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hank god it's frIday

By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Tribute to Great Master Safiuddin Ahmed
Date: 5 to 16 June
Time: 12 p.m. -- 8 p.m.
Venue: Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts

A pioneer of the modern art movement in Bangladesh, Safiuddin Ahmed (born 23 June, 1922 in Kolkata; died 20 May, 2012) was a Bangladeshi painter. He is the pioneer of printmaking in Bangladesh. Along with Zainul Abedin and others, he played an important role in the foundation of the Dhaka Art College, now Institute of Fine Arts under Dhaka University.

To pay homage to this great master, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts has organised a twelve day retrospective exhibition titled 'Tribute to Great Master Safiuddin Ahmed'. The exhibition will comprise selected works of the artist.

Underwater Photography Exhibition by Sharif Sarwar
Date: 15 -- 18 June
Time: 3 p.m. -- 8 p.m.
Venue: Drik Gallery, Gallery 1

After 12 years in journalism, Sharif Sarwar decided to persue his photography, which he wanted to do for a long time. He has participated in many group photography exhibitions but this one is his first solo exhibition and he has chosen to go underwater to capture the beauty hidden beneath. He was fascinated by watching the Discovery Channel and decided to see himself what exquisiteness can be found in his country. So he went to Saint Martin and Cheradip for 9 days and what he saw and captured on his camera, he simply had to show it to everyone.

News Flash

In search of dessert experts

The second round of “Diploma Misti Lorai” phase-3 has just ended. The competition is sponsored by DIPLOMA (Full Cream Milk Powder), a premium brand of New Zealand Dairy Products Bangladesh.

A TV reality show would be taking place with the 30 contestants who had succeeded in this round. Later on, three contestants will be declared by the jury as the best “Dessert Experts” through the successive rounds and the grand finale. The first winner will get air tickets to travel to Thailand with family (two persons). Others will also receive exciting prizes. Besides, a recipe book will be published with the best 100 recipes. Also, the three winners' pictures and recipes will be revealed on the upcoming Diploma packs.

A total of 22,000 residential and non-residential Bangladeshi contestants took part. This year, 200 participants had been selected for the second round based on the judgment of the famous and renowned jury which includes Kalpana Rahman, Noor Ayesha Chakladar, Sitara Ferdausi, Ferdausi Khan, “Diploma Misti Lorai” phase-1 winner Mila, “Diploma Misti Lorai” phase-2 winner Shahana Islam, the Managing Director of the company -- S A Mallick -- and Head of Marketing -- G M Kamrul Hassan.

Check It Out

Shadakalo celebrates Father's Day

As we are trying to re-embrace the age-old bonds that seemed to have disappeared in urban existence, Father's Day comes as a blessing in warmth and affection. On this Father's Day show your appreciation and love for the man who has a lasting impression on your personality.

Shadakalo has a wide range of goodies perfect for a Father's Day gift. Be sure to check their extensive stock this time around.

For the love of food

I scream for ice-cream

By Kaniska Chakraborty

One of my main attractions in Mumbai is the real fruit ice cream brand Naturals.
Lovely seasonal fruit ice creams made with real fruit.

Alphonso mango, jackfruit, lychee in summer. Black grapes and chikoo in winter (Mumbai winters are eminently ice creamable). Strawberry in season. And an incredibly nice tender coconut year round.

They're smart operators who have large boxes in which they pack containers of ice cream with dry ice for us deprived folks to take home.

I used to bring back one of those boxes with four containers every time I came back from my trips to Mumbai.

And always wondered, why does Calcutta not have fresh fruit ice cream?

We get the national brands, which means artificially flavoured, non creamy, industrially packed frozen mass.

The only time I like them is at a wedding party where a two in one cup (half vanilla half strawberry) is customary.
In my quest of fresh fruit ice cream, I went online.

Mangoes are in season and there was an abundance of it at home.

Made a puree out of some great Golapkhash. Intensely floral flavoured mango with tart sweet flesh. Pale yellow in colour, one of the first varieties to come to market. Golapkhash has been a favourite of mine since childhood.

I specifically looked for recipes that do not need an ice cream maker.
Most recipes called for fruit puree, cream, sugar and limejuice.

I could not bring myself to use limejuice to such great tasting mango.

Whizzed together cream and sugar till it had increased in volume. The task was to dissolve sugar and incorporate air. Despite my best efforts, I could not get it to a whipping cream consistency.

The bowl of mango puree went in next. A quick mix gave a nicely pale yellow mixture.

All that went into a bowl. I tried to create layers as I poured in an attempt to trap in more air.
Cling wrap covered, the bowl went into the freezer overnight.

Licked the mixing bowl clean to find out that the mix is a tad too sweet but incredibly mango.
I was happy.

Again, most recipes called for bringing out the ice cream after couple of hours and with a fork breaking down the ice crystals.

I could not care less. After all, it is supposed to be home made and not a picture of perfection.

I also did not bother to strain, as I like mango fibre and little bits of mango that do not get pureed.

Next morning, I took the bowl out of the freezer with much trepidation.

The ice cream had soft set nicely. There was a little ice on top, but it gave in at the first touch of the scoop.

The first spoonful was a revelation. The ice cream nicely held together and did not dissolve in a watery mess.

Dotted with bits of mango, insanely creamy textured, fiercely Golapkhash perfumed, the initial mouthful was pure ecstasy.
Cold, creamy comfort on a hot day.

Almost at par with my favourite Naturals. May not have been Alphonso, but Golapkhash is no less.


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