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Eid grabs for

This is perhaps the easiest part of the entire hectic shopping spree that Ramadan brings along with it for the impending Eid-ul-Fitr. Shopping for late teens and adults can be a nightmare especially for the females, what with all the fuss with the size, the cut, the fit and the inevitable mess-up on the part of the tailors. However, shopping for their younger counterparts is exactly the opposite.

When it comes to Eid shopping the saying “Babies are angels” could not stand truer. All one has to do is go to the shop, choose a dress and find a size that fits! The worse that could happen is you will not find something that appeals to your taste and then have to go around checking a few more shops but that is about it.

This will not last long though! Within a few years, “I don't like this colour!” or “It's too loose!” will be tantrums that you will have to put up with. You have to enjoy the freedom of imposing your choice while it lasts; and to make shopping for the younger family members easier Star Lifestyle looked around a few shops in the city for you.

Chandan has launched its very first children's range, for newborns to 12-year-olds, in this year's Eid collection. The entire collection comprises traditional wear including shalwar kameez sets, churidars and panjabis. If you are looking for more formal wear you will find lehengas, shararas, sherwanis and prince coats as well. The materials used include cotton, georgette, chiffon, silk and raw silk with prices ranging from Tk.1200 to as high as Tk.10000 for the formal items.

Orchid Plaza, adjacent to Rapa Plaza, houses a number of children's clothing stores. Nandan is a well-known store there which has a huge collection of frocks for one- to fifteen-year-olds. Among new arrivals for Eid you will find cotton and tissue frocks as well as shalwar kameez sets. These range from Tk.350 to Tk.750. Shirts and t-shirts for boys are also available here. As Ramadan progresses newer items will be added to the collection. Nandan has a branch at Anam Rangs Plaza as well.

Another store, Karu-Shoiley has a number of frocks for six-month to two-year-olds with satin belts and bows in cotton, which are perfect for the summer and are very reasonably priced as well. This season, polka dots and floral prints seem to be very popular for children's wear given the weather.

Jhinuk Fashion is yet another store at Orchid plaza which has separate shops for boys' and girls' wear. The boys' wear includes shirts, t-shirts and pants which are mainly casual.

If you are looking for formal shirts and pants for boys Westecs is the place you can take a look at. Formal shirts are found from as low as Tk.349 and formal dresses for girls are available at as high as Tk.745.

This time around, Nogordola has brought saris for six- to eight-year-olds priced between Tk.1000 and Tk.2000 with trendy blouse pieces. Deshal has pretty cotton frocks with zebra stripes and checks and cotton shirts as well. Kay Kraft has also recently launched their newest line for children.

Ecstasy carries a very trendy collection of frocks, which are priced in the premium range, at around Tk.2000. These include satin and net dresses, very stylishly designed and perfect for formal occasions. One particularly attractive design is a frock with a tartan printed bottom and plain black velvet upper body. Other than that, there are casual frocks and semi-formal shirts for boys.

Most of these shops have various branches around the city but you will definitely find the above mentioned pieces at these branches:

Chondon: Road 103, House 9, Gulshan-2. #0155 237 9735; 98 Gulshan Avenue. # 01818603610
Nandan: Dhanmondi Orchid Plaza, Road 28, Shop 28 &29; Anam Rangs Plaza, Road 6A, Shop F and F2, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi.
Westecs, Ecstacy, Nogordola, Deshal and KayKraft outlets are spread around the city and can also be found at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Level 7
By Karishma Ameen
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Dimer, Amita, Adrita, Arnob, Lameez, Rashik
Wardrobe: Chondon


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