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Girls' night in

“Hi! Am I talking to Mr. Handsome? Haha, I like to think you are indeed!”

Whether you do it to practise your flirting skills or to feel the power of having power over the opposite sex, prank calls -- an inherent part of any girls' slumber party -- is just another tool to declare your pride in being a girl. A girls' slumber party in essence is just that -- a platform, a night to revel in being pretty, girly and shrilly.

When our male friends hear about us having a slumber party they always seem to gaze slightly skywards with a coy smile playing on their lips and mutter 'pillow fight'. This is always followed by a return smile on our part while we look at each other and think 'if you only knew...'

Slumber parties are often our own little getaway from the stresses of daily life. This is where we can be freely ruled by the progesterone coursing through us and pay no heed whatsoever to how we look or act.

With that let me present the first, ever-present element of a girls' slumber party. Enter 'giggling'.

If you are the parent or sibling of a female who is having a sleepover you would be familiar to the constant stream of high pitched giggling floating through her closed doors all night long. Giggles are perhaps the unit to measure how much fun the sleepover was and as you must have already guessed, giggles and fun are directly proportionate to each other.

We giggle about everything. We giggle when a girlfriend tells us about her new crush or about some embarrassing encounter with him. We giggle when the super red lipstick looks ridiculous on us or when one of us flirts ridiculously with some random guy over the phone. In short, we giggle because we are girls and what better way is there to declare that to the sleeping world of the night?

The second must-have 'G' is….gossip. Sometimes we drift into gossiping while in most cases we deliberately sit down and say 'let's gossip!'

Gossiping does not necessarily mean talking ill about another; here this term is used to discuss and deliberate over the common characters of our lives starting from teachers to parents to friends to ourselves.

Gossip time should not be seen as only a frivolous pastime. Things said in these sessions have had life-changing impacts on participants. Gossip time is when we ask each other whatever we want to. We share secrets and advise to each other. We boost confidences, we become confidants and we grow stronger together to go out the next day and fix what we could not fix alone and unsupported.

Now for the 'M's. The first is of course music. You would not know the glee of singing Rebecca Black's 'Friday' or J. Beiber's 'Baby', in chorus, at the top of your voice until you have been there and done that. And while at it, don't forget 'Glee' the TV show, which is a fabulous source of girly girl music with fun dance numbers. When just singing is too dull for the energy ball that slumber parties seem to make you, add crazy dancing to the equation. Here you can let your inhibitions go on vacation. No worries about clothing decency or dance move decency. Here you can truly let your hair down.

All that dancing and singing is sure to make you hungry so now it's time to raid the fridge, the pantry or the kitchen. With more stifled giggling you steal whatever food you can get and combine them to make your own food masterpiece. You devour yours fast and grab at the others' share.

Makeovers. How can we be girls without them? The best part about slumber party makeovers is that they tend to be outrageous. We dig out the crazy colours we would not be caught dead wearing out in the public and let our creative imaginations rule. A photo shoot follows such makeover sessions, full of crazy poses but beware of making the mistake we did. Do not EVER put any of these up on Facebook!

Girls' slumber parties are a creative paradise. We can come up with completely new and fresh ideas of being entertained throughout the night. Sometimes it's playing the world through some Facebook declaration (we once declared and convinced everyone that a girlfriend got engaged); sometimes it's playing one person with a provocative prank call (one guy fell in love with three girls on the same night without knowing the difference). But every time it gets bigger and bolder. Do we have pillow fights in skimpy clothing? Well, those will remain secrets of a girls' sleepover for now.

By Raisaa Tashnova
Photo Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Models: Mehvish Ali, Nikita Sarker, Danisha Rahman, Richee Kamal


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