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Burger 'n Boost

Remember Wimpy -- Popeye's best friend -- who loved burgers and was always either seen carrying one or gobbling down one or a stack at the same time? For burger lovers like Wimpy, the food industry in Dhaka did not have an array of options to choose from when it came to dedicated burger joints, save one or two. This caught Mohammad Hossen's attention and he embarked on the mission of bringing an eatery for the Wimpys of Dhaka city.

“I opened Burger n' Boost (BnB) for three reasons. First, I noticed that not many burger shops had been introduced in the city unlike fried chicken and pizzas. Second, I wanted to create the opportunity for university students to work and earn for themselves while studying and third, I wanted to bring quality food and service to my customers, which I have ensured by keeping an open-window kitchen where people can see what is going on behind the counters,” said Hossen.

Hossen, who worked with Hungry Jack's (Burger King) in Australia for 8 years, started Burger n' Boost last year and it has been quite a hit among the city-dwellers. He drew inspiration from the burgers served at Burger King abroad in designing the burgers served at BnB and used his experience and knowledge to bring us this much loved eatery.

The burgers are merely assembled at the BnB premises which include grilling the patty and putting together the burger with the other ingredients for service. All products that go into making the burger are fresh and assured of high quality with the meat being processed by Australian chefs and the sauces, mayonnaise and cheese used being of well known brands.

The most popular burger here is the Double Whopper Cheese Burger. Whopper is something that is unusually big and that stands true for the whopper burgers here. While the Double Whopper Cheese is quite a big bite for the mouth as well as the wallet, which is obvious given the fact that it is a double-decker, there are other variations of the Whopper burger. BnB also serves a few chicken items and has recently introduced its Snack Box, which has been designed for students who are concerned about the price and are on the move. On showing your student ID you can get yourself a box of French fries with two chicken wings and a chicken nugget for only Tk.100. However, it is only available at that price for students with a valid ID.

While eating something you definitely need a drink to wash down the main course with and for that BnB has its range of drinks.

“We do not use any flavours to make our drinks and use only actual products for them,” explained the owner. So when you see the menu at BnB saying Cadbury Super Chocolate Drink, you know that Cadbury chocolate is what your drink is going to be made of.

The fruit juices and smoothies served here are made from real fruits such as the mango juice or the strawberry smoothie. Additionally, no sugar is used to sweeten the drinks; instead honey is used keeping in mind a little bit of the health lessons in life.

BnB also delivers, mainly around Dhanmondi, but, only if your purchase crosses Tk.2000, and it takes advance orders.
For those of you who are big fans of the place you will be happy to know that they will open new outlets around Dhaka. For now, those of you who have still not tried it out yet, do drop by at their branches at Satmasjid Road and the one on Banani Road-6, which opens on December 1 or at Jamuna Future Park, where it is set to launch on February 1.

By Karishma Ameen

From flaming grills to soothing shakes

Marking its opening ceremony on 25 November, Diner 360 - Grill & Shakes Restaurant is the newest addition to the trendy eateries in town. And, as the name suggests, it is a restaurant that promises along with good times and happy memories some of the best grills and an array of unique shakes.

“We specialise in grills,” informs Sabur Chowdhury, the Managing Director of Diner 360. “The name of our restaurant comes from the fact that our menu has grilled delicacies from all over the world, a full 360 degrees.” Hence, if your palate craves grilled meals, Diner 360 is the right place to go. The restaurant, passionate about grills, has to offer you a wide range of grilled food. Among the items are different kinds of steaks, grilled fish, burgers, etc. “We have got very good reviews about our pasta too,” Chowdhury said.

On the other hand, another specialty of Diner 360 is shakes. “The consortium of shakes, very unique and rare, is something people should try out, and it has already started getting very popular,” Sabur Chowdhury opines.

The interior and the ambience have been designed very carefully. The restaurant, under one roof and in one floor, has incorporated several concepts of dining. There is a bar area, complete with high chairs and tables, where you can have chitchats and casual conversations while munching away snacks.

You have the lounge section, with comfortable chairs a place to relax, perhaps after a day's work. Then you have a formal dining place. And, at one side, there are comfortable cubicles for small gatherings or hangouts, like an office meeting. There is a kids' zone and a terrace too.

“Our interior is very unique. We have a varied ambience and theme here, and blending them under one roof took a great deal of architectural effort,” Chowdhury says.

If you are a sports fan, Diner 360 is a good place for you. “Watching major events together on a huge screen, with friends and loved ones is indeed very exciting. We have already covered some sports events, as well as the US election,” Chowdhury informed.

The restaurant is planning to start up their breakfast menu in the near future. It is also opening another outlet in Jamuna Future Park. You can also book them for parties be it at the restaurant or at our own place. Diner 360 is located in Palladium Market (2nd floor), Road # 95, Madani Avenue, Gulshan 2 (opposite to Shahjalal Islami Bank). The restaurant is open every day from 11am to 11pm.

By M H Haider


The Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal

The year 2012 is drawing to an end and Nando's is ready with their brand new campaign -- Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal -- to bid the year adieu. This is the last global campaign of Nando's this year and as the name suggests, it is all about the delicious butterfly cut chicken steak basted in your choice of Peri-Peri Sauce. Thus to keep up to the expectation, they have introduced the new butterfly steak meal through an invitational lunch at their Dhanmondi Branch this Saturday, December 1.

Various patrons of the Nando's family attended the occasion along with people from both print and electronic media. The idea was to share the meal with the people who have been with Nando's in this journey and have helped them realize their success.

The Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal contains a butterfly cut steak, with side salad and crispy wedges and to finish it off, a glorious designer drink called Rosa Fresca. This meal is priced at Tk. 786.

The chicken steak is a succulent boneless chicken breast that is cut in a special manner called the butterfly cut which is also the Nando's signature way of cutting. In order to make the taste unique, the butterfly chicken breast is 24 hours marinated in Nando's secret marinade and it is flame grilled to remove extra fat. With a side of salad, it is also a healthy proposition for the health conscious.

Nando's has a wide range of Designer Drinks and out of these; the Rosa Fresca has been the people's favourite. That is why Nando's Bangladesh has included it in their Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal. It is a bundle meal that has everything that any Peri-Peri lover could ever want.

To bring this delicious Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal closer to you, Nando's have recently opened up two more restaurants in Banani-11 and Gulshan-2.

The occasion ended with the attendees tasting the butterfly steak meal and posting their opinions.

To get more information on the Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal and the location of the four Nando's Restaurant where you can have it, please log on to their Facebook fan page- Nando's Bangladesh.

-- LS Desk


Magic, pasta and more at Radisson

To say the least, Italian culture - being a product of ages of history - is very rich and one that is filled with pride, romance and glory. And hence, to celebrate the charm of Italian food, Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka has once again organised an Italian Food Festival. The inauguration - done by Italian ambassador Giorgio Guglielmino - took place at Water Garden Brasserie, where the fiesta is taking place. The festival will run till 8 December.

The tempting buffet includes a diverse range of options, from salads and appetisers to desserts. To start with, beef Carpaccio is one of the interesting foods that sit on the salad table. This appetiser, one of the favourites of Italian people, is basically raw meat after going through some careful culinary processes. On the other hand, cheese plays an important role in Italian food, and therefore there is a separate section for you to pick different pieces of exotic cheese. When we think of Italian food, the number of items that comes to mind is quite limited. But Italian cuisine is actually very varied, with a huge number of dishes to choose from. The festival offers you the chance to taste many of these popular Italian foods, be it soups, lamb, beef, chicken et al.

But what would an Italian food festival be without pasta? Indeed, pasta seems to be the single most popular component of Italian cuisine, and they are very passionate about it. “Life is a combination of magic and pasta”, the great Italian movie maker Federico Fellini used to say. This carnival is also passionate about pasta: the restaurant has a pasta stall, containing six different kinds of pasta, four different kinds of sauce and several condiments; choose your pasta and sauce, and they will cook it right in front of you, allowing diners plenty of room for customisation. This also applies to their mini pizzas, where customers can customise their pizzas according to their preferences with a wide range of toppings to choose from.

There are a few local items in the buffet too. But before you sample all the appetisers and main courses on offer, make sure you leave room for a plethora of Italian desserts. In addition to the food, the appropriate music and decor add to the creation of a truly Italian ambience.

An Italian saying goes, “He who goes to bed without eating, will regret it throughout the night.” And surely, he who will miss this festival will have a lot to regret. Therefore, make sure you go to Radisson to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at the Italian Food Festival.

By M H Haider

Sea Food BBQ at Dhaka Regency

This winter enjoy live Sea Food BBQ at Dhaka Regency everyday from 6.30pm to 11.30pm at the rooftop garden restaurant “Grill on the Skyline”. Feel the fresh winter breeze as you relax at the poolside, while savouring the freshly prepared barbeque.

Our Executive Chef has carefully selected the ingredients and designed an array of exciting lavish delights.

Start your gastronomic adventure with the chef's special grilled seabass, grilled baby koral, grilled king fish, grilled lamp chop, Turkish mixed grill, Arabian mixed grill, grilled king lobster, gilled pomfret and many more delicious food.

All the ingredients perfectly compliment each other and combine to create a rich flavour you will never forget.

Grill on the Skyline has always been a popular choice for grilled food lovers. Guest can choose and create their own menu and our chefs are ready to cook them at the live station and serve it on the table.


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