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Free Skin Test

Do you know everything about your skin? If no, then don't worry, because Harmony Spa & Kleopatra Beauty Salon is now offering you a free skin test program to know your skin condition and type from 24 November to 30 November, 2012. Through a modern digital skin analyser machine, an Ayurvedic doctor of Harmony Spa will test and analyse the skin and provide you with further guidelines about taking care of your skin. For details call 01716 749479, 9140611

Sweaters from Infinity

Infinity offers a range of sweaters this season, primarily in red, blue, green, pink and orange in addition to their signature black and white.

The women's line, Infinity's collection is also eye-catching.
The price ranges between Tk.780 and Tk.2950.


Picasso bled blue

The twenty-year-old man fell into a state of melancholy and depression; his friend committed suicide, and it was not a piece of news he could take lightly. He took up the brush and started what we call the Blue Period: the phase of the genius painter Pablo Picasso's life when his works were done with shades of blue being the dominant colour.

More than a hundred years later, Athena Gallery of Fine Arts holds a group exhibition named Shako's Tribute to Pablo Picasso's Blue Period. Commenced on 10 November, 2012, the art exhibition will remain open to all until 28 November, 2012, everyday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The gallery is located at AJ Heights, Progoti Shorani, Uttar Badda.

It all started with the three-day art camp sponsored by Athena Gallery, with nine permanent members of Shako -- an organisation of female artists in Bangladesh and three invited guest artists. The artists had one task in hand: to create paintings with blue as the dominant colour.

Being in a different century and a different continent, it is interesting to see how the female Bangladeshi artists of today interpret and perceive the colour blue. In Picasso's “blue paintings”, beggars, prostitutes and drunks frequently made appearance. What stories and characters do our artists capture on their blue canvas? Well, the subjects of course varied from one painting to another but one of the most popular themes in the paintings centred on the recent incident of vandalism in Ramu; it is the silent yet very strong and assertive voice of artists with which they have portrayed the emotions attached with the Ramu incidence.

Is blue the colour of sadness? Picasso would probably say, “Yes”. Without doubt, blue is a mesmerising colour, and to experience the magic of blue, do visit Athena Gallery by 28 November.

By M H Haider


OScom: Entry to e-Commerce

While the world turns towards shopping from the comfort of their home, Bangladeshis continue to fight through the traffic and go to malls. Comparison shopping becomes difficult, given the little spare time we have and hence getting the best bargain is not always possible. However, as e-commerce begins to finally gather steam in Bangladesh, the troubles of ancient days will soon become extinct. Riding on the wave of online shopping is OScom, the one stop online shop for a wide range of products.

A re-branded and re-launched version of the Hoi-choi offer of clickbd fame, OScom opened for business on 10 September this year. Retaining and adding new users, the current number of buyers on these sites stands at more than 10000. More than ten thousand people aren't generally misguided or kept pleased and thus OScom strives to ensure not only the best products but also the best prices.
Offering discounts for limited periods, almost up to 45 per cent for all their products, OScom has generated a positive buzz already. Financed in part by Rebate Networks, a German venture-capitalist firm, OScom offers the most competitive prices for whatever they offer on their site.

Visiting onestop.com.bd, the first thing that strikes you is the professionalism and user-friendly nature of the design. What hooks you are the prices and the range of products. From discounts on resorts and hotels in Bangladesh and abroad, the latest fashion accessories, gadgets, restaurant discounts and many other services, OScom opens up a whole new world of shopping. There are some very unique products on offer as well including a car-shaped mouse, replica Rolexes and USB fans. OScom is also known well for being one of the first to put a discounted Galaxy S3 on offer when the mobile phone was launched the world over.

Furthermore, the site also offers free delivery throughout Dhaka within 24-72 hours and offers numerous convenient payment options. First though, one has to register by providing their name, email and home address. Then, upon choosing the product and quantity required, a client can choose to either pay through Debit Card, Credit Card, International Credit (only such firm to offer the service in Bangladesh), Bkash, Cash on Delivery or make the payment by going to the office and picking up the product themselves. As all the card-related transactions take place from bank to bank, it is highly secure and thus no client information is shared or revealed. Furthermore, the site makes it a point to separate the original products from any replicas, ensuring that no fake-products are traded.

Although available in only Dhaka now, the venture is now looking towards markets in both Chittagong and Sylhet as part of their expansion process. “Not only are we absolutely safe, we also offer the best prices you can find anywhere else,” Zubair Siddiky, the COO of OScom assures. If you are still unsure, visit the site and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Visit OSCOM at www.onestop.com.bd

By Osama Rahman


Colourful legs again

I am part of the fashion crowd that has been praying for the end of the skinny jeans domination in Dhaka's fashion scene. It has been years; years since I bought my last pair of jeans because fashion in the bottom region of the body has been at a standstill for what seemed like an eternity.

Being stuck at the bottom, I did what everyone else was doing. Tops took the lead in fashion revolution/evolution for me too. I tried it all -- the sleeveless, the three-quarter sleeves, the frocks and the long fatuas…everything. Oh! How I wished for those old days when I could wear red bell-bottomed pants one day and something in a more soothing colour the next. The bond of the black or blue jeans was suffocating me.

Then it happened, the fashion gods finally heard my pleas and Voila!

My latest trip to the Doza Market was a sight for the eyes. Oh the colours! There were pants in orange, blue, purple, green and many, many more shades. And it gets even better. The pants are not a complete throwback to those of the old days. Bell-bottoms have bid us farewell for at least two more fashion cycles and hence we now have these colourful jeans... the perfect combination of colour and fit.

I got two pairs for myself for the initial trial run period. Of course I'll need an overhaul in the 'top' department as well. I needed to get a grip of the change in style.

My new snug fit orange jeans go amazingly with dark red or navy blues on the top. The other, green one is still waiting in my closet to be experimented with. Needless to say, this winter, even if the sky is gloomy, I will be one colourful, cheerful, funky girl on the streets.

By Broke



The new funk in pants includes snazzy trousers which should be worn with single or multilayered solid coloured tops. The trousers come in fun prints and helps add that spunk in your attire.

Harem pants are back where they belong, in the books of Arabian nights. It is still okay to wear the loose harem inspired pants but the loose layered harem pants are big no-nos for winter.


In keeping with our motto to continually reinvent ourselves, we have recently launched our very own Facebook page. Take the time to browse through our content, unseen pictures and much more. Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions.

We hope that our dear readers will not only be part of this change but lead us in new directions by expressing themselves and letting their views and preferences be known.
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