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Mugs are back

Mugs once ruled supreme in the world of gifts. There were mugs for each special day which you would buy along the way as you made your way towards a party or home and these mugs were displayed with pride, bearing great accolades such as 'World's Best Dad'. But that was perhaps the very reason as to why this gift form fast lost its charm.

It is necessary to remember that every object has its purpose and the purpose of a mug is to be drunk from, even when it is an embellished version of the basic product. Hence, when you restrict mugs to the showcase, they are restrained from providing you their best service. Thus the only time you will not get irritated from getting yet another mug as a gift is when you use them, as in drink from them and not only lay them out as decorations.

Mugs are now again gaining popularity as a gift because of numerous reasons. First, people do not think twice before giving or throwing away those corporate or event mugs that exist by the dozens in each household. This is making more room for proper, useable mugs in peoples' lives. Second, people have learned to get creative with mugs. Instead of relying on the gift shops to convey the exact emotion you want to, you can use the huge space on a mugs body as your canvass to paint your own emotions, with the help of some acrylic paints. Such personalisation can make a simple object as a mug, dear to the gift recipients heart and more so when the recipient drinks out of it.

You can once again look into mugs as a possible gift to the special people of your life and make sure that the mug says what you want to, in your words.


Trends brings new summer line

Trends brings you its exciting new line of summer clothing. The latest wear sees newer and bolder designs on Trends men's Premium and Executive lines. The Premium shirts are a 100% cotton while the Executive line boasts 100% cotton striped and solid shirts of a high quality. The formal shirts also come in different styles include fitting and collared versions. These high end products use the best quality fabrics to ensure satisfaction. Trends also offers semi-formal t-shirts, polos, pants, formal pants and denim pants. The garments are also made with different fabrics instead of just all cotton. Endi tops are also available. The women's range also offers formal shirts, polo shirts, regular shirts, casual pants and long skirts. Shirts are priced from Tk 1250-2850 while shalwar kameezes are priced from Tk 2850 to 7500.



The ojogor and the kaal nagini

By Iffat Nawaz

I want an almost full moon, I will not be so demanding and ask for the whole, I will make a stone necklace with the unlit sliver and live in the lit imperfect circle. The Kaal Nagini, queen cobra, told the Ojogor, the python, just that. The Ojogor was unable to give her all things tangible. And it was known from the beginning that this is how it would be. But snakes are illogical and their bodies glisten the shiniest after deadly fights often ending in biting one another to death, they are ruled by all forms of passion. Hence snakes are best when it comes to making promises, even when it is empty.

So the Ojogor in a moment of sheer intoxication told the Kaal Nagini he would bring her the imperfect moon, have it rest on her feet and then he will mend her a stone necklace, using the strength of his muscles, squeezing the bits of the dark moon into a perfect shape so that the Kaal Nagini could flaunt it on her long slender neck.

The Kaal Nagini had heard many things throughout her life, promises of various snakes from all around the world. So it was not about believing the Ojogor. She used the promise to make her feel good for the day. The Nagini was going through a kind of depression. It wasn't bad enough to ask existential questions but more in the line of where to head next in her long black slippery life.

She was thinking of the ones she killed recently. And for the first time she was regretting a few of them. She had been a bit too impatient and testy recently. The last five who carried her poison to death where perhaps not deserving of such fate. But she was going through a murdering phase. That's what happens when there is no jail, no punishment, no one to judge. You just act on your whim and walk away. The Kaal Nagini was good at that.

When she met the Ojogor during the spring, he had an outline of a small monkey around his belly. You could see the open mouth of the monkey trying to breath his last breathe. He must not have squeezed his prey hard enough to kill it completely. Cruel, the Kaal Nagini thought, and instantly she grew a liking for the Ojogor.

The Ojogor had a tough life, not tough like struggling for food or a home, but in a more emotional level. Love, lost, love, or maybe no love at all. Soon the Kaal Nagini and the Ojogor started talking about their lives and the murders and the ones they let go and why. They realised, though their shapes were totally different, so were their tastes in food and climate they both had many similarities.

The Kaal Nagini hated all things stable and summer was coming. Her snake feet were ready to slip into the water and swim far, far away. The Ojogor was not a traveller and he was not the type to run from things. He tried to convince her that things could work out just right here, where they were. Though deep down he knew she would leave.

So in an almost purnima, the Kaal Nagini shed her old skin and lied down next to the Ojogar, it was their last night. The almost full moon shined his sunlight all over the Kaal Nagini and Ojorgor's slim and thick body. Their eyes were watching nothing and no one. They slept sideways and the night brought them fallen leaves and few drops of rain. In an early morning dream the Ojogor dreamt of the Kaal Nagini giving up her poison and kissing him for the first time in his mouth with a hiss that almost felt deadly.

When the Ojogor woke the Kaal Nagini was no where to be found. Though some say, there was an outline of a long slender snake around the Ojogor's chest, right around his heart, coiled up. But no one looked closely enough and the Ojogor remained under the tree branches, counting days till the next spring.


Using summer fruits in cooking

Summer fruits are sweet and juicy and hence deserve a place in your cooking. Mangoes, pineapples, guavas and such other summer fruits can be used to add a twist to your everyday curries. Their sweet and tangy flavours can enhance the taste of your curries by providing some moments of pleasant surprises as you feel the different tastes mingle in your mouth. You can use these fruits especially with meat and vegetable dishes and of course, salads.

Fruits can also be used to add moisture and enhance the taste of baked meals. You can cut down on the oil and butter if you learn a few recipes of baked food made moist with the juices of those delicious fruits. One great combination is baked chicken with slightly grilled ripe mangoes.


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