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deshi saris

Deshi is the way to go!

And why not? Our local designers and producers have now attained a height where they can pride themselves as worthy competitors of foreign products that seep in every year come Eid.

Star Lifetyle presents for your viewing pleasure an assortment of some of the best deshi deals in town. Our attempt has been to showcase the highlights of the season, which we hope will help you choose that 'right' outfit this Eid.

For your pleasure we present, “The Haute Parade.”

While the banarasi revival of the past few years has ensured renewed appreciation of katan and banarasi saris in Bangladesh, this Eid Star Lifestyle takes a slight step outside the box to take a look at traditional saris with less audience attention. This Ramadan, consider rediscovering the timeless appeal of local silk saris, be they in chic polka dots, simple self-striped designs, or classic mono-toned colours. Silk mills around the city rev up their collections for every major festival -- take a look through to pick up your six yards of heritage.

Lower End
These soft silk saris are prefect daytime attire if you factor in the low maintenance of the materials. Since Eid mornings are usually busy with elaborate breakfast arrangements and the excited chaos of men returning from namaaz, the fuss-free characteristic of silk saris will be an added benefit.

Light, smooth and easily manageable, these polka-dot saris come in different colours and print sizes ranging from pin-head dots to ball prints. Because the base colours of the saris are neutral -- ivory, cream, beige, white and tan -- you would do well to make these your first outfits of the day. Dress them up however, and these saris can be spruced into perfectly elegant early evening ensembles. String pearls, a pair of heels and a vintage watch to bump you up from underdressed to dressed just right.

Mid Range
Offering a mix of silk and endi, opt for mono-toned, slightly heavier saris to strike a balance between casual daywear and heavy evening wear. Sopura Silk carries these self-striped saris in a range of colours from pastel shades like nude and baby pink on one end to black and navy blue on the other. As with all other saris, choose according to time and occasion.

Because they are neither as casual as light-weight polka-dotted silks nor as dressy as embellished evening wear, these saris are apt for the slower, middle part of the day when you are probably, willingly or unwillingly, out visiting relatives. Because of the house-hopping and the high temperatures that we can expect during the day this Eid, we suggest hair updos that won't require recurring attention before every stop you make. Makeup would be best kept minimal on the same grounds but do make sure to add some colour to your eyes and/or lips so that you don't seem washed out.

High End
If you are one for dark, rich hues, then this is the section you should leaf through. Walk into any Sopura Silk branch and ask an attendant to direct you towards the contrast aanchal dark silks and pick from a collection of crimson, to midnight blue, to bronze saris that are perfect for formal Eid night dinners and can later double as eveningwear for weddings and so on.

The saris come in bold, one-tone colours with multi-coloured striped aanchals that at once contrast and complement the dominant colour of the rest of the sari. Stripes on the aanchal are a mix of silk and endi, adding an element of textural variation to the ensemble.

If you have restricted yourself to (seemingly) natural makeup all day, this is when you have a license to go all out. Wear your hair down or up because both work for dinner invitations and high humidity will no longer be of such concern toward the last part of the day.

As a general note, when choosing deshi saris, whether katan or banarasi or silk, accessories are best kept traditional. Opt for jewellery that will not conflict with the nature of the saris so safe bets will include gold, oxidised silver and pearls.

By Subhi Shama
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Airin and Heera
Wardrobe: Sopura Silk Mills Ltd, 121/C, Gulshan Avenue-2
Jewellery: Aadi
Makeup and styling: Farzana Shakil


A WHITE EID PURITY from within

White symbolises purity -- and we could not agree more. Nothing is as timeless in fashion as a translucent, white piece. Given the timing of Eid this year, touching both the summer vibe and romance of the season, the iconic white becomes more of a necessity than a glam factor. But there is no reason for you to compromise on the appeal, the lure and the charm of all that is white.

The classic black and white
Very little in the world of fashion is as fail-proof as the combination of black and white. Embroidered white muslin is perfect as both day wear and evening wear on Eid, depending on how you accesorise.

Black embroidery on the sari, which also carries hints of black sequins, is not only subtle enough to be worn at casual lunches but also elegant enough to be carried through to dinner. Pair with a trendy halter-neck blouse to add some pizazz that will also work as a trendy counter effect of the general simplicity of the sari.

The timeless -- white on white
Because we are bracing ourselves for a summer Eid this year, you could do a lot worse than pick an all-white sari that is sure to be a refreshing respite from all the bling and brightness that is a typical Dhaka Eid. White applique work on a white muslin base exudes an element of serenity that can be just the look for you this season. Try out a contrast blouse in grey or other neutral tones to add some colour to the outfit.

The juxtaposed vintage and modern
Another classic sari with a surprisingly well-blended mix of vintage and modern appeal. While white muslin has been a long running staple in this part of the world, white and silver sequins in vertical stripes add an element of trend to it that is quite in keeping with current times. Opt for a monochrome white and black backless blouse to up the ante a little further and you are set to retain old-school charms without falling out of recent trends.

Shadakalo, as always, has brought out an extensive range of products, based primarily in white with subtle shades of black and grey. And of course there is the quintessential fashion statement -- 'white on white'.

While Ramadan slowly draws to an end, the Eid hype reaches manic proportions. Grab that perfect White piece from Shadakalo, and let your attire reflect the purity within.

By Subhi Shama and Mannan Mashhur Zarif
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Isha
Wardrobe: Shadakalo
Makeup and styling: Farzana Shakil




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