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By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

Workshop on CV Writing and Interview Skills
Date: Friday, 23 November
Time: 9.45 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Venue: Prothom Alo Seminar Room, Prothom-Alo Bhaban (2nd Floor), 19 Karwan Bazar

If you ever needed help in preparing a CV for that 'must-have' position or preparing for that all important job interview, this workshop is designed aide you.

It is a complete package on what you need to do to secure your job -- from making the CV, tips on how to apply effectively, how to prepare for the interview till facing the actual interview board.

The workshop will be conducted by G. Sumdany Don, Marketing Specialist at one of the largest multinational companies in the world.

Registration fee is Tk. 2000 per person.

Begum's Designs -- Fall Collection
Date: 22 to 30 November
Time: 1 p.m. till 8 p.m.
Venue: The Bench, House #80, Road #23, Gulshan 1

Begum's Design line is mostly dedicated to women who appreciate grace and exclusivity and can adapt to changing fashion trends and styles. Come and indulge yourself with gorgeous Evening Wear for your winter parties, weddings, and any sizzling meet ups! For any preferences or queries please contact rowshan.a.begum@gmail.com or rluckyyy@gmail.com

Anik Khan's SMS Kabbo Exhibition
Date: 22 to 29 November Time: 3 p.m. till 8 p.m.
Venue: Dhaka Art Center, House #60, Road #7/A, Dhanmondi

For the first time ever, out of the shelves, out of the book, and out of the cell phones Anik khan's sms poems will be exhibited in Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong!

Anik khan's 'SMS Kabbo', is a form of text message poetry, which is a popular medium of creative writing among youngsters. Through 'SMS Kabbo' Anik Khan has tried to simplify his thoughts and convictions about love and friendship, politics and society and other topics into poetry.

Open for all.


Enlighten Super Cup
Date: Friday, 23 November
Time: 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Venue: Gulshan Youth Club Ground

Enlighten Events presents, the Enlighten Super Cup -- the premier competitive youth soccer tournament for boys under 25. This is where honour and glory chooses a side!

To register log onto their Facebook page: facebook.com/EnlightenEvents


The Crucible
Date: Friday, 23 November and Saturday, 24 November
Time: 7 p.m. till 9 p.m.
Venue: ISD Auditorium

In the 1950s, fear of communism consumed America, and anyone suspected of being a communist was harshly interrogated by a government commission and risked being put on a list of those unable to work ever again.

The incident reminded Arthur Miller of an earlier time in US history when irrational fears resulted in fourteen members of a Christian community being hung as witches. Set in the Puritan village of Salem in 1692, teenage girls are discovered chanting and dancing wildly in the woods by the village minister.

When two of the girls fall into trance-like states, witchcraft is suspected. Hysteria consumes the village, and many prominent citizens are accused of being witches by neighbours whose selfish motives are never questioned by the ministers and magistrates who preside over the trials.

Miller wrote “The Crucible” to show what can happen when those in power believe themselves to be morally superior and infallible, and cease to question their own judgement.

Twenty-three students of Grades 9-12 are in the cast of this production. The play is designed and directed by seven IB Theatre students in Grade 11.

Tickets: Tk. 300 available at ISD Reception. Call #840 1101-7 for reservations.

Evening Wear Exhibition
Date: Friday, 23 November
Time: 1 p.m.
Venue: 366/6, Lane 6, DOHS Baridhara

Musharrat Bidita has been in the fashion industry since 2006; after exhibiting numerous times Bidita is now renowned for her remarkable embellishments on attires and extravagant ideas of pairing different kinds of work together to create intricate and exquisite designs. She instantly found success through many fashion ventures which not only helped explore her talent and ambition, but also helped her to understand the industry itself

Musharrat Bidita now launches her new clothing line Bidita's, from November 2012.

Viewing by appointment only.
Call 0174 133 9983.


Skin Perfection Day

Taking care of your skin -- be it about protection from UV rays or your endless efforts to retain youth -- is indeed a challenging job, which is becoming increasingly difficult with our hectic schedules. The theories, tricks and tactics, the efforts and the number of things applied to the skin are seemingly endless. Therefore, Astalift, a Japanese skincare brand, recently held a two day event to aid skin care and scientifically battle skincare problems.

Astalift Skin Perfection Day was held on 16 and 17 November, 2012 at The Westin Dhaka. The event aimed to raise skin care awareness by identifying the major skin problems that people face, how to solve them, and how Astalift products can come in handy for the worries of your skin.

The event was held at two ballrooms of the hotel. One of the ballrooms conducted seminars and workshops. “We have arranged for eight workshops in total for the two days,” said Ahmed Nafiz Naihan, the brand manager of Astalift. “We believe it will help guests understand skin problems and solutions better.”

But perhaps the most special aspect of the event was the level of interaction it permitted between speakers and members of the audience. It was not a one-way communication. The guests had the opportunity to equally participate. Pointing at one section of a ballroom, Naihan said, “This is our skin analyser. With skin experts and the proper equipment, a guest can understand his/her skin better. Different people have different types of skin and each skin type has its own set of problems. Before you apply anything to your skin, it is first necessary to understand your skin type.”

Therefore, only after a skin analysis and receiving the results and findings, the guests received product recommendations. The event also sold Astalift products.

Astalift is a brand of Japan's highly acclaimed Fujifilm Corporation. Astalift started its operations in our country this year. And with Fujifilm's extensive proprietary technology - gleaned from nearly 80 years of experience in R&D to create a society where people across the globe can maintain their health and beauty, Astalift has been a successful brand so far.

By M H Haider


Robbing poor, unsuspecting people of their life-savings

By Nasreen Sattar,
Former CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, Afghanistan

This may not be a typical Pennywise article, but I think it is important to bring in the awareness of how morally unethical some people can be. This is especially true in the case of making money at the expense of poor unsuspecting people.

Everyone must have read the recent announcement in the newspapers that the Government of UAE has taken a decision not to issue visas for Bangladeshi nationals -- the reason being that many of our countrymen had arrived in Dubai with fake visas and work permits.

These poor people, mainly from the rural areas, were lured by the so-called manpower agents into selling their land and other valuables and the huge amount of money they received was given to these agents and in return they got passports and work permits for the Middle East.

Saying goodbye to their loved ones these poor people boarded the flight with all the hope in the world for a bright future for themselves and their families back home. What awaited them at their destination was something quite different and something beyond their imagination.

Obviously the visas on their passports looked so genuine that even the Bangladesh immigration or the airline could not detect them. It was only at Dubai airport, the UAE immigration (trained for this) rejected the visas and these poor victims were deported back home penniless and helpless having lost everything!

The agents having completed their heinous act had of course disappeared.

The reason for my writing this is if only there was a way that people in the villages could be warned of these criminals -- this keeps happening all the time yet people put all their trust and their money into the hands of these agents or crooks. If only the villagers would refrain from wanting to go overseas and put their money in better and safer investments from where they would get a guaranteed return.

NGOs working in the rural areas could have an important role in educating the communities to be on guard against charlatans luring them to invest all their saving as well as borrowed money in the hope of dream jobs abroad that just do not exist.

Some unemployed rural youth have succeeded in creating innovative projects of their own and not only achieved gainful employment for themselves but also created jobs in rural areas in enterprises such as fruit, high value vegetable, fish farming, etc.

We can only hope the large NGOs like BRAC, et al can help in disseminating information to protect the rural poor from the exploiting 'agents' and also to train the youth in acquiring skills for cottage industries, advanced farming, etc.


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