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warming up INSTYLE

Since it's winter again, you may just bring out last year's warm wear and get on with life. Unfortunately, that choice will ensure you will not get on with life in style. Bar the insane superman who never needs winter clothes, like that's so cool, the rest of us are sane enough to add a few layers come December. Lucky for us, there are enough options on offer to choose from.

Mufflers and scarves: The first item you need to add to your wardrobe is a muffler or a scarf. These two are most appropriate when winter is just about approaching, ensuring you remain warm as opposed to too cold or too sweaty. Whilst scarves can be worn all year around, this is the season of mufflers which is a heavier version of the scarf, of course the difference varies across cultures. Unless Salman Khan is your role model, you probably won't wear the striped scarf the way he does. It is impractical during the winter season. Instead opt for a plain grey or white scarf/muffler, like Paul Smith's version that we just can't seem to find in the city. Shop around Bashundhara City for the largest collection and pick your choice. Remember, accessorising is important, for both boys and girls. We prefer the boys stick to cotton and leave the cashmere and other versions for the females.

Jackets: Trendz just launched their latest line of jackets for this season. An Indo-Western fusion where neither element dominates, the jackets come in both denim and twill fabrics, with sandblasting used to give it the rugged look so many celebrities champion these days. The jackets go well with casual attire and don't require the use of a scarf. In many unique designs, these jackets have just hit the Trendz outlets so there's every chance you may just get to make the first fashion statement, with this throwback look donned during the Wild Wild West Heydays. Women too can opt for such sandblasted denims, although instead of jackets, they can purchase from a range of tops, which look stylish and keep you warm. Trendz has been careful to keep the delicate skin of the fairer sex in mind, opting to use a combination of spandex with denim, and using around 5-10 ounces of Denim for women's wear whilst the men get around 13 ounces. These jackets are priced from 1850-2650 taka. There are also incoming denim pants, although we ask the men not to go full denim. Ever.

With the hood on: Hoodies never really went out of fashion to begin with, making the occasional appearance even during the summer. Therefore, it is not surprise that they make yet another grand entrance this year around. Trendz introduces a line of hoodies from fleece, very commonly preferred by men of the colder climes. The ultimate sign of the Urban Youth, its almost impossible to come across someone who doesn't own a hoody, unless you take a trip to the retirement centre. If you haven't got a hoody yet, head over to Trendz and check out their collection. If the hoody doesn't appeal to you much, opt for a windbreaker jacket, which keeps the wind out and does the job it is supposed to do.

Sweating Over sweaters: Before donning a sweater, answer these two questions; what type and what colour, because it is more important than one may think. We prefer solid colour sweaters, usually black and grey whilst men should stray away from brighter colours. Rarely can one pull off a striped sweater, but thankfully you can always choose sweater vests, also known as sleeveless sweaters. Sweater Vests, as made famous by Ralph Lauren, complement shirts better than anything else during winter, whilst you can choose a polo and pop out the collars when you choose to wear just a normal sweater. For the ladies, turtlenecks will remain hot this winter and we mean also mean this literally. The men may choose to avoid the turtleneck, unless of course you can pull off a Kanye and go skinny jeans or slim fits on them. Best place to get sweaters is Bongo Bazaar, because here the options seem unlimited while the prices make sure the choices remain unlimited as well.

Suits: Winterwear does through up one conundrum; that which has to deal with formals. Formals are usually the easiest kinds of looks to pull but come winter it become increasingly difficult. Once you sport the vest and the sweater, you run out of ideas. So, what now? Wear a t shirt under your shirt like a clown? No. Suits is the answers. You cannot go wrong with suits. Everyone looks good in suits. And this winter is the best excuse to wear them as much you want. As much as you want. Cat's Eye and Fit Elegance both have some eye catching suits to choose from. Be it a boardroom or a bar stool, these suits will make the winter you turn more heads than before. Priced from around ten thousand taka, these classy and suave looks are worth the investment.

Now, go and get what suits you best and if you feel like you good in it then you most probably do.

By Osama Rahman
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Shawon, Zamsad, Airin, Azim
Wardrobe: Trends



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