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this Eid

Ramadan has been around for quite a few days now and we should have gotten used to all the demands of Ramadan and the quirky functioning of Dhaka city life that comes with the month of fasting. Plus, stores are already filled up with the first batch of their assortment of offerings for this Eid with hopefully more coming up in the following weeks.

Panjabis were, are and hopefully will be a staple for Eid in the years to come and while women usually have the choice of wearing different sorts of outfits for the occasion, panjabis are almost unfailingly what men wear. An early sneak peak at some of the stores for panjabis shows that both long and short ones are available, so you can choose between which of the two appeals to you more.

Starting with Aarong, this time around the mammoth brand seems to be emphasising on short panjabis. Traditional designs can be seen embroidered on goldenbrown silk while cotton ones in plain white fusing western neck designs seem to be hugging the spotlight. But that does not mean that long panjabi fans will have to go home empty-handed. Aarong still has a huge range of its long panjabis to pick from.

Most of the collection at Shadakalo is based on cotton which is ideal for the weather. Plain white or black panjabis with silver or black sequined necklines, off-white ones with music notes blocked onto them can be seen. Plus, they still have their panjabis with silver sequins sewed in the shape of stars sprawled all over the garment for the previous years; these also have matching saris and kids' wear if you are in the mood for a rather matching Eid for the family.

Nogordola and Probortona have a collection of stripes and block mainly in cotton and silk. Nogordola has a lot of red, forest green, lime green, brown and also embroidered silk ones.

Photo courtesy: Cats Eye


If you are into whites Nipun might be worth a visit. With embroidery and hand-stitched designs on them the panjabis there are mostly based on muted colours.

For those who wish to be a little eccentric this time around and those who actually have the guts to wear it, Anjans has cheetah printed panjabis.

Kay Kraft has a huge range of panjabis and whether you want light casual ones or heavy shiny ones you will get them all under one roof. Although Kay Kraft has limited whites, those looking for dark colours of magenta, red, navy blue, etc. will come across heavy embroidery on raw silk not exactly apt for daytime wear but more suited for evening events.

Kumudini has long been a name associated with local traditional wear. For years now Kumudini has been one of the entitites that have played a significant role in the revival of deshi fabrics and attires. This year Kumudini Handicraft has in house a variety of designs of block-printed and hand-embroidered kurta and panjabi sets in cotton, half silk and endi silk.

This year Artisti's Eid collection is themed Back to the Future and living true to its name the collection exhibits sharp cuts and fuses designs in a very West meets East fashion -- for instance panjabis with pocket squares fusing the feature of blazers with our local wear.

Finally, Bibiana has in store tribal themed panjabis with a blend of colours, a change from the usual traditional ones, and refreshing for the prevailing weather during Eid.

These are just the initial lot of designs; keep visiting the stores for newer ones!

By Karishma Ameen
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Shawon
Wardrobe: Chondon


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