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Sharpening clothes and Claws

The green of trees, pink and yellow of flowers, orange of fruits and blue of the clear sky summarise summer and that is precisely what is expressed in Cats Eye's new collection. The choice of the savvy and the classy, Cats Eye's designs and latest lines have always been much awaited events and immediately result in all the fashion mills springing to action. This year is certainly no exception to that rule.

The women's collections includes apparels and accessories that are currently all the rage. The women's shoes and bags give a flirty feel with pumps, flats and the in-again-after-almost-a-decade long strapped bags.

Stoned sandals which seem to be a much sought-after design by the women here are still a staple in their range but new pumps for the young-hearted have been included in floral prints and summer colours.

Clutches in various playful colours for the summer and the upcoming Eid are all stocked up in the stores. Thick and thin belts are also a part of the new line.

Jewellery has been designed keeping in mind objects that are difficult to come by here and mainly include chunky bracelets, earrings and bangles. Trendy hats in green and orange and scarves for both men and women are also part of the brigade. This is perhaps the biggest fashion statement that you can make, as Cats Eye expects its clientele too.

The men on the other hand are also not left behind. Berets and hats are added for the men and this may set the fashion scene alight, albeit for a short period. Sport one at a jaunty angle or be the Cool Cat as the berets epitomise, the headgear is certainly an attention grabber while being sophisticated at the same time. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can always opt for the cotton scarves and with winter not too far away, they will indeed be a useful addition to your collection.

Cats Eye also introduces a surprising new line of shoes and moves away from its traditionally elegant designs for something more flamboyant and bold. Whether casual leather shoes or the in-style pointed leather formal shoes, Cats Eye ensures you don't go wrong with your footwear. For those who like their wardrobes to pack more of a hard punch, check out the loud-coloured shoes available in colours of red, green, blue and beige.

Besides, there are panjabis and numerous other accessories. With 90% of all materials used being imported, Cats Eye ensures high quality and at affordable prices as well. Do check out their store.

Corporate Office: 54, New Elephant Road, Minita Plaza- 6th Floor, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. Contact# 9665184

By Osama Rahman
Photo courtesy: Cats Eye


Kloset Eid Collection 2012 has introduced a limited offer of shoes and bags for fashionistas of the city. Offered in three ranges, the collection embodies glam, fun and sophistication, whilst keeping it all in vogue.

Luster in Glam
If glamour is what you want, then look nowhere else. Kloset's brand new range “Luster in Glam” adds a flare with fierce sheen and glamorous colour range. Add a little drama to your look with this bold collection and dazzle the audience as you strut in pride.

If you dare to be different, then a splash of tangerine with these black-orange peeping toes and a bag to compliment the frenzy would taunt the onlookeers to turn heads.

That animal instinct of yours can be well emphaised with the burst of cherry red in these cheetah platforms, accompanied by a bag with a red sheen.

A touch of velvety maroon for the toes and a speck of yellow tone on the shoulders can give you that bold yet classy oomph.

Posh in Blush
The 'Posh in Blush' range reflects elegance in every piece. Sport a very classy, ladylike and tasteful style with a subtle colour scheme and serious fashion sense.

Toned yet trendy, the colour beige reflected in this combination of platform shoe and arm clutched bag is the ultimate statement of sophistication.

Carry that staid mode with some colour chic by putting on the these orange velvety peeping toes and that that uber stylish bag to go with the theme.

Go urbane in brown with that leather bag bearing a large bow and a pair of white, wood soled heels.

Fun in Flash
If looking great everyday is your motto, then Kloset brings a fun collection for you that will fill up your need of a lively companion when you intend to have a little fun under the sun or at a lazy brunch.

Get that cowgirl look by adorning this rustic brown leather bag and a pair of glittering brown heels to top it with a twist.

That girly girl in you would definitely crave this charming bag in beige and tangerine and a funky pair of tangerine flats to top the look.

If blue is your colour, then snap the blue frenzy with this blueish green bag and a pair of blue-brownn beach flats.

Address: 2nd Floor, Otobi Centre, Gulshan, South Avenue, Gulshan-1 (Beside Efes)

Kolkata Kachchi Ghor

An enchanting fact about the old part of our town is that it never fails to amuse us; every alley and every corner is filled with vibrant colours and mesmerising flavours that make Old Dhaka so loved. Kolkata Kachchi Ghor, a biriyani house, is a recent addition to Old Dhaka's stirring culinary glory.

But what's so glorious about a restaurant selling biriyani? More or less, every street in Old Dhaka has at least one place where biriyani is sold. What distinguishes Kolkata Kachchi Ghor from all others is that the rice used in the former is basmati -- a rare choice when it comes to cooking kachchi biriyani in our country.

Finding kachchi biriyani made of basmati rice is almost impossible in our country. However, the unique taste and flavour basmati rice lends makes it a special ingredient for cooking kachchi biriyani. Basmati, when mixed with mutton and all the other right ingredients, is magic.

And yet you do not see any outlets that offer kachchi biriyani that uses basmati rice. The answer to this culinary paradox is simple: the cooking process of making kachchi using basmati rice is extremely difficult. A chef's tools are his instincts, a cool confidence and experience. The cooking of this kind of kachchi biriyani is so difficult that one slight mistake -- a little something that exceeds or falls short of a very tiny range can totally destroy the dish.

And maybe because of all the hard work, the final output -- if it comes out successfully -- is a kachchi with a delightful taste that goes beyond your imagination till you have actually tried it.

Apart from the special kachchi biriyani, the outlet also makes badamer shorbot -- a royal treat indeed.

Kolkata Kachchi Ghor is located at 14, Abul Hasnat Road (beside Ananda Confectionary on the street opposite Central Jail). For more information, call 01673138535 or visit www.kkacchi.info

By M H Haider


The latest fashion statement revolves around 'wearing' art. Donning jewellery crafted as pieces of art is the best way of marrying impeccable taste in art with an enviable wardrobe. This week Lifestyle looks at how you too can pull off the combination.

'Totem' them things
The Peruvian bead nestled among copper and silver petals and band is a design rich in cultural diversity. With the precious metals locking the famous bead in a hug, this ring ensures that keeping their hands off your hands becomes just harder. Price: Tk.3000.

Fashioning a Flower
A ring shaped like a flower and made entirely out of silver is worth the look, isn't it? Such a magnificent piece of delight needs the right display podium and what better place than to slip it on a beautifully slender finger?

Pain in the Neck
Frido Kahlo's famous self-portraits are known to leave a lasting impression. Now you can make that impression anywhere, with Frido Kahlo Pendants. The powerful portraits, conveying expressions of suppressed yet immense pain, are immortalised further in Akik stone, with the materials used coming from all over the world. The unisex nature of Akik stone and classy Frido pieces make for a standout creation. Price: Tk.5500.

A Little Leather
These little numbers punch a bit more oomph than the coin earrings, we think. With a sweet leather band entwined with the coin, this bit of thunder-stealer tempts the wallet the most. Price: Tk.5500.

Rock the Block
Enough of gaudy gold and inferior imitations; expand your horizons. Instead of sporting mass-produced pearls and chains, go for the more personalised pendants. These beauties are worked with a block print die, with a leaf pattern coated with silver and copper. Block pendants are coming back. Price: Tk.8000.

For the Taboo You
With the amount of attention your jewellery may now attract, turn towards a stylish Talisman. The copper-made talisman with Dokra beads, reminiscent of West Bengal, protects not only the Evil eye but lends a spiritual feel to any ensemble. Now your spell over your surroundings becomes more pronounced. Price: Tk.2000.

Coin a Craze
The first entry on Aadi's Coin Series is the Copper Coin ring. Circa 1946, the Half Anna coins from George VI's reign in ring form is an instant conversation starter. Clever and classy! Price: Tk.3000.
The 2 Anna carving/coin is also priced the same.


All Products designed by Aadi.
Immerse yourself in style with handmade, environment friendly up-cycled jewellery designs created by Amman Rashid that fuse history, art and culture . Every piece of this wearable art is unique and tells a story. Go check out Aadi's latest collection at Aranya 60 E, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213 or make an appointment to visit the artist at his studio.
Contact: aadistudio@gmail.com


Eid with Roddur

Keeping the ardent fashion followers in mind, Roddur is offering a wide array of options to choose from. Their collection includes variations in fabric like silk, half-silk, joy silk, jute cotton, gadowal, Jamdani and katan. Some saris display a mix of two materials, like endi and silk, or muslin and endi.

The mix and match of fabrics in the saris is the main attraction in their offerings this Eid.

The saris are adorned with hand work, embroidery, appliqué, block, screen print and much more. Free-sized fatua and kurti that boast an Afghani theme are in among the fusion wears. There are kaftans in various colours and patterns. Decorated laces, ribbons, piping, tassels and variations in cut are prominent in the pieces.

The latest additions in design include patchwork, variations in neckline, variations in sleeve and fitting. The materials and fabric have been chosen keeping the upcoming Eid and autumn season in mind. They offer both ready-to-wear and stitch-less kameez in their collection.



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