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Spring Catalogue

With the fuss and fervour of the past season behind us, stylists across the country are all set to roll in new collections. As we say goodbye to a surprisingly cold winter and an expectedly busy wedding season, wardrobe overhauls are nothing if not well deserved at this time of the year. Pack away your layers and set aside your jewellery, because this week, we prepare for the second most colourful celebration in the Bangla calendar.

With Pohela Falgun less than a day away, flip through Star Lifestyle's spring catalogue for our take on the season of new beginnings.


The new cycle of nature that begins in spring finds its perfect representation in the colour green. Experiment with different shades, from pastel hues at one end of the spectrum to moss green at the other. If you are one to favour fusion, pair an oversized kurti with fitted jeans for a look that is effortless and feminine. Sparse, floral embroidery, a high collar and classic show buttons will add elements of visual interest without conflicting with your sense of ease. Accessories too, should be kept to a minimum, from a flirty headband in your hair to nude, strappy sandals on your feet.


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If the current affinity for picnics is anything to go by, you will be spending more than your fair share of time outdoors. For events that require long hours in the sun, choose loose fitting tops in cotton that let your skin breathe. Broad round-neck collars in an opposing colour will suffice for embellishment and inconspicuous bronze embroidery can be used to add some glamour. Despite ranking a notch lower than leggings in the comfort barometer, opt for jeans for day-long outdoor activities. Strappy, traditional sandals with paisley motifs will add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble and maintain the general feminine appeal of your outfit.

As the temperatures continue to rise, give yourself some breathing space and opt for loose fitting kaftans in varying lengths. Parrot greens will go a long way in projecting an aura of playfulness, but be sure to balance this brighter shade of green with neutrals such as brown. Because kaftans have a general air of carelessness, contest this impression with subtle attention to detail in the form of intricate, geometric block prints and delicate silver zari work. Hints of jewellery in traditional motifs can be added, but nothing that takes away from your need for comfort. Statement rings in mute gold and bold stones lend an element of finesse without going overboard and are finishing touches to such ensembles.

After suffering through months in restrictive layers, the need for flowing cuts can seldom be faulted. Add some variety to your wardrobe with knee-length kameezes with asymmetric edges that taper outwards from your midriff area. Mix and match shades in complementing pastels and team with neutral leggings for a look that is chic and easy to maintain. Keep with the warm playfulness of the season and wear your hair in loose, schoolgirl curls held back by the wide headbands that are doing the rounds this year.


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