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Luxurious coziness

The living room is a public space. This is a place where people want to showcase their most-prized possessions that serve as indications of their tastes and personalities. The living room is a gathering place, a space that embraces family and relaxation. Versatile furnishings create comfort and allow you to keep decor up-to-date.

The space in a room is naturally set by its furniture. But space is also the impression a room offers. The best way to begin planning your space is to look at each part of the room as a potential setting; groupings for entertaining, corners for solitude, mantels for display, floors for kids at play. Then think about the details, the little extras you can bring to the space to enhance each area and give it your personal touch. With this approach, your living room will become much more than its four walls and furniture.

To achieve flexibility in your room, it's best to have pieces that easily adapt to different orientations. Look for multi-use furniture like a large ottoman or bench that can also serve as a coffee table. Furniture and objects can have more than one useful life. Pieces that you love can occupy different spaces and can serve different purposes as time goes by.

You might plan to have two sitting areas in a room: a more intimate one around the fire for family or a small group of friends; and a separate one perhaps near a window and arranged round a table- that can be used for playing games, studying or reading.

A really cozy armchair in which you can lie back with your feet on a stool is not a luxury but an essential.

For upholstery and slipcovers, choose colours that harmonise rather than match each other. Find one fabric that you love and choose all the other fabrics to go with it. Here we choose different fabrics for altered corners. You may decide to use it only on something small, but it's still your 'anchor'. A sofa is a good-sized piece of furniture, and many living areas have two or even more. Covering them in fabric that is at the opposite end of the colour spectrum from the walls - red sofas in a green room, for example - will usually jar the eye, so choose a colour that harmonises rather than contrasts with the walls, especially if your room is small.

Texture is the most sensory element in a living room. Make every surface pleasing to the touch and the eye; choose luxurious fabrics, furnishings, and finishes. Floors are one of the largest surfaces you use in any room, so they have major textural impact. Whether you choose flagstone or wood, concrete or carpets, interesting floor textures with different levels and punch can give a room special character. We placed some stone and dry flower in the floor punch and covered it with clear tempered glass. In the living room, bringing in rugs, carpets, and mats is the easiest way to make floors comfortably cushioned and visually lively.

The best living-room lighting offers hospitality, encouraging friends and family to gather and settle in. Individual lamps create an intimate feeling and it can transform the mood of a room. Think of lamp shades as fashion accessories. They are really mystic makeover items. The landlady collects some classical lampshades for her living-room. Candles are not just for romance. They are infinitely useful in adding drama, warmth, and sparkle to a space. We placed here and there some pillar and square-shaped scented candles.

Luxurious textures add comfort, colour, and interest to any room, making it special for everyone who uses it.

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors @gmail.com
Photo Credit: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Special thanks to Mrs. Fahmida Afroz Nargis


Rainforest Alliance's recognition of KKTea's flavoured tea

Launched in 2006, KKTea is the only Bangladeshi tea brand having five different flavours - Black, Green, Tulsi, Ginger & Jasmine. As of now, it has a reach across four continents and is rapidly expanding. Moreover, KKTea has been able to garner prestigious international recognitions like USDA Organic, SGS, and the most recent addition- Rainforest Alliance. These certifications are the approval of KKTea being a 100 per cent organic tea brand as well as an endorsement which is exemplified by KKTea's sustainable livelihoods while transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Lottery at Farzana Shakil's

If you are in the mood to get something for free, rush to your nearest Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon and you just might get lucky. Farzana Shakil's is going to start a lottery contest at all its branches from 1 March. Order for services worth a minimum of Tk.1000 and get a lottery coupon. If you win, attractive prizes are in store for you. For further details call 9116057 (Dhanmondi) or 8812215 (Gulshan).


Children's Jewellery Making Workshop at Nordic Club

AADI by Amman Rashid will be conducting its Children's Jewellery Making Workshop again at the Nordic Club, Gulshan-2 starting March 1st. Classes will be held every Friday in March from 12:00pm to 1:30pm for children aged 7 to 13 years.

Participants will learn to make earrings, anklets, necklaces and bracelets. Items that will be used to make the jewellery will include old buttons, bottle caps, old coins, shells, beads, among other items.

All items necessary for making jewellery like cords, threads, wires, tools will be provided by AADI.

Children will get to take home anything they make at the workshop. The deadline for registration is 27 February at 5:00pm. The cost of admission is Tk.5,000.

For any queries please contact Amman Rashid by SMS at 01711961619.

Lotto comes to Dhaka

Lotto, the famous sports wear and accessory producer, is being brought to Bangladesh by Globoscent Distributors. The company is bringing in 5 fragrances of Lotto deodorants -- Lotto Earth, Lotto Air, Lotto Water and Lotto Fire for men and Lotto Classic Woman for women. Lotto specifically designed its fragrances based on detailed research on human intimacy and how fragrances can assist as a trigger, longevity of perfume, and preferences of the target market.

The brand was launched at a press conference at the National Press Club recently. Director of Globoscent Distributors Arifur Rahman said, “Lotto will be available on the shelves of more than 300 toiletry stores across 50 shopping malls in Dhaka.”
Each canister of 150ml comes for Tk.350 only.

Bay Leaf Restaurant opens at Mirpur

Muslim Sweets, which has been catering to the sweet tooth of Dhakaites for years has recently launched Bay Leaf Restaurant in the capital. Located at Mirpur, Bay Leaf offers a wide range of cuisines including Indian, Chinese and Bengali. With an aesthetic ambience to enhance the dining experience of the customers, Bay Leaf Restaurant will ensure standard and delicious food for its patrons. Alhaz Mizanur Rahman Akkas, the Chairman of Bay Leaf Restaurant and Muslim Sweets, and Managing Director Md Sarwer Hossain formally inaugurated this restaurant situated at House 2, Road 5, Block A, Section 6, Mirpur, Dhaka. For details, contact: 01711343200.

Vietnamese food festival at The Westin

The Westin Dhaka is hosting the Vietnamese food festival to celebrate the authentic cuisine of Vietnam from 20 to 26 February at Westin's Signature restaurant Seasonal Taste. Ambassador of the Embassy of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, His Excellency Nguyen Qyang Thuc inaugurated the ceremony. Chef Mai Nguyen from Vietnam is presiding over the kitchen of Seasonal Taste as guest chef. Enjoy a dinner with friends and family and experience the unforgettable taste of Vietnamese culinary heritage at Seasonal Taste. The Food Promotion is open for dinner only. For more information or table reservations please call 9891988.

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