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of Tangail Saree Kutir

Since 1982, Tangail Saree Kutir has been selling the idea of green living through their meticulously woven, handmade saris. Their collections reflect artistic elegance and opulent designs that have been crafted by the dexterous hands of expert weavers. Their pieces take you close to nature by the use of environmentally friendly fabric and natural dyes.

Tangail Saree Kutir has been advocating 'green living' since their inception and has inspired many a customer to attain lifelong loyalty.

One of their many highlights is their extravagant Jamdani that is of premium quality.

Their weaving technique renders the Jamdani lusciously soft and beautiful. Monira Emdad, the CEO and owner of Tangail Saree Kutir designs the products by drawing inspiration from the Mughal empire and local craftsmen with their traditional lure.

The scrupulous details of the handwork can be seen through the block prints on cotton and silk saris, the use of organic vegetable dyes, the weave and feel of their Jamdani and the quality of their Mirpur, Tangail and Rajshahi silk.

Tangail Saree Kutir is usually associated with the occasion of Boishakh or 'deshi' traditional events, where you boast your own thread and weave. Though such a notion is absolutely fair given Tangail Saree Kutir's flair with local material, it should be brought to light that they have a lot more to offer. Their time-honoured handmade saris are a treat for the eyes and have satisfied the premier elite status for as long as they have operated. New designs for exclusive saris are formed for special occasions like weddings, Eid and Pooja and special private orders are also taken where the designers customise their pieces according to the needs of the customers.

Some of their products are made using extraordinary raw materials like 100 per cent pure gold and silver thread, which are unique to the Kutir product line and can rarely be availed elsewhere in the country.

Do visit Tangail Saree Kutir this Eid season to get that perfect piece of your local keepsake for Eid.

By Afrida Mahbub
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Airin and Noushin
Wardrobe: Tangail Saree Kutir
Jewellery: Genuine Himalayan Jewelleries, www. facebook.com/himalayan jewellery.
Makeup and styling: Farzana Shakil


SHRADDHA An ode to the ever young

Fashion house Rang has been designing clothes, a colourful assortment of attires befitting the name 'Rang', for many years now. While their clothes make the lives of their customers colourful, Rang came to realise that there is a part of our society whose colour of life has all but faded. They are often the almost disregarded, elders of the family.

"My decades of experience in the Bangladesh fashion industry have taught me one thing," says Biplob, the initiator of Shraddha. "There are garment stores for all ages but no one seems to spare a thought towards those most important people, our parents, who led a life of sacrifice for us, our grandparents whose prayers keep us protected for as long as they live or even an elderly teacher who has had significant contribution to the people that we are today."

Biplob also realised how people who come to shop for the elderly during Eid are often unsatisfied with the choices available to them. 'My mother has something of this sort' is a common statement heard from such shoppers and this has led Biplob to understand that repeating the same style for the elderly is a common mistake made in the fashion industry.

"The fashion industry has been producing the same saris and panjabis for the elderly for a long time now and this is mainly because no one sits down and decides to design for the elderly," says Biplob. "We have taken up that challenge because we think that the elderly should not be forgotten and should have new colours introduced to their lives."

Shraddha was thus born out of respect for the elderly. Hence, all products of Shraddha have been produced with extra attention towards the comfort of the wearer. The clothing material, the colour and even the designs are in sync with the requirements and needs of this niche market. The traditional subtle colours of white, off-white and khaki have been enhanced with a touch of red, yellow, blue, purple and many more colours in light tones.

Apart from clothing, the store also provides goods required by the elders such as prayer mats, prayer beads (tajbis), walking sticks, collection of music from the yesteryears, shawls and almost all other titbits used by the elderly, which would make the perfect gift for the family elder and let them know that they are forever in our hearts.

Shraddha is located at Bangladesh UAE Shopping Complex, second floor, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka. #989 4857.

By Raisaa Tashnova
Photo courtesy: Shraddha


The Truth about fashion

If you've been wise enough to get a head start on your Eid wardrobe, you should be fairly decided about your top few choices halfway through Ramadan. Of course that is little reason to rest easy, what with last-minute tailor battles and make-up and accessories still needing time and attention.

To lessen your Eid frenzy, look through Lifestyle's pick -- Urban Truth -- for accessories this season.

Not everyone wants to wear gold on Eid and understandably, nor can they afford to do so. Swing by Urban Truth for a wall full of options in earrings, rings, neck pieces, bangles and bracelets that come in a range of colours and designs. From chic ear tops to long, dangly earrings, their collection includes summery options in mint, pink, gold, turquoise and yellow. Mix and match neck pieces to either complement or contrast with your outfits and on a positive there's something for everyone. String pearls, fabric flowers and chunky beads lend different accents to different attires and can be used post-Eid for more casual occasions. Complete your accessories wishlist with stacked bangle sets, duo-chrome bangles or charm bracelets and finally, statement rings that pack the final punch.

Bags and Scarves
If you are used to travelling with a mobile dressing room and carry everything from make up to jewellery to accessories with you, large, roomy totes are your must-haves. Gold studded totes are fun but practical solutions for the bold at heart. But if you prefer more subtle options, solid-toned, tassled bags in bottle green, navy and tan are available as well. If you can surpass the need to carry all your essentials except the absolute necessities with you on Eid, take a look at Urban Truth's uber trendy selection of clutches and crossover bags.

While scarves are unconventional Eid accessories, they do make perfect additions to your wardrobe if you're planning to take advantage of the holidays and do a bit of travelling. Consider them also as gifts for cousins and friends to pair with summer tops and dresses.

As with their other collections, their footwear section too includes options for most tastes and preferences. From beaded and printed ballerina pumps to stone, beaded and sectioned gladiators to peep-toed, flower-toed, snakeskin and suede stilettos -- depending on how comfortable you need your feet to be. Eid does necessitate ample moving around so gladiators, pumps and sandals would be wise choices, but most pit stops that you make will only involve sitting around so feel free to brave the heels.

Although priced on the slightly higher end, this Eid be sure to stop by Urban Truth to check out their new lines. Trendy head to toe!

By Subhi Shama
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Products: Urban Truth
Address: UrbanTruth, House # 1, (First Floor), Chandiwara Mansion, Road #11, Banani


Nandan Eid collection

Kids have the most fun on Eid day, playing with cousins and friends and collecting the all-important salamis. Thankfully, fashion houses now pay attention to children's ensembles so they look their best when they visit their favourite cousins and so that parents can beam with pride on the special day.

Fashion house Nandan has brought a wide assortment of children's wear this Eid. Made for boys and girls aged between 0 to 14 years, you will find party frocks in cotton, silk and other materials, skirts, trousers and tops, shalwar kameez sets (for the girls) and shirts, pants and t-shirts (for boys). There are also cosmetic sets and gift boxes to present to new mums and dads. Showroom: Shop 28, 29, Orchid Plaza, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka; Shop FF-2, Anam Rangs Plaza, Shaat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.


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