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DhakaCraft Bazaar -- a monthly fair trade festival

Prokritee orgnised another edition of its monthly fair-trade festival this month. The DhakaCraft Bazaar fair was a day-long event held at the premises of Grace International School in Gulshan on November 17 with a modest turnout. The fair featured 18 organisations specialising in handicraft items.

Prokritee is a fair trade not-for-profit organisation aimed at creating business opportunities for rural women artisans of the country. Prokritee first arranged the DhakaCraft Bazaar last year to create an opportunity for small fair-trade organisations of the country to market themselves and give them a platform to build market linkages. Since then it has been hosting this fair more or less every month.

Proktritee had its own stall at the fair where they had on display hand-made jewellery and wicker baskets and bowls. Notepads made from recycled paper, with innovative hard-covers, envelopes and paper sets and fabric folders were displayed as well.

Ethnica showcased eco-friendly notebooks, along with their trademark product -- innovative tin watering-pots in bright colours with polka dots. Wax candles, jewellery boxes and paper lamps were also available.

Development Wheel mostly had in store wicker baskets and tools and a range of ceramic bowls while YWCA put out a nice collection of toys keeping the upcoming Christmas season in mind with stuffed Santa dolls, hand puppets and stuffed Christmas trees.

Cuteness Er Dibba, an organisation with a rather quirky name, had colourful paper stationery including pink and purple folders, writing paper and envelopes, a few bejewelled with tiny colourful stick-on gems.

Trinmul Karuponno featured bed sheets, pillow covers, table runners and tablecloths, all hand-stitched. Bright Stars Sewing Project and Akorshon had similar products as well.

Pebbles, a well-known store, offering unique fabric toys and accessories had a 50% discount on all its products while Motif had unique notepads with pictures of Dhaliwood heroes on them and some which had the covers made from chips packets.

Sacred Mark and Tribal Craft again had a variety of hand-made products while Prokritojon sold Christmas tree-shaped and Christmas sock wall hangings.

The next DhakaCraft Bazaar is expected to be organised in December, followed by another one in February.

By Karishma Ameen

A workshop on beauty care by Farzana Shakil

In their aim to cater to clients from all parts of Dhaka, Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon Limited will open a brand new branch at Uttara. In celebration of this new beginning, a workshop on beauty care tips was held at Uttara Club on the morning of 24 November, 2012. The event was hosted by the renowned beauty expert, Farzana Shakil, herself.

The idea for this workshop stemmed from the increasing need of her clients to get some personal time with her in order to know the basics of beauty care. Hence, Farzana Shakil decided to host this session with her dedicated clients in order to share her knowledge about the basics of beauty care and allow her clients to ask questions themselves to resolve their queries.

The workshop focused on five segments, which included skincare, body care, hair care, winter care and makeup. She commenced the session by talking about the basics of skincare and how cleansing, toning and moisturising are vital daily steps for preserving healthy skin. She also emphasised that proper skincare can delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and how prevention is much better than cure in this case.

But what is to be kept in mind is that no matter how much care you take of your body externally, it is what you are eating that determines the internal state of your organs and your skin. Hence, a balanced healthy diet is of priority when it comes to maintaining glowing skin and healthy, shiny hair. Lifestyle is also a big factor and too much stress and tension can eventually lead to headaches, dark circles, dull skin and hair-fall.

A cleansing ritual for both hair and skin is imperative. Hair needs to be washed regularly to avoid buildup of dirt, especially in the winter season, which can lead to dryness of scalp and dandruff. She mentioned that using conditioner after shampooing is not necessary for everyone but only for those with dry hair. People with highly damaged and dehydrated hair can opt for the new keratin treatment, which provides intensive care for damaged hair.

She also mentioned how people mostly think about their skin and hair, the exposed parts, and forget about the rest of their body. Hence, she showed some whole body massages that can be availed form Farzana Shakil's salon.

The workshop was a useful experience for the participants as they got to know the basic dos and don'ts of beauty care and got to clarify their own confusions with the expert herself.

By Afrida Mahbub

Korean food festival

If you want to know about a foreign culture there are few better ways to go about it than by tasting their cuisine and getting an insight into their eating habits. That was the theme of the occasion at the Republic of Korea ambassador to Bangladesh Lee Yun-young's residence, which was the venue of the Korean Food Festival on Saturday 24 November.

Bringing Bangladesh and South Korea closer together was the stated purpose of the festival, and it was carried out in word and action. The vice-president of the Korean Civil Cultural Centre, Shin Yoong Jung, surprised the guests in attendance by speaking in near-fluent Bangla, not only while introducing people to talk about South Korean food and the festival, but also translating their speech for the benefit of the Bangladeshis in the audience.

First of the speakers was the ambassador's wife, Oh Mee Kyong. She spoke of the importance of food in bringing two cultures together, and also that the food festival in part celebrated that 2013 will 84 years of friendship between the two nations..

Then the floor was given up to Kim Deok-nyeo, the chef who had come from South Korea to oversee the food festival. The commitment to upholding Korean cuisine to a Bangladeshi audience came through during her time at the podium as she delved into topics ranging from the ingredients generally used in Korean food to the way a table is traditionally laid out during a South Korean feast. She ended her presentation with a live demonstration of how to cook Beef Bulgogi, sizzling pans et al.

The words were followed by the action, namely sampling an ample buffet spread boasting traditional South Korean delicacies like the spicy deep-fried shrimp, Korean barbecue beef, three kinds of pan-fried fish and vegetables, etc. There was also the uncommon flavour of the sweet pumpkin and milk porridge to accompany the main course.

Apart from the food festival, the ambassador's lawn played host to a charity bazaar staged by the South Korean community, with the proceeds going to orphaned children.

-- LS Desk


Bibi Productions now in Kolkata

Bibi Russell is one of Bangladesh's most renowned names in international fashion and the globally acclaimed designer has furthered her horizon by recently launching Bibi Russell Productions in Kolkata at the Café Thé at the ICCR.

Her line in Kolkata opened to very favourable response and Bibi's glasses with rickshaw art were the best sellers at the inauguration.

Inaugurating Bibi's Corner, Moon Moon Sen said: “I have known Bibi for many, many years. I love her individuality. I have picked up a hair-band and a beautiful white gamchha. And I'd like to pick up a sari later on, but I don't have a figure like Bibi's anymore!”

“Bibi Russell is a revivalist; for her it is not just about picking up ready-made weaves and customising them. For her, it is right from the yarn and then turning them into fabrics. Her gamchhas and crochet are brilliant” smiled Kallol. While Koklata superstar Dev shopped for a green checked kurta and a gamchha scarf, Nil laid his hands on a pair of glasses. “I like the kurta, very versatile. It is colourful and I like kurtas without collars. And I could not have left without picking up a gamchha,” said Dev. For Nil, there was “something about” the glasses. “You just get drawn! It is totally our style!” he said. “Bibi Russell is so innovative and she creates something out of nothing, which is a gamchha! I have Bohemian tastes, so I love it,” said Alokananda Roy.

“I am very happy. It was there within me all this while but I didn't think I would be able to pull it off. I have always wanted to open a store in Kolkata.” said Russell.



Ikebana and Bonsai Course

Institute of Innovative Design organises courses on Ikebana and Bonsai for those who love nature, flowers and trees and want to lend an artistic touch to the flowers and trees inside their home. Other creative courses include Glass Décor, Photography and Event Management. Interested persons are requested to contact for admission to the new session: House: 37, Road: 15, Block: D, Banani, Dhaka. # 9899038, 01733969644.

Elegance Parlour's Latest Offers

We have been offering special discount to students and their respective families for the past 8 years. Please visit and take advantage of our latest offers, which includes Wax Package : Full Hands, Full Legs, Under Arms, Bikini - Tk 1480, Full Body Wax - Tk 2400, Manicure, Pedicure, Oil Message & Threading - Tk 1050, Bridal Henna Package - Tk 3000, Bridal Make Up, Gaye Holud Make Up & Walima Make Up - Tk 14480, Bridal Make Up and Gaye Holud Make Up - Tk 10000, Full Body Fair Polish & Full Body Message - Tk 3000.

Mumu Maria's year-end sale

Mumu Maria is running its year-end sale: all regular items will have a price tag with a 20 percent discount. This sale has started from 20 November and will run until 20 December. Other than that, keeping winter in mind, Mumu Maria has in store for you new designs of shalwar kameez sets, tops, saris, etc. Also, check out their exclusive jewellery collection. But of course, it's not only winter, it is the wedding season too. Therefore, the fashion outlet also has to offer attires like shalwar kamiz sets, saris, tops, etc. especially designed for formal occasions so that you look glamorous and gorgeous in the wedding ceremonies. Mumu Maria is located at House # 37, Road # 6, Block C, Banani. For further enquiries, call 01833328380-1.


New reality show on air

Fairness cream and face wash brand for men Emami Fair and Handsome, and Channel i, inaugurated the first ever reality show for men, Handsome The Ultimate Man at a press conference held on 20 November, 2012 in Ruposhi Bangla Hotel.

"Handsome The Ultimate Man is produced based on a concept that will not only measure men by looks but also by their endurance, toughness, intelligence and smartness", said Shyam Sutaria, CEO, IMD, Emami Ltd.

The objective of the show is to find Bangladesh's next most sought-after celebrity. The entire show will consist of 19 episodes including the gala round; some of the episodes will be shot in overseas locations and exciting premises. To add extra punch to every episode and delight the audiences, Mahfuz Ahmed, Joya Ahsan and Gazi Shuvro will be at the judging panel for the very first time in a TV reality show. Grameenphone will provide all telecommunication support for this show.

If you think you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Man, register for the audition round; the last date of registration is 10 December, 2012. Males aged 18 or above can register by logging in to the program website www.htum.tv. The show will also accept postal registration through P.O box number 2433; or you can apply through Facebook.

- LS Desk

Infinity sweaters

As the weather is getting colder and mistier everyday, it is again that time of the year where you have to go winter shopping. Infinity has a new range of stylish sweaters that will satisfy your need for warmth as well as for fashion.

Both in terms of fashion and fabric, Infinity claims to make sweaters to be no less than any foreign brand. Red, blue, green, pink and orange have mostly been used in new designs. Typical colours like black, white ash, etc are also available. Infinity's sweater collection is wide in range: from formal to casual, with the defining features of brand Infinity being different cutting style, large collars and lucrative button designs. The collars of the sweaters have been designed like that of shirts, blazers and coats. Traditional V collars, round collars and close collars are also available in outlets. Diversity is the key in these designs: for example, belts are used in some sweaters whilst some are designed like trench coats. On the other hand, their women's collection includes both fitted and oversized sweaters in a variety of designs and colours. Prices of sweaters for men and women range between Tk.780 and Tk.2950.

- LS Desk


International Coastal Cleanup:

By Tanziral Dilshad Ditan

BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2012
Date: 27 to 29 November
Time: 5pm to 6.30pm (27 November), 7pm to 8.30pm (29 November)
Venue: Goethe Institute, Dhanmondi

Stunning International Film productions takes on mountain themes ranging from mountaineering, ice and rock climbing to wildlife and environmental issues, as well as mountain sports such as skiing, kayaking, snowboarding, and much more. These are some of the best of the best from the internationally acclaimed film competition that captures the spirit of the mountains with magnificent cinematography.

The tour brings the festival to 350 cities in 32 countries around the world covering territory across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the South Pacific.

Admission is free but requires registration/ticket. Order tickets via Eventbrite: kewkradong.com/banff

Hai Ramu!
Date: Tuesday, 27 November
Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue: Level 9, Midas Center, Road 27 (old), Dhanmondi

It is once again a pleasure to invite you to join in for an evening of experimental dance with Shadhona at the EMK Center. 'Hai Ramu!' will be the second of a series of six new choreographies that Shadhona is creating with the support of the EMK Center.

The goal of this initiative is to give talented young dancers the opportunity to experiment with new subject matter and different forms of expressions.

Tickets will be available at the EMK Center. Price: Tk. 200.

2nd Mastermind Quiz
Date: Tuesday, 27 November
Time: 8pm to 11pm
Venue: Zaika, formerly known as "Le Saigon", 54 Gulshan Avenue

The Mastermind Quiz is not just for nerds, it's for everyone who has half a brain. The steps are easy -- select a team comprising 2 to 6 players. Name your team and post the team name on the official Facebook page (facebook.com/events/443608402369322) and then buy the tickets.

The competition has six rounds of quiz questions (10 questions in a round). The team with the maximum points wins. The winning team gets Tk.15000, runners-up Tk.10 000 and the third place is fetches Tk.6000.

Tickets: Tk. 900 per person which includes soft drinks and buffet dinner. For details go to their Facebook page or call 01912003001.

In Search of the Roots
Date: Friday, 30 November
Time: 6pm
Venue: Chhayanaut

After three days in Chittagong, Trio Nightingale, or “Trio Nattergale” in Norwegian will come to Dhaka, where they will play with artists from Chhayanaut. Folk music lovers from Dhaka will get the chance to enjoy a grand open air concert entitled “Roots Festival” at Rabindra Shorobor (Dhanmondi), where Trio Nightingale and local Bangladeshi artists will mix Norwegian and Bangladeshi folk music. The musicians will also perform for school children, hold workshops at the Goethe Institute, and perform in different concerts arranged by Chhayanaut.

Trio Nightingale is a new ensemble created by three of Norway's most respected baroque musicians. The members' backgrounds are as soloists and members of Norway's main baroque orchestras. Trio Nightingale wishes to explore chamber music treasures from the renaissance, baroque and rococo eras.

For more information, please contact LiveSquare: Rakibul Hassan (01911567102); Ummee Saila (01714068296), Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Shonkho's "Art of wedding"
Date: 28 to 30 November
Time: 3pm to 8pm
Venue: Drik Gallery, House #58, Road #15A (New), Dhanmondi

Shonkho's "Art of wedding" is a three-day exhibition which will include a display of wedding décor and mehendi art, wedding photography and a workshop.

For more information, feel free to contact Shoaib Jasim Uddin (01914011240) or Mukool Alam (01712113892).

Bengal ITC SRA Classical Music Festival
Date: 29 to 2 November
Time: 6pm till 12am
Venue: Army Stadium, Banani Model Town, Dhaka

The world's largest classical music festival is here! Bengal Foundation is bringing in more than fifty maestros such as Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty, Pandit Hariprashad Chaurasia, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Girija Devi, Ustad Rashid Khan and Pandit Birju Maharaj amongst many others who will perform at the Bengal ITC-SRA Classical Music Fest.

The four-day event starts on 29 November and ends on 2 December. To attend the music fest, please register at the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (Dhanmondi), Aranya Crafts (Banani) and Bengal Art Lounge (Gulshan).

Registration can also be done online at bengalfoundation.org and is free of cost. Conditions apply. This annual public non-ticketed event aims to pave the way for better appreciation and understanding of the fundamentals of music, and to provide a boost to the classical music industry.

Note: Right of admission to the festival is reserved. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed. No entry without e-ticket. Visitors are requested to cooperate with security personnel.

We love S D Burman!
Date: 1 December
Time: 7.15pm to 8.45pm
Venue: Level #9, Midas Center, Road #27 (old), Dhanmondi

You are invited to an evening of live music, covers of compositions by the great S D Burman.

Because our generation loves him too, rising stars of Bangladesh's music scene - Joyeeta, Shaan and Nirjher Chowdhury - put a fresh twist into these familiar tunes with the support of three guitarists.

Ticket: Tk. 200 and will be available at the venue.

People helping people
Date: Thursday, 29 November
Time: 7pm
Venue: Emmanuelle's Banquet Hall

The Golden Z Club of Zonta Club of Dhaka III, which is run by young women, is proud to announce staging of the event ''People Helping People''.

The global organization Zonta International has been growing at an ever-accelerating rate since 1919 with an aim to improve the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy.

The Event will mainly focus on the protection of the vital core of all human lives and in ways that enhance women's freedom and their fulfilment. The Event will have a Black Light Theatrical Performance showing inspirational and real stories of real women.

Ticket: Tk 1250 including dinner. Available at Road #95, House #14B (Ground Floor), Gulshan #2, Behind Pink City (D Dazzle Ltd). OR call Nazma (888 1348).

Kolpotoru - A Creativity Centre
Date: Saturday, 1 December
Time: 11am
Venue: Uttara

Kolpotoru, a centre which has been operating in Banani for the last four years and has earned much popularity for the dedicated teaching of the arts -- dance, vocal music, fine art and theatre -- is now opening at Uttara. Kolpotoru is run by renowned dancer and cultural activist Lubna Marium.

The Uttara Branch will start providing Bharatanatyam and Manipuri lessons by a couple of the finest dancers in Dhaka.

For details contact 01713040814.

'Fireflies' and 'Aye Amader Ongone'
Date: Friday 30 November
Time: 6.30pm to 9pm
Venue: Theatre Institute Chittagong

Shadhona's new production 'Aye Amader Ongone' celebrates nature's ability to overcome obstacles and sustain through the dynamic interaction of the five elements -- Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space. It is based on Tagore's book of poems 'Brikkhoropon.' 'Fireflies', the other drama to be staged, consists of 256 epigrams and short verses. These poems resemble the sayings of a wise man rather than poetry. The brevity and crispness of these verses combined with the wit and wisdom contained in them make these poems extremely delightful and reader friendly.

Dance Direction: Amit Chowdhury and Shabbir Ahmed Khan
Music Direction: Nirjher Chowdhury
Artistic Direction: Lubna Marium

The Making of Kuhu Art-II
Date: Friday, 30 November
Time: 6pm onwards
Venue: Radius Centre, Level 5, Bay's Galleria, 57 Gulshan Avenue

After a gap of a few years we are once again privileged to see the latest artistic creations by Kuhu Plamandon, one of Bangladesh's leading artists. The exhibition will feature paintings as well as innovative forms, which have been termed “Human Sculpture”, both around the theme of “Camellia”, based on Tagore's creation.

For details, log onto: radiuscentre-bd.com

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday 10 AM-11 PM. Friday: 3 PM-11 PM.


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