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Helping flood victims

Once again, our country has been hit by floods. This season, make sure you make yourself useful. And the extent to which you are running the distance can vary too: from leading a team to giving away change in your wallet. None is bad. However, try to maximise your contribution; make the best use of yourself for your country.

Is it feasible for you to actually go to the flooded areas and help people directly? An initiative like this takes quite a lot of courage and work, and experience too. If you are an amateur, it's better to give leadership to an experienced volunteer.

It's not always that you have to contribute by giving money or other things like rice, clothes, etc. You can use your talent or a specific skill or resources you may have. For example, if you are a member of a club or an active community, try to take the initiative to collect donations. If you are a medical student, see whether you can provide medical help by visiting those places. If you are a marketing student or a business student, see how well you can design a mini-campaign in your class for collecting money.

Whatever you do, don't sit on it. Diffusion of responsibility is the term used to describe the phenomenon where no one takes action because everyone thinks the next person would take the initiative. Make sure this doesn't happen with you!

-LS Desk

Your monsoon bag

The contents of your bag should change every season, ideally. And it's even more important for the season, given its unpredictability.

Carry an umbrella no matter what the morning hints. On any given day, it might be a life-saver. Also, if you wear raincoats, make sure you carry one. If your office is at an undeveloped area, or you have to do a lot of walking, a pair of boots in the back of your car can be a good idea. Have a towel and a spare tee shirt too.

And finally, whenever you are carrying important papers, make sure you cover them well. The last thing you want is your documents getting drenched.

-LS Desk


Steps to staying slim

After days and weeks of heavy exercise you finally shed all the extra pounds that had have been holding you back from those perfect curves or those perfect muscles. The key to banishing those unwanted pounds for good is outsmarting your hunger hormones, with easy changes in daily habits. The simple formula for long-term, weight-loss success includes eating more of the right food, learning to love your body, and making friends with your scale.

The leptin connection
Here is why willpower alone does not work over the long haul: shedding 10 per cent or more of body weight triggers hormonal changes that increase appetite. And as a double-whammy, the metabolism also slows down.

Leptin levels can remain low for a year or more after one has lost weight which is why 75 to 95 per cent of people who lose weight regain most of it within two or three years.

Try these few tricks to hold on to those precious muscles and stay away from the flab.

The 22 per cent solution
To overcome the effects of leptin on metabolism, dieters who have lost 10 per cent of their body weight have to trim daily caloric intake by 22 per cent to stay at their target weight.

For instance, dropping from 150 pounds to 135 will require you to eat about 250 calories less than someone whose stable weight is 135, or torch the 250 calories through work outs. In other words, it is essential to continue the habits that helped you ditch those pounds in the first place.

Exercise every day
Exercising 60 to 90 minutes a day, plus counting calories, substantially increases the odds of successful long-term weight maintenance.

To make working out a habit, look for a variety of activities -- jogging, lifting weights, playing tennis, cycling or a Wii fitness game -- you can enjoy regardless of the weather. Jumping rope is a very effective exercise that works nearly all the muscles in your body. Also try watching fewer hours of TV per week, you will see that it does make a difference.

Eat more to weigh less
Filling up on low-density foods (those with fewer calories and more water per serving, such as fruit and vegetables) is a key factor in weight control, while trying to limit yourself to smaller portions of higher calorie items is a recipe for failure.

People who eat a three-cup, low-density salad before a meal eat 8 per cent fewer calories overall than those who eat a small salad with high-fat ingredients.

Don't skip breakfast
Without a morning meal, your stomach will be pumping out appetite-stimulating hormones, making the urge to overindulge later in the day hard to resist. So pile up your breakfast plate with filling items and go a little easy on lunch and dinner.

Weigh yourself regularly
Weighing yourself at least once a week ensures you are still on track. For an accurate reading, weigh yourself before breakfast.

Keep a food diary
People who keep a daily food diary lose twice as much weight as those who do not track what they eat, probably because the act of recording makes you reflect on your food choices.

Love your body
Becoming more accepting of what you see in the mirror can more than triple success with a weight-loss program based on diet and exercise. Researchers have found that dieters who dislike their bodies are more prone to unhealthy eating patterns, including bingeing and emotional overeating.

Have self-compassion
When you can forgive yourself for eating a high-calorie treat, you are less likely to trigger the vicious cycle of negative feelings that cause emotional overeating and weight regain. So even if you give yourself a sugary treat that you should not have do not dwell on as this will just lead you to eat more!

-LS Desk


By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Film Workshop: Speak Your Mind
Date: 8 to 12 July
Time: 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Venue: Goethe-Institute Dhaka

Green Ink is a young group of film makers, with Bangladeshi and German members, who will conduct a workshop for young film enthusiasts about producing and directing professional short films.

Topics of the workshop will include: how to write a screenplay, casting and location research, and shooting and editing techniques. The participants will learn how to shoot a short film with their own camera equipment, ranging from mobile phones to professional equipment, and also how to edit footage.

The topic of the film to be prepared is: Sexuality in the eyes of urban youth.

All movies will be screened and shown to the public later in September as part of the Goethe Institute's Urban Youth Arts Festival. Films will also be uploaded on YouTube and Social Networking sites such as Facebook to further discuss the topics among Bangladeshi youth.

To attend the workshop contact: 0171 106 1909, 0174 133 9941 or e-mail to program2@dhaka.goethe.org

Indoor 5-A-Side Soccer Cup 2012
Date: 6 - 14 July
Time: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Venue: Scholastica School, Mirpur Campus

Since 2006, this has been a popular event in the city's coporate circles, where teams vie for the title of the 5-A-Side Ascent Cup.

The title sponsor of the tournament is Ascent Group. Dell Computers will be the Technology Partner, Monowara Hospital the Medical Partners and many more joining.

Excalibur Entertainment is organising the tournament and team registration fee is Tk.28,000. Organisers will provide jerseys and shorts for 10 players of the team, press conference lunch for captains, drinks for teams of 10 players and a team group portrait.

To learn more about the tournament, its rules and regulations, please log on to http://www.facebook.com/events/258487260913100

Date: Friday, 6 July
Time: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Venue: Mitali Auditorium. 2/7 Block-B, Lalmatia, Dhaka

Nameera Nuzhat Choudhury has a passion for designing clothes. She is a keen observer of the latest trends and her clothes are a bold statement of the season's rage.

The one-day-showcase will provide an opportunity for fashionistas who desire designer wear sans the big price tag.

For details contact Nameera at #01717225046.

5th Asian International TRADE EXPO 2012
Date: 10 17 July
Time: 11 am to 9 pm
Venue: Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC)

GulAhmed Fashion welcomes their local customers to this year's 5th Asian International Trade Expo, an event considered as being one of the biggest exhibitions in Bangladesh in the Trade and Consumer sectors.

Check out this event to make valued purchases at competitive prices. A real bargain!


Short time course

Those who want to make a career in the designing sector in a short span of time, Radiant Institute of Design has arranged a one-year Fashion and Interior Designing professional course and 2/3 months of short courses in Basic Graphics, Ikebana, Bonsai, Auto CAD 2D, 3D Studio Max, Clay Showpiece Design, Glass Painting, etc. Seats are limited for admission.

Contact: Orchid Plaza (3rd Floor), House 2, Road 28 (old), Dhanmondi, Mirpur Road. # 0181 7141 824, 0167 175 9479.


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