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If summer diaries from the last few years are anything to go by, this is the average Dhakaite's favourite time to travel. And given the record high temperatures in and around the Sub-continent this year, timing really couldn't be better. While you have probably stocked up on summer wardrobe staples already, if you haven't considered non-denim pants yet, you've wasted precious time. Travelling or not, these easy, breezy options are perfect for high humidity weather and you could do a lot worse than switch to comfortable pants. Read on for our low-down on what works and what doesn't.

One word: cotton. Do you hear us? Cotton. And perhaps other cotton based materials. It is just too hot and too humid to punish yourself by choosing otherwise. Don't let the occasional brooding sky fool you into thinking temperatures have cooled down for the better; they most certainly have not and humidity levels are still as high as ever.

Your skin deserves to breathe and as an added incentive, the more accepting you are of cotton, the wider your range of choices becomes. While cotton does tend to beat the heat, we do admit that it also creases easy.

Talk to shop assistants about what kind of pants you want. Ask them what materials will hold their ironing. You will most likely be directed towards a mix of fabrics but those don't fare too poorly either when it comes to comfort.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Pakistani school of preferences in terms of kameez length, and shalwar cut have quite besotted Dhaka and they look to stay at least another season or two. Good news is the raging popularity of dividers, slacks and tights have had tailors across the city scrambling to master deviations from the conventional shalwar, making it quite simple to translate these same cuts into pantaloons.

Experiment with flare-bottomed pants in full and three-quarter lengths or solid toned tights that will pair well with both kameez and day tops. For those who prefer kurtis, take a leaf out of any Panjabi style guide and find a fun and fail-proof option in Patiala shalwars.

Colour blocking has never been easier than this summer and the brighter you get, the better it is. Of course this does not go to say throw out all your neutrals no wiser investment than blacks, whites and tans but venture into turquoise, parrot green, baby pink, blood red and pretty much anything else that strikes your fancy.

The key is to mix and match and make sure that bold coloured pants are offset by light coloured tops and vice versa. You don't want to be neon head to toe, but a white kurti with striking blue patialas or a crimson red dress shirt with white tights will make quite a refreshing balance.

Go all out. Take your pick. From chunky bracelets to elaborate neck pieces; from strings of beads to statement rings; from large totes to envelope clutches, from petite ballerina pumps to gladiator sandals, your choice of accessories can be as loud or as subtle as you will it to be.

This summer, flirt with some new ideas. Try out a range of new bottoms. Isn't it sad that it's always been shalwars or jeans…and nothing in between?

By Subhi Shama
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Esha
Wardrobe and jewellery: Chondon
Makeup: Farzana Shakil


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