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Discount @ Kleopatra

You can change your old boring look by taking care of your dry, curly and rough hair. And that is exactly why most people prefer to get a new hair style before Eid.

Considering this "Kleopatra Beauty Salon” is offering a 20 per cent discount on Hair Smoothing, Hair Treatment & Hair Cutting till 4 August.

Besides, any customer who avails a service from “Harmony Spa” or “Kleopatra” can get a counselling session with beautician Rahima Sultana Rita on skin and hair related problems. For details, call 0174 121 9624.

Naborupa's festive Eid

Fashion house Naborupa brings a line of colourful, festive clothes for Eid. You can find a mix of ethnic and contemporary patterns on hand embroidered panjabis, printed and patch-worked saris and three pieces. They also offer panjabis, three pieces, shirts, trousers and fatuas for children.

There is also an excellent array of casual wears on offer. Contact: 3/12, Mirpur Road, Lalmatia; 67/B, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Fortune Tower; Rankin Street, SN Tower, Wari; Unesco Tower, Chittagong.


This Eid, Foring has brought out a number of designs, centered not on the festival alone, but also on the season. The collection contains saris, fatuas, panjabis, t-shirts and shalwar kameez in black, white, sky-blue, red and more. Designs have been executed in wonderful designs of embroidery, appliqué, hand-block prints, hand stitch, etc.

Saris range from Tk.500 to 20,000; shalwar kameez from Tk.600 to 3500; fatuas range from Tk.300 to 1400; shirts between Tk.160 and 950; panjabis will cost from Tk.500 to 3500. Children's wear and handicrafts are also available from all Foring outlets -- 25/11 Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur; 18/C Ranking Street, Wari; Flat #2, Rabindra Sharani, Sector 7, Uttara.


Into the second week of Ramadan the initial lethargy of waking up in the early hours has more or less been conquered. Make it a point to catch up on reading the Holy book throughout the week alongside your daily activities. Post sehri or iftar should be a good time to do the reading.

The sturdy feeling of hunger usually leaves us oblivious to the notion of eating hale and hearty. Start this week with a healthy outlook and give your tummy a rest from the ongoing feast of oil-dripping carbohydrates. Try mixed fruit and vegetable salad.

Fasting and empty stomachs usually make the body lethargic towards active work. The body seems to give up just after iftar and most of us resort to sleeping or taking a quick nap. This leaves our body even more fatigued and does not allow the food to be properly absorbed in the blood stream. A better practice would be to do some light exercise after iftar to give your body an energy boost.

Monotonous homemade food can at times leave you craving for something different. Therefore Thursday is our eating out day. So get your wallet loaded and set out for the Puran Dhaka streets. The mouth-watering street side iftar delicacies of Puran Dhaka are sure to get your cravings satisfied. But a cautionary note here, do not indulge extravagantly.

Keep this Friday for some family time. Get your children and your husband and set out for some final shopping for them in the morning. All the fasting and the weeklong activities can get you tired and gloomy. So collect some classic Charlie Chaplin movies and watch them along with your family members after iftar for some much needed laughter.

The nooks and crannies of a house are usually forgotten when it comes to cleaning, and that essentially includes wardrobes, cupboards and storage areas. So get your broom and washing soda and start cleaning these places. Get started from early in the morning so that you are done by the time you start preparing iftar.

It's the day of the week when you make an effort to do something nice. Cook up an iftar for your maid and her family. You can also call your neighbours' maid and ask your own maid to bring some invitees with her.

There is always something special about the joy of sharing, especially during the month of Ramadan. So call up some of your relatives this week for iftar. Create a twist in your meal by serving them pineapple carrot juice.


Eid with Shimmer

Following its successful launch in July last year, Shimmer has already made its mark in the fashion scene. It aims at providing women an elegant option while shopping for shoes. Their Clutch Collection is now on offer with prices ranging from Tk.2000 to Tk 15,000.

For more visit their store at 41 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani or call them at 0161 744 6637


Occult brings the Denjabi

If you are looking for a place for denim, and quality denim at that, Occult is the most likely place you should visit. Their collection boasts an extensive line of denim products for men and women. Recently, they have introduced a new product, the Denjabi, which is a smart fit, short length version of the panjabi!

Visit any of the Occut outlets in and around the city for a sneak preview of their Eid Collection 2012.

This Eid at Richman

Men's fashion house Richman's Eid Collection focuses on the season and uses comfortable fabrics. The clothes are carefully tailored, and are a tasteful choice to wear this Eid. Their formal shirts are priced between Tk.1150 2450, casual shirts between Tk. 1300 -- 1500 and denim pants between Tk. 2500 -- 3000. They also have t-shirts, polo shirts, formal trousers and casual pants available at all Richman showrooms.


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