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Eid Collecetion of Banglar Mela

Banglar Mela has prepared its Eid Collection this year for every member of the family with panjabis, fatuas, shirts, saris, shalwar kameez sets, tops, kurtas and children's dresses. Men's traditional and trendy panjabis are in authentic designs, made with classic Joysree silk, endi, cotton materials but the nakshi kantha patterned indigenous caps are the ones to look out for. The caps are very trendy and traditional with royal kurtas.

For shalwar kameez, Banglar Mela is offering both short and long types, made with silk and cotton fabrics, with a classy touch both for teen and middle-aged women. And for the ever changing weather this year, the collection offers saris of all varieties including Tangail cotton, katan, organza silk, endi and cotton saris by their expert designers. Lastly, the collection includes numerous fun ensembles for children. The collection is reasonably priced.

Shopnobaj at Metro Shopping Mall

Shopnobaj, the t-shirt store, launched their second outlet at Level 4, Metro Shopping Mall on 13 July. Popular musician Bappa Majumder inaugurated the store, along with musicians Topu, Parvez and VJ Nirob Khan. T-shirts are now on sale for Tk. 200-250 in numerous designs and prints.

Nikhut Bangladesh

Fashion house Nikhut Bangladesh brings embroidered three pieces, fatuas and skirts for women and three pieces, fatuas, skirts, shirts and panjabis for children. Celebrate Eid in the summertime with their cotton apparels.

Contact: Twin Tower Shopping Complex (3rd floor), House 72, Block C, South Banasree; Karnafuli Garden City (3rd floor), Kakrail. #0171 258 0946

@ Remix Beauty Parlour

Remix Beauty Parlour and Training Centre launches a new service: Wet Look Re-bonding. This is a form of volumising re-bonding suitable for women with sparse hair. They also offer other types of re-bonding from Tk.3000 onwards, a bridal make-up package, and parlour training for women.

Contact: 25-26, Green Villa Shopping Centre, 61 Green Road. #0191 676 2751.

New Products by Tasmia Herbal and Chemicals

Tasmia Herbal and Chemicals recently marketed two new products, Smart Natural Brown, a natural hair dye, and Hair Re-growth Vitalising Oil, to stop hair fall and aid hair growth.

The product launching was inaugurated by the company's managing director and managers. These products are unisex and can be found in all retail stores, shopping malls and mega shops in the city.

For details call: 840 2027, 840 1988, 0191 203 0383 and 0174 063 0891.

Summer t-shirts by Zahid Crafts

Zahid Crafts brings comfortable summer t-shirts in rustic designs and knitted fabrics. They offer polo shirts, short panjabis, fatuas and shirts for men and tops and fatuas for women.

Contact: 91 Aziz Super Market (ground floor); #862 6832, 0192 385 1213. Or log onto their website: zahidcraft.com


Trendz Eid Collection 2012

Keeping up with the times, whilst attempting to create new fads, Trendz launches its Eid Collection for 2012. The collection keeps up with the Trendz “What's now” factor with the designers creating works reflecting the times and needs of the day. The collection includes something for everyone, while Trendz pledges to use the world's best cotton, viscose, silk, linen and numerous other stylist accessories. The latest line oozing glamour promises quite a lot.

First off, they have shirts. Their reputation as a shirt-maker does itself no harm in 2012. Most of the formal and casual shirts are made of 100 per cent cotton, two-plied premium cotton and the famous Giza cotton of Egypt. Numerous designs, colours, styles, patterns and classy fabrics grace all the shirts, priced between Tk.1800-4000.

Next up are the panjabis and as an integral part of Bangladeshi culture, special attention has been paid to these, decorated with special hand and machine embroidery and numerous other art works. The materials used are either 100 per cent cotton, 100 per cent silk, cotton-silk and silk viscose. Priced between Tk.3000-5500, these are quite an addition to your closet.

Polo shirts and t-shirts are next and this time Trendz Polos not only use numerous fabrics but also play with stripes and solids. The t-shirts cater to a younger generation, sporting graffiti-inspired designs and cartoons with messages. These are priced between Tk. 1800-1500.

Rounding off the collection, Trendz brings something for the fairer sex in the form of tops and shalwar kameez sets. Silk, cotton, endi silk and muslin fabrics provide the framework for various designs and patterns. The tops in particular are sure to please the young female crowd of the country.

Head off to any branch of Trendz and see the collection for yourself.

Trendz is located at Bashundhara City, Level-2; Hakam Foundation, House-98, Road-11, Block- C, Banani; Uttara: Atik Tower; Dhanmondi: Shimanto Square and Chittagong: 815, M.M. Alin Road, CDA Avenue, Dampara.

Mumu Maria's Eid Offering

With all fashion houses grappling for Eid's market share, Mumu Maria too has joined the race. This year's focus is a play between light and dark, resulting in unique designs for saris, fatuas, shalwar kameez sets and children's outfits. Using fabrics of cotton, silk, muslin, etc., the clothes have been tailored keeping the weather in mind.

Address: Road#6, House# 37, Block-C, Banani, Dhaka. Phone: 0183332380, 018333283810

Three's a charm

Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka has launched a new endeavour with international music band Foreign Affairs.

This Filipino band, consisting of three members -- Roy Agaton Sarita Velasco, Evangeline Sarita Velasco and Yvone Quirog Senit -- had previously performed songs in various 5 star hotels across the continent.

The years of experience in a wide variety of countries (and hence, cultures) have made them pros in entertaining guests. The band performs a wide variety of genres like R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop in a large plethora of languages, including Korean, Japanese, Malay, Russian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, etc. “Bengali is coming soon,” Evangeline, one of the three members, revealed their interest in learning and singing songs in Bengali. It is a multicultural exploration of music. Also, the fact that Foreign Affairs plays songs in many languages is sure to be a hit as the hotel caters to guests from all over the world.

It is this international musical experience and the mixture of partying and festivity that will elevate your mood. The show starts from evening on all days except Friday.

By M H Haider


By Nazia Farzin Shafiq

Ramadan is here! This week I will be sharing three projects that are in the spirit of this Holy Month.

Ramadan garland
The first project can be used as a decorative item and will also be a reminder to our children of the significance of this blessed month. This is a very simple project.

Colourful scrapbook paper

Paper punch-machine
Scissor or exact-o-knife

Let us begin!
On a Word document, type out text in a font that you like and print on regular paper. Using a pair of scissors cut out letters. Place letters on scrapbook paper and cut. Hole-punch both sides of each letter. Thread ribbon or embroidery floss through the punched holes. Ta-da! You are done.

Hang the garland on your chosen wall.

Ruffle dress
Eid is a fun-filled, busy time. And we are thinking of making that unique hand-made dress for our little angel. Nothing can beat this super quick project. It only takes 20 minutes and the result will astound you. Okay, let's start.

1 yard pre-ruffled fabric
Sewing machine
1½ yard silk ribbon for the belt

Making the 20-minute ruffle dress is easy. You first need to buy a yard of ruffle fabric (probably less - like 3/4 yards). The colour of the fabric is entirely your choice. You also need an existing sleeveless dress that still fits the child; we need this dress to serve as the template for our ruffle dress.

Fold the ruffle fabric in half and then lay the folded fabric on a table. Next, place the old sleeveless dress on top of the folded ruffle fabric. Carefully cut out the ruffle fabric by following the outer design of the old dress. You should have two identical dress-shaped pieces of the ruffle fabric.

Before you begin sewing, make sure that “the right sides of the fabric are facing each other”; this is tailor-talk to indicate that the stitching will not show when we turn the dress inside out, which is the way it is meant to be worn. Next, with the correct sides together, sew up the side seams and shoulder seams. Finally, fold the raw-edge neckline and armholes, and zigzag-stitch them inside.

Turn your dress inside out, and voila! It is that simple.

If you have a belt nearby, then your project is done. If you don't have the belt then you can simply make a belted tube with a contrasting colour fabric and slip it over the dress or else you can just use any store-bought silk ribbons.

Fabric flower headband
The perfect complement to a little girl's new Eid dress is a matching headband. I will be sharing with you this new kind of fabric flower headband. Lately, I have opted to create headbands using some small fabric pieces rather than artificial flowers. We will be using a thick, flat headband for the base of this project but you can use any kind that you have on hand.

Fabric glue
Hand sewing needle

Lightweight fabric pieces, like silk, sheer, or chiffon (single-coloured or multi-coloured)

1. Draw a circle about 2½ inches in diameter on paper.
2. Using the paper circle as your template and cut out between 40 to 60 fabric circles.
3. Take a single fabric circle and fold it in half twice.
4. Hand sew it in place.
5. Repeat steps #3 and #4 for the rest of your fabric circles.

6. Glue your pieces one by one to the headband, starting at the centre top. You will want to glue one down, and then four around it, making a sort of flower pattern.

7. Using the other hand-sewed circles, repeat Step #6. You can add as little, or as many as you like.

It turned out cute, right? Can you believe how easy these headbands are to make? Now that you have mastered the art of fabric flower headband, you can try other variations. For example, you can add leaves and add different coloured fabrics and circles.


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