ending time and overflowing beauty. How can I but not love and be thankful for such abundance.

By Saara Zabeen


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