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Etjmoca's journey started back in August of 2011. Nasira Mansoor, the owner of the lifestyle boutique, observed how most of Bangladesh's beautifully handcrafted items where being exported and were not widely available in the local market. Knowing the country's expertise in this industry, the idea for Ethnica was born and hence started the journey towards the brand that has now been firmly established in our market. The speciality of Ethnica is the fusion of a beautifully balanced urban chic and culture of the roots of this land. With the Christmas season around the corner and New Year's coming up as well, this week we look at some fascinating and out of the box gift ideas, all from Ethnica.

After the Book Ends
Keeping your books all messy on the shelves, bedside tables and to support rocky chairs and things, aren't always the best choices of display. Your books tell a lot about you. How they are kept also says significant thing. So unless you want to come off as an untidy, disorganised slacker, opt for one of Ethnica's trendy book-ends. Shaped in owls, trains and many more, these book-ends are trendy and add a touch of playfulness to even the most mundane of the personal libraries. Its all about presentation and you can't go wrong with these. These are priced at 450 Tk

Bags from Mags
Sport these classy tote bags made from recycled magazine pages to not only makes a style statement but an environmentally conscious one at that. Girls with a cause are much more attractive than ones without it. But apart from that, these bags are extremely trendy and a real head-turner. Rest assured, no one would mind receiving these as presents. This fashion statement costs only 600 Tk.

Or Bags from Rags
For those who want to be trendy and classy, you can always opt for these screen printed fabric tote bags with leather handles. A price of 700 tk for the bag is more than a bargain and although it caters to younger females more, there really is no age-specific style statement when it comes to bags, is there? Made with original prints, you won't have to worry about finding imitations elsewhere.

Framed Well
From around 250-300 Tk, you can now give the gift of memory, by buying one of these photo frames with unique designer printed fabrics. The good thing about photo frames is that it can be used for absolutely any occasion and is always deemed to be a sweet gesture. Therefore, since you can't go wrong with photo frames, why not play it safe yet with much boldness in the frame designs.

Note what he Wrote
One can never have enough notebooks and one just cannot lose and replace them fast enough. If you are going through this dilemma, we have just the solution for you. Ethnica's fabric printed notebooks are just what you or your loved one needs. In unique designs as usual and numerous colours, like the black ones for men, Ethnica's notebooks are such pieces of art that you won't be as careless with them as with your other notebooks. They are an absolute steal at around 270- 290 taka.

The Night Before Christmas
If you haven't gotten your Christmas décor yet, then fear not. Ethnica has the problem of trinkets solved with these little beauties being just what you will need. Priced at 90 tk. a piece, these decors are shaped as Christmas tree, elephant and a few other designs. The elephant one is completely non-traditional in terms of Christmas but very ethnic in our culture, thus there is a reason to have them around even after Christmas ends.

Paper Fires
Paper Lanterns are terribly in and specially this winter season. As the mist settles around that hanging lantern, the eeriness and beauty combined makes for one hell of an ambience. Ethnica's paper lanterns come in shapes of oval, cylinder and circle, each priced at around 250-450 taka. Get the table runner and table cloth along with the lantern and you have yourself the most solemn yet trendy dining room.

“Inspired by Bangladesh, my products are all locally made and mostly handcrafted and the vibrant colours and bold designs I use embody the spirit and roots of our culture,” Nasira says. “It is really encouraging to see my clientele getting more and more enchanted by the products made of natural, eco- friendly materials with the whizcraft of the naturally gifted delicate hands of the local artisans.” she adds.

By Osama Rahman
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Product: Ethnica
Ethnica Address: House 3, Road 72, Gulshan-2 (Behind United Hospital)


The first day

By Sadia moyeen
Beautician, La Belle,
13/A /2 Kemal Ataturk
Avenue , ( 3rd/ 4th fl ) Gulshan -2

The amount of effort that goes into organising a wedding can be overwhelming indeed. We meticulously plan everything from start to finish, but are totally unprepared for facing the world after the big day is over. Here are some do's and dont's to help you along.

Pack a separate suitcase with what you will wear the next day after finding out the programme at your in laws. Chances are people will be in and out of the house even if nothing is planned.

Keep two or three options of what you will wear. Not something too heavy but dressy nevertheless. Perhaps a choice of saris as well as a kameez. Nobody is interested to see the new bride in her housecoat just yet. Make sure the clothes are coordinated with petticoats shoes and accessories etc.

Be sure to include two sets of night wear of your choice and all your toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, face wash, moisturiser and makeup products. Do not forget deodorant/perfume, damp tissues and cotton swabs and a jewellery box for the jewellery you will take off and keep safely. Get someone to unpack and set everything before you get back from the wedding venue so that you are not having to open the suitcase and run around in heavy clothes trying to get organised when you really should be concentrating on more romantic pursuits.

After the torture sessions you have put your hair and skin through, it's time to give some tender loving care back to them. For starters the best way to brush out the back-combing is to start at the tips of the hair and move upwards. Work through small sections of the hair, it's a time consuming necessity. Another way is shampooing your hair, then applying conditioner generously and running your fingers through to de-tangle them.

The best way to remove the heavy make up is to apply a rich cleansing cream on your face in circular movements, wipe off with wet tissues or damp cotton swabs, splash water, then use a face wash. Again apply cleanser and follow the same routine. The idea is to be gentle, you don't have to get everything off in the first go; repeating the routine will clean thoroughly without being rough or harsh. Apply your night cream.

Obviously with the amazing job that makeup artists do with bridal looks, I'm presuming you looked like a Greek goddess the night before so you want to make a little effort the next day as well on your own. It would help to know that foundation that is perfect for the night may not be suitable at noon. Use a natural sheer colour so it looks natural. Pat on powder if your skin is oily and pass if it's dry. Matt eye shadows will look better than glittery stuff in day time. Nice rich lipstick should do the trick. Coloured lenses will add drama to your eyes and you will not need heavy shadow to look attractive. A base colour with eyeliner and lenses will suffice. If you wear a dark lipstick, keep it matt . A light lipstick will look better with gloss.

Please try not to wear all your jewels again. Pick a set that matches what you are wearing. Be generous with the bangles; I think they look and sound beautiful. Extra hair pieces of very good quality are available, keep one for the morning after. You will not have time to do your hair so have a self blow dry make a ponytail and put on hair pieces with open hair or ready buns as are worn by models to look glamorous. Get one that is closest to your natural hair colour and use whenever you need an instant party look. Of course you will murder the look if the hair piece is plastic and unnatural. Or the colour is not the same as your own hair. The idea is that it should look like your natural hair.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Airin
Makeup and Styling: Sadia Moyeen
Wardrobe: Personal collection of Sadia Moyeen


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