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By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Karaoke Night

Date: Thursday, 21 June
Time: 9 pm to 1 am
Venue: Nest @ The 8 (House #24, Road #2, Gulshan 1. #01927558888)

Come shout your hearts out. Join for some great fun, combined with high quality Thai food. Prepare your voices because we're ready to party! Whether you are a Karaoke Junkie or prefer to just sit back and enjoy the entertainment -- you can have a night to remember!

Bring out the singing superstars in your group and challenge singers in other groups! Be as competitive as u can. If you plan on coming in a group, please collect all tickets together so that you're seated on the same table.

Tickets (inclusive of Thai Dinner Buffet): Tk.700/person for advanced purchase and Tk.1000/person at door. Limited seats, so hurry and get yours! What better way to spend a weekend night.

Icon Mastermind: The Ultimate Quiz Game Show
Date: Tuesday, 19 June
Time: 8 pm onwards
Venue: The "Nest" (House #24, Road #2, Gulshan)

Telecom brand Icon presents to you an all new midweek game show, the Icon Mastermind. Kicking off an exciting season of quizzing in a new and powerful format, the Icon Mastermind promises to be the highlight of the month for you nerdy quizzers! Quizzes don't get any better than this!

With six rounds and a thrilling video round, this quiz will challenge you till the very end! Prove your might as the best quiz team in town and win the honour and fame of the Icon Mastermind. In addition, win bonus points and attractive giveaways from Icon!

So what are you waiting for? Gather your team together and sign up right away! At Icon Mastermind, we make sure everyone has a fair shot at the prize. So only keep in mind these two simple rules:

To know steps to participate log in to http://www.facebook.com/events/400959263275893/ or call #01912003001

Naveed's Comedy Club (NCC)
Date: Thursday, 21 June
Time: 8 p.m. onwards
Venue: House #28, Road #20, Block K, Banani, Dhaka #1213.

Want to have a fun night to start your weekend? 90 minutes of laughter is waiting for you! NCC runs live stand-up comedy shows every Thursday at its new location; shows last for ninety minutes.

The line-up for June 21 is Naveed Mahbub, Solaiman and Pervez. Food and beverages are available. Tickets are Tk.300. For reservations or information, call #01914296455.



Know your rights

By Nasreen Sattar,
Former CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, Afghanistan

Friends of mine who recently travelled overseas told me that they were harassed by customs officials just before the boarding gate regarding the amount of foreign currency they were carrying. They each had 3000 dollars, but were asked where the endorsement in the passport was and told that according to the law they were only entitled to the Travel Quota of 5000 dollars per year for Non-SAARC countries and 1500 dollars for SAARC countries.

Finally, after much interchange of arguments and a warning from the officials, my friends were allowed to proceed to board the plane. Apparently many others have been similarly questioned and harassed.

It is a shame that airport customs officials are not updated about the rights of passengers (or choose to ignore them?) and unnecessary time is wasted and more importantly passengers are harassed for no reason at all.

As per the current Central Bank rules and regulations the following should be borne in mind:

“An incoming passenger may bring in any amount of foreign currency with declaration to the Customs Authorities in Form FMJ. No declaration, however, is necessary for amounts brought in up to 5000 dollars or equivalent (in other foreign currency). The same amount can be retained or taken out freely when going overseas again.”

All Bangladeshi Nationals are allowed to open a Resident Foreign Currency Account. This account can only be funded with foreign currency brought in from overseas (5000 dollars without declaration or more with declaration) the bank official will require to see the passport to verify the date of arrival and other relevant documents (if necessary) at the time of depositing the amount.

This account cannot be used to receive any kind of incoming remittance from overseas; however, any kind of outward remittance can be made from it.

At the time of travel you can take out foreign currency from the RFCD account over and above your 'Travel Quota'.

I think it is important and imperative that customs officials at the airport are made aware of Central Bank rules and regulations pertaining to incoming and outgoing passengers. Notices can be placed at relevant locations in the airport to clearly stipulate what is allowed and what is not. It would also help if passengers could carry a photocopy of the Central Bank guideline (relevant page) in case he/she is approached or confronted by a customs official.

There are so many entitlements we have been granted over the years, many of us are not aware of them. Do please take time to talk to your bank manager and educate yourself -- it is only to your benefit to 'know your rights' -- there are many…..


Dear LS Editor,
This review has been long overdue on my part. As an avid reader of the Lifestyle Magazine for the last five years, I would like to begin by congratulating you on your expansion.

Although I don't look forward to the squabble that occurs over the single issue of Lifestyle subscribed at my house, please know that Tuesday mornings are particularly ones that my sisters and I look forward to during the week. I would also have to say that the day of choice is excellent as Tuesdays are usually ones when people suffer through mid-week slumps and it is the perfect read to accompany one's much needed morning or evening coffee break!

As a working woman who does not have an active social life nor the time to look up activities to indulge in during the weekend, I would like to thank Tanziral Dilshad Ditan for her brilliant column which actually brings to me the knowledge of COOL things to do during the weekend where I can actually invite friends to tag along. As a jazz lover I would particularly like to thank her for bringing forth the Jazz Nite at Cuppa Coffee Café. I am sure, that just like me there are other readers who appreciate this effort of hers with which she selects the activities that are highlighted in her column.

As a person whose spirit is much like Odysseus the traveller, I particularly look forward to Neeman Sobhan's column every week because it is through her words that I feed my traveller's spirit. Her words along with a steaming mug of coffee, a cool glass of iced tea or a warm bowl of soup never fail to transport me to Rome or London. Having lived in London myself during my years of studying for my Masters, I have written down various anecdotes like the one she wrote about her weekend in the city I have at one point of life called home. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to request her to write more often for readers like me who eagerly await her column.

By my words so far, I hope you know how much I love Lifestyle and would appreciate it if it was not cluttered with so many advertisements. Some of my acquaintances have criticised it to be an advert tabloid where writers are given less priority… it is a tabloid full of billboards!! As a reader who has loved LS over the years I cannot defend this comment because it unfortunately stands to be true.

When it comes to me, I expected your expansion to be used for more new columns and reading bites or expansion of existing ones. There was this particular issue in April (perhaps) where you announced the Sunsilk Winners who would go to Paris. That announcement was repeated twice and the space was misused where perhaps something new could be given or an existing column be expanded. Please ensure the consistency of the size of the existing columns. Sometimes, it happens as such that columns get lost amidst the colourfully cluttered adverts. I would like you to know that we readers crave to read.

LS from its beginning ran photos related to the cover stories on the cover page. Nowadays, the frequency of expecting models on the cover pages has increased. This to me does not bring out the essence of LifeStyle.

Please ensure that there's more to read and less product promos to see as being stuck in the traffic jam ensures that we see the product promotion billboards for long enough!!

Hoping to see more new columns and looking forward to read more.

Yours Sincerely,
Nandita Khan

Dear Nandita,
Thank you very much for your kind words regarding Star Lifestyle's recent expansion. It is a great source of encouragement for me and my team that we have regular readers like you who eagerly await Tuesday mornings for our publication.

I understand your concerns regarding some issues. While as you mentioned we are fortunate to have great columnists, being a weekly 20-page magazine it is not possible to cram everyone's favourite bit of Lifestyle into every issue. A lot of the columns run on alternate weeks, while there will be the odd occasion when one of our columnists goes away on vacation.

Your concern about the frequency of models on the cover page is certainly a valid one, and it is a point we as a team were discussing the other day. I hope you liked this week's cover.

And lastly, the advertisements; there are certain times of the year when advertisements have more of a presence on these pages, such as during Pohela Boishakh, Eids, etc. Right now, with Ramadan around the corner, is one of those times. At the end of the day, advertisements are an important aspect of running a paper and keeping the price as low as possible, which has benefits for our readers as well. The reality is that we cannot ignore advertisements any more than we can ignore your suggestions.

We are very grateful for your concern and hope that you continue to enjoy Star Lifestyle and help us with your valuable suggestions to keep improving.

- LS Desk


Flights popping up everywhere
Apparently, South and Southeast Asia is a hot spot for the airline industry, even with worldwide turmoil over flying -- airlines in the region will make a 2-billion dollar Profit this year, more than anywhere else (New York Times, Travel section). Although Bangladesh has sadly lost AirAsia, such airlines are booming and becoming a favourite. Book your flight today in similar airlines!

Illegal food
Recently, the city of New York has actually proposed a ban on large sodas -- the calorie- and sugar-filled drink popular in the summer. And now? According to the Daily Mail, Mayor Bloomberg is planning to ban other fatty foods to combat America's obesity problem: popcorn, milkshakes, etc.! Can this actually help people lose weight? The debate is on.

Space for women
This week on India Ink (NYT), Raksha Kumar discusses the all-women's park in New Delhi that is changing the face of recreation for Muslim Women. Unlike most parks that are frequented exclusively by men, the “Pardah Bagh” is only for women and children, creating a rare space near the Nizamuddin slum where freedom of space is rare.

Marriage gone wrong
Bestseller Gillian Flynn in her new book “Gone Girl” is a thriller about a missing wife who disappeared on her fifth anniversary. Her husband, who is not exactly a role model, is naturally accused, with his series of lies in the escalating mystery. As the beautifully detailed story unravels, you wonder, could he really be the killer?

Manmade weather
Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala must stop a powerful but crazy Yameni group who are permanently working to alter the global weather in the book “The Storm”. Clive Cussler takes readers into the world of science and excitement into the Indian Ocean where irregular discoveries could mean the world changed forever. A book you can finish in one seating.

How magazines will cope with the Internet
In the article “Non-news is good news” (The Economist), global reporters discuss how media outlets that are traditionally in print like magazines must get smarter as more and more people go online to check things out, rather than buying in print. In what feels like “a hurricane” for the business, apparently, the biggest tool for publishers is loyalty.

By Olinda Hassan


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