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Kleopatra bridal makeup

This wedding season Kleopatra Beauty Salon is offering a special Bridal Make-Up & Pre Bridal Care Package. As a counterbalance to the usually heavy bridal makeup they are offering the natural look this season by keeping the bride's skin tone normal.

The packages start from Tk.4,000 to Tk.23,000. Kleopatra Beauty Salon also offers the natural-looking party make up for the bride's friends & family. So check out Kleopatra for the natural yet vivacious look for your wedding. #0174 1219624


New Autumn Package at Aakankha Beauty Salon

To ensure proper care during this season change, the beauty salon Aakankha has brought out two new packages for women.

Package 1: Biotic facial, pedicure, manicure, eyebrows pluck, hot oil massage and hair wash with conditioning for Tk.1300

Package 2: Aroma therapy classic gold facial, skin polish, chocolate pedicure, manicure, hot oil massage and hair wash with conditioning for Tk.2200. You can also avail a free haircut with any one of the two packages from the aroma therapist Julia Azad herself.

This offer is valid for the month of September alongside the bridal package offer.

Address: 375 D.I.T road, East Rampura and 255 D.I.T road, West Rampura. #01937513006

10% discount at 'Eye Snap'

The wedding photography team of Eye Snap is providing a 10% discount to everyone who is looking to capture the memories of their wedding days in pictures. Eye Snap will provide a group of experienced photographers to cover your wedding events. There are also packages available to cover other event such as birthdays, seminars, etc.

Motorcycle Hut celebrating 8 years with Hero Honda

Established in Lalmatia, Motorcycle Hut has incorporated the world renowned brand Hero Honda as part of its 8-year celebrations. The shop is displaying and selling all models of Hero Honda motorcycles and is also offering a conditional exchange system of a Hero Honda for any used China-made motorcycles. For further information please contact 02-9124323.

Nabarupa brings out its Autumn collection

Nabarupa has brought out a range of affordable stitched and unstitched shalwar kameez sets in tune with the season. The clothes are embellished with hand stitches and embroideries.

There are also saris in this collection apart from the ever-present assortment of panjabis, fatuas and children's wear.
Showrooms: 3/12 mirpur road, Lalmatia; 67/B Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani; Fortune Tower, Waari


The Cancer Fighter

Allyl isothiocyanate, a compound that causes precancerous cells to self-destruct, is a constituent of cruciferous vegetables.

Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli have traces of this compound which is also known to inhibit proliferation of prostate cancer cells. It is entirely possible that eating cruciferous vegetables every few weeks could help greatly reduce the incidence of colon cancer.


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We hope that our dear readers will not only be part of this change but lead us in new directions by expressing themselves and letting their views and preferences be known.
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