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WEDDINGS done differently

When was the last time you attended a wedding and did not get greeted by larger than life, thrifty setups, with unnecessarily extravagant stages, overly done lighting and a protracted list of guests who barely have any relation with the ones to walk the aisle?

What happened to the whole social base of this communion where the bride and the groom get to celebrate their unification with the near and dear ones in their life? In a nutshell, contemporary weddings have grown to give you the feel of being in a Hindi movie set or an award function, where people come to eat and walk away without much social interaction. It somehow plunders the basic sanctity of a wedding; the union of two souls.

A wedding day is very special and we believe that it is immensely important for the bride and the groom to be able to enjoy this day to the fullest. They should not be treated as eye candies only but rather mingled with. It is to be kept in mind that the ones getting married should be the focus of the event and not the decoration. The purpose of decoration is only to add to their grace.

This week, Star Lifestyle focuses on how to arrange simple, elegant weddings, which break the long-run shell of stiff setups and exaggerated décor.

The first step to coming out of this conundrum is to think out of the box. The elements of concern are venue, transport, logistics, food and décor. It is not always necessary to go for a large community hall that costs you dearly but rarely provides any fun-factor. One way to go about it can be an outdoor wedding that definitely calls for an engaging event.

An outdoor venue offers a wide array of scopes to conduct activities that otherwise cannot be done in a closed venue. It takes you closer to nature and provides a more relaxing environment where you can just let go of your stress and enjoy your celebration.

But outdoor venues come with their own set of constraints. There is an obvious lack of venues as most people don't own a farmhouse to use or rent. But things are changing as a lot of resorts and farmhouses are mushrooming around Dhaka city, especially near Gazipur, which are open for rent, keeping such occasions in mind. Suggestions include places like Jamuna Resort Limited or Nokhottrobari, who provide all the amenities necessary for hosting such an occasion. You can check out their websites for more details.

It is extremely important to move all the necessary equipments for decoration and set up a day before the event to avoid any last minute troubleshooting. Although, it sounds like a nice getaway from the hustle bustle of life, it is not easy for all to commute to distant places for a wedding. You can rent buses or cars to take your guests to the venue. The guest list needs to be approved so as to ensure the exact number of people attending the wedding and proper transportation arranged for each of them. It is better to book cars, trains or bus tickets at least two weeks ahead of the big day. Outdoor weddings are mostly appropriate for winter, as the weather might take its toll otherwise.

For the decorations, we suggest opting for a natural setup that enhances the beauty of the venue and does not ruin its innate simplicity. “Outdoor venues can be decorated freely. Even the smallest decorative addition can bring a dramatic change to the location,” says Anika Azam, owner of Kri Wedding and Event Stylist. She further adds that people can go for simple decor with light coloured tissue and satin materials for day time events and brighter or darker choices for evenings.

Flowers have traditionally signified decor at weddings as they not only add beauty but also add a touch of elegance. Pink and peach carnations and roses can add a hint of romance as well as a dash of colour to any outdoor venue. Crystals and beads can also do the trick. They are available in all shapes, sizes and prices and add a whole lot of glitz. The use of decorative cages or simple fish-bowls with floating pearls can be used on tables for that added magic.

To take the concept a notch further, seating arrangements can be done differently from the traditional round table and chair setup. There can be small couches with throw-pillows which allow the guests to relax and mingle. There can be low setups and carpets with pillows where people can sit down and chat while sipping a cold drink or a cup of coffee. There need not be a stage for the bride and groom.

A simple background decoration can be added where the couple and their close ones can take pictures to capture some of the beautiful moments. This will allow them to mingle with their guests and move around for the rest of the time. Thus, it is imperative that they dress casually. No heavy jewellery or makeup for the bride.

A lot can be done with the concept of alternate weddings. You can play with your imagination as much as you want, keeping the practicalities in mind. All you need to make sure is to plan ahead of time and create task lists with timelines to be followed. With the right amount of thought and effort, you may end up with your own fairy tale wedding.

By Afrida Mahbub
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Special thanks to Anika Azam, Owner, Kri Wedding and Event Stylists, for the venue decor.
Visit their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Kri.Events for more information or call 01819042550.


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