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The right

A leopard never changes his stripes and provided that you aren't a leopard, you must do the contrary. If you are a leopard, congratulations on being able to read.

Getting back to the audience in question, i.e., men who are striped wrongly, it is time to understand a few basic things. Randomly assorting yourself in all kinds of stripes imaginable, in all shapes and sizes, is a recipe for a fashion faux pas. It also makes you look ridiculous. Here's the lowdown on stripes, because we all need a reminder every now and then.

Vertical or Horizontal?
Before beating yourself over it, just opt for vertical stripes. Although horizontal stripes are seen as more stylish, it doesn't necessarily apply for the deshi male for two reasons. First, horizontal stripes make one look fat, pronouncing our already pronounced paunch. Secondly, a vertical-striped shirt makes you look taller and given the average height of deshi boys, lord knows some of us can use the very last extra inch. Furthermore, while vertical stripes look good in most colours, it's best to opt for solid backgrounds over horizontal shapes.

Thin or Fat?
Whatever your stripe selection, keep it thin. This too has to do with perceptions and optical illusions. The fatter the stripe, the bulkier one looks. The idea is always to look lean. Observe how in the animal kingdom, animals prefer a vertical stripe over a horizontal one. Not that it doesn't get them killed, but it helps. Ever noticed how lions go for a zebra's rump? It's because that's the only part of its body with a horizontal stripe. Convincing, enough?

Colours or Colours?
Because you can't say black and white versus colours, we had to opt for this. Colours bring about quite a dilemma. Thankfully, colours aren't such a big worry, unless you have extremely bad taste. Complementary colours should never be worn together. Complementary colours or contrasting colours are those which are on opposite ends of the colour spectrum, to each other, for e.g., blue and orange or red and green. Summer is a season to experiment with light colours and all but don't let Govinda become your fashion icon.

Pants or No Pants?
The obvious choice is pants, of course. Sport a pinstripe pant with a sweet solid colour and you're good to go. Remembering the colour combo, you cannot help but make an impression.

Pinstripes Suits and Striped Shirts?
Although age-old convictions despise the idea of a pinstriped suit with a striped shirt, this belief has now been firmly broken. However, use some restraint; the stripes on your suit and shirt should not be of the same size, width, etc. Colours should obviously differ as well.
And now you're ready to stripe. Go crazy.

By Osama Rahman
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Shawon and Zamshad
Wardrobe: Trendz and Freeland


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